The Importance of Your Staking Method

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The Importance of Your Staking Method

For many people, gambling is about choosing what to bet on and when you should bet on it. However, there is some argument that this does not matter at all. Instead, experts, and this includes professional gamblers, suggest that the most important thing is how much you bet. On this page, we are going to cover the most popular staking methods.

Much of what you read here will be based upon the writings of Ed Thorp, a successful gambler in Vegas. Although, he was a card counter, and the success he had resulted in a massive impact on Las Vegas casinos. That is a story for another day, however. His strategy was based upon the formulas put together by John Kelly Jr, a mathematician. He argues that your betting strategy will have an impact on about two thirds of what you win. The playing strategy will be about a third. This means the betting strategy is going to be a whole lot more important.

We want to cover the five main staking strategies around. There are countless guides written about these, so we are not going to go into a lot of depth. We will, briefly, highlight what you can expect, however.

Strategy One: Betting Everything

That is right. You are putting your whole bankroll down on a single bet. Everything that you have to spend on sport betting is going to be thrown into the mix. Obviously, the positive is that, if you win, you are going to end up with huge sums of cash. This amount of cash will come in very fast. We are sure that you can see the downside.

The major downside is that if you are putting everything you have to gamble with on a single bet, it just takes one loss and that is you over. Since, for many people, losses come in far more rapidly than the wins, particularly if you are looking to make the big sums of cash, then this is not the route to go down. You would have to be 100% sure of what you are betting on. Nobody can ever be 100% sure of that.

Strategy Two: Fixed Wager

This is similar to betting everything, but you are going to be limiting your losses. Rather than lumping everything on a single bet, you will wager a fixed amount. You will not go over this fixed amount. So, let’s say, your fixed wager is $100. You never bet more than $100, no matter how lucrative the bet is. You will have reduced your chance of losing everything. Of course, wins are not going to come in all that fast when you are wagering small amounts at a time.

Strategy Three: Martingale

With this strategy, each time you lose a bet, you will doubt your stake. Since you are doubling up, you will (if you win), have an opportunity to win everything that you lost back. This is a very popular method of gambling when it comes to roulette. For example; continuing to bet on the red of the roulette wheel until you win. When it comes to sport betting, it is not as brilliant. If you lose a lot of money and are doubling each time, it will eventually come to a point where you have nothing left to gamble with.

Strategy Four: Fibonacci

This is perhaps one of the more complicated methods of gambling, but it is effective. The idea is that you will continually increase your stake. You won’t be doubling them. Instead, you will be increasing