Top 4 football betting mistakes you must guard against

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Top 4 football betting mistakes you must guard against

Betting on football matches can be both a very lucrative and exciting affair. As exciting and beneficial it may sound, it is important for you put a good amount of hard work into these bets, and stay away from the common mistakes that starters often make. Let’s take you through the top 4 betting mistakes you must always guard against.


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Never give in to the greed for instant wealth

By far the biggest pitfall that a large amount of new football bettors fall into is the placement of seemingly life-changing bets, with the expectation of huge gains, at small amounts. Majority of the sports books play on this natural desire of acquiring quick wealth. You’d often see them encouraging sports bettors to bet on various selections, that can often turn small stakes into huge sums.


If you observe professional football bettors, they rarely bet on such accumulators. Majority of these professionals bet only on singles and never delve into any multiple selections. So should you?!


Bringing emotions into the betting activity

Football betting, and for that matter any kind of sports betting activity is usually a lonely game. It involves plenty of skill too. A sports bettor must accept the reality that his/her bets can be either profitable or full of losses. The involvement of emotions often neutralises the gambling discipline. Thinking from the heart can compromise on some of the tried-and-tested betting practices. Where professional sports bettors do very well is that they know how to control their emotions, and this boosts their confidence whenever they place high stake bets. Such emotional betting can also prevent a sports bettor from indulging in advanced betting strategies such as hedging, laying and/or arbitrages.

Blindly following the experts

Football being the most popular sport in the entire world, doesn’t have any shortage of people when it comes to opinions. While some of them deserve attention, others do not. Some sports bettors rely very heavily on the opinions of these so-called experts. Please note, football betting is all about odds; there’s no guarantee that a match’s outcome will exactly be as predicted by an expert.


Failure to pay heed to the starting line-ups

Many novice football bettors do not pay attention to the starting line-ups of the involved teams, before placing their bets. Please know, these line-ups are normally announced only an hour prior to the start of a football match. Hence, you always have a good window to place your bets based on the teams’ line-ups.