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Football is very popular among bettors. Football tournaments account for about 40% of bets. This is the most accessible sport for beginners and everything is very clear here. We will analyze the popular types of bets on events in this area and tell you how to make a successful bet in betwinner. In the football field, betting companies offer many options for concluding temporary deals. This is a classic forecast for the winner, and a bet on the score, and statistical bets on fouls, corners, offsides. There are enough offers, and you should choose the option that you like.

Bet on the winner

An alternative name for the market is exodus. The bookmaker provides an opportunity to bet on the victory of the first team, a draw, or the victory of the second opponent. This subspecies of the market is called a bet on the result of the match (regular time). There is an even less risky type in this line – a bet on a double outcome. In other words, you can choose two options from the three offered:

  • The first team will not lose: win or draw.
  • The second team will not lose: win or draw.
  • There will be no draw: either the first or the second team will win.


The handicap or the so-called handicap shows the number of balls with which the team must win. The indicator can be either negative or positive. In the first case, this is a handicap on the favorite of the meeting, and in the second – on the underdog.

As an example, consider a match between two teams. Let’s say participant No. 1 is the favorite of the meeting and has a minus handicap, and the opponent is an underdog with a plus handicap. We bet on the first team with a handicap (-1.5). For the bet to play, the favorite participant must win by 2 or more goals. Alternative: we bet on the handicap (+1.5), which the bookmaker offers for team No. 2. This means that a score of 1:0 is as important to you as 1:1.5 and the bet is profitable.

Total over/under

A football event’s total is a bet on the total number of goals that will be scored in a match. The total can be over or under the digital value you prefer. For example, a total over 2.5 goals means that two teams must score 3 or more goals together – then the bet will make a profit. If less than 2.5 goals, then no more than two goals must be scored at the end of the match.

Football Betting Tips and Strategies

Intuition and luck are chaotic factors. Experienced bettors adhere to certain strategies and betting systems. For example, they use only bets on a draw and on the total of the meeting. In general, the top strategies that bring profit with the maximum probability are as follows:

  • Bet on a Draw
  • Total goals betting
  • Yellow card betting
  • Oscar Grind Strategy
  • Hedging bets
  • Round Robin Betting

Blindly guided by one strategy alone is not entirely correct. Pre-match analytics helps to significantly reduce the risk of losing:

  • Best odds. There is a significant difference between the odds of 1.9 and 1.95 for those who decide to use betting to earn money.
  • Forecasts of leading football experts. If 10 experienced players argue in favor of the hosts, and you are going to bet on the guests of the match, there is reason to think.
  • Proper management of your bank. Cold calculation must prevail over quick profit.
  • Don’t ignore team uniforms and player injuries. If the clear favorite loses the top scorer or goalkeeper, there is reason to think about whether to bet even if the opponent is at the bottom of the standings.
  • Share the support of your favorite team and earnings. Forget about betting on the football team you are a fan of.

Questions and answers

What Batteries ?

In betting, this is a bet on several outcomes at the same time. In an express bet (another name), the coefficients of the selected bets are multiplied and, with a small amount of the bet, a solid profit is obtained. The disadvantage of the accumulator is that all events must come true. If at least one does not come true, you will be the loser. These bets are popular among beginners. Professional players rarely use this direction and include a maximum of two results. As an example, consider two matches 1-2 and 3-4. In favor of team No. 1, a coefficient of 1.47 was set, and No. 3 – 1.48. If you are sure that participants No. 1 and No. 3 will win, you can conclude an accumulator with a final coefficient of 1.47 * 1.48 = 2.17. However, if only No. 1 or No. 3 wins, or there is a draw in one of the matches, the bet loses.

What Individual total, corner total, etc. ?

Betting companies offer totals not only for the overall result of the match. In the line you can find a bet on the individual total of teams, the Asian total, the total of corners, fouls, offside and other statistics. Still in the arsenal there are totals separately for the first half, separately for the second, both general and individual.

What Time/match ?

This is a variant of the so-called combined bet, when the bettor bets on two possible outcomes at the same time. In this case, this is the result of the first half of the meeting and the game as a whole. To win the bet, both outcomes must be guessed.  Betting companies offer nine time/match betting options: 1/1, 1/X, 1/2, 2/1, 2/2, X/1, X/2, X/X. 1 – the first team wins, 2 – the second team, X – a draw. So, a bet of 1/X means that the first participant should win in the first half, and the match should end in a draw. The advantage of these bets is that the odds are high, which means that if the forecast comes true, then the profit will be significant. But the risk of losing money also increases.

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