Why The Premier League Is A Great League To Bet On

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Why The Premier League Is A Great League To Bet On

Premier League bet

Many say that the Premier League is the best league in the world and when you consider the drama that we’ve already witnessed in the first half of this season, you would have to say that those people are nothing short of correct.

It’s been an incredible campaign thus far and with the first half of proceedings now in the history books, we now approach the second half or the ‘business end’ as it perhaps better known in football parlance.

In a first half which has seen some crazy results, it has meant an abundance of goals and this means, the Over/Under markets have been gaining a lot more attention, than they would have in years gone by.

Take for example, the 7-2 win for Aston Villa over Liverpool, not only did it send shockwaves throughout the footballing world, but it would have also had people reaching for their odds calculators, as they worked out their rather hefty winnings.

To the point, where had anyone predicted this final score before kick-off, they would have been considered more akin to Nostradamus, as even the most ardent Villa supporter could not have foreseen such an outcome.

With the amount of money that would have been placed on Liverpool for their trip to the West Midlands, this would have certainly been a coupon buster in terms of your usual accumulator predictions.

However, had you opted for an Over bet in terms of goals, then you would have likely made a pretty fortune from such a stunning final score. Then again, if you somehow opted for more than 10.5, you would have been left agonisingly short.

Of course, there would be absolutely no logic in placing such a bet before kick-off, as the average number of goals per league encounter, never edges above three and for such a gargantuan bet, you would need to utilise the in-play markets instead.

With Liverpool conceding goals by the bucketload, the Over market would have expanded considerably and towards the end of the encounter, the opportunity for a double figured total would have then been made available.

However, it is not just Villa Park which has seen a hatful of goals conceded this season and one must also remember the six, that current league leaders Manchester United shipped against Tottenham at Old Trafford.

An absolute mauling for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men, would have also been a positive outcome for the bookmakers in addition to Tottenham, as the Red Devils would have been the slight favourites to come out on top.

Then again, with so many goals hitting the net for both Spurs and in total, anyone who is tempted by these markets on a regular basis, would have likely filled their boots with another net busting selection.

While although the two results may have been something of a shock, it certainly has not deterred people from putting their money where their mouth is and if anything, betting interest has only increased as of late.

That’s because, with the effects of COVID-19 still having a vice like grip on people’s liberty, one of the only things that is currently untouched or at least still functioning, is the elite sport and it is this category, that the Premier League falls into.

In the UK, they are seeing unprecedented times in terms of fixture scheduling and with each individual game now possessing its own unique time slot, the ability to watch and more importantly bet on football, has never been so forthcoming.

Of course, this does beg a rather pertinent question and that, is whether the oversaturation of football on television and the increase in betting opportunities, is a good thing for supporters’ mental health?

Because, although the buzz of winning a bet is nothing short of incredible, that burst of dopamine only lasts for as long as you are in profit and with not a lot else to do, the temptation to gamble will only increase.

However, if supporters can keep a lid on matters and simply bet on what they can afford, then the Premier League is an absolute treasure trove, when it comes to entertainment and the pursuit of potential riches.

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