The Different Types Of Poker Players

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The Different Types Of Poker Players

In poker, players adopt different strategies in impressing their games. Some players are constantly aggressive, while some are more patient, and some players prefer to be on the defensive.

Understanding your opponents’ playing style helps you to apply the right counter strategy. Below are the different types of poker players.


Calling Station AKA The Fish

This is a player who constantly calls bets and rarely folds irrespective of the strength of his hand. Calling Stations are always eager to play any two or two suited cards that fall to them without a care in the world of what their opponents might be holding.

Sometimes, Calling Stations do get lucky especially when playing in the midst of unskilled players who overestimate their playing abilities. But when they meet a better player, they are easily defeated and left confused.

To defeat a calling station, you should be prepared to call their bluff every chance you get. This will force them into losing faster so when they are low on equity, you can go for the kill.


Nit AKA The Rock

This is the direct opposite of the Calling Station. Nits are everly unwilling to take risks and they only play when they are convinced they have an unbeatable hand in the top range.

The Nits are fine with waiting for  ultra-premium hands, and they will only play Queens, Aces, Kings, and on rare occasions, AK.

You can tackle a Nit by adopting an aggressive approach that will exploit the reluctance and constantly force them into folding.

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Sharks are smart and are always scheming for ways to outfox their opponents. They are good at all aspects of the game and they can set their game to match up with all kinds of strategies.

Sharks play at the highest level of the game and they are impossible to read. They are very good at restraining themselves from betting on a good hand in order to confuse their opponent.

Sharks are good at making their opponents keep drawing hard and they are skilled at exploiting the weakness of aggressive players.

Sharks know when to continue play to put off their opponent and when to fold to mislead their opponents. They are masters of the game and tough opponents to face.

Sharks are brutal and they have answers to every question. To tackle a Shark, you have to be a Shark. Otherwise, you should consider walking away from the table instead of playing a bad game.


Noob and Newbie

Noobs are players with little intelligence about the game and they are also reluctant to improve their game. Noobs are sometimes arrogant and unwilling to put in the effort to learn more to improve their game.

Newbies are beginners or amateurs who are eager to improve their game but they lack the playing experience. Newbies can be naive and make poor decisions because of lack of experience.

Noobs and Newbies are up for the taking because they lack the experience. All you need to do is to read their game and apply the necessary strategy.


Mr. ABC Poker

This refers to players who are uptight and play strictly by the book. They aren’t flexible and they lack sophistication. Mr. ABC Poker approaches the game in a straightforward manner and is incapable of adjusting their tactics in-game.

ABC Poker is a conservative approach that has the players walking in a straight line. Poker requires some risk if you want to break even and make profits and ABC Poker doesn’t guarantee this.

ABC Poker Players are just a step above the Noob and their weakness can be easily exploited by an aggressive player.


The Maniac

This is a type of player who is eager to play every hand and re-raise with any two cards. They tend to make the game exciting through their constant calling and aggression.

Maniacs are aggressive players and they will push you to the edge with their constant play. However, you can keep them in check by remaining calm and deploying the right counter strategy.


The Coffee Houser

Coffee Houser are stark opposites of ABC Poker. They play with the intention to deceive their opponent about the quality of their hand.

A Coffee Houser might be holding a pair of AA and proceeds to say something that will suggest that they have weak hands. Coffee Housing is frowned upon in the United Kingdom while it’s considered part of the game in the United States.

To tackle a coffee houser you need to study their game and learn to use bluffs.


Bottom Line

Poker players play according to their abilities, experience, and ambition.

There’s no telling which types of poker players you might get to meet at the table, hence you should understand each player and know how to counter them.