Staking Plan – Maria

Staking Plan – Maria

Let’s talk about the popular game system known as the Maria Plan. Have you been introduced to this system already or not? If not, today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it and why is it so actively used by bettors in sports betting. Yes, we know you have so many questions. But if you ask specifically like what are the advantages and drawbacks of this strategy or can it bring real income – you’ll get the answers at the end of this article. Just keep scrolling down!


Starting with the general info, this betting strategy got the name in honor of the player under the username “Maria”. Here’s how the story goes – he spoke at one of the Polish forums and successfully managed to increase the start-up bank by more than 30 times in less than a year.

This strategy has caused interest among hundreds of other bettors because the player demonstrated all the action he made in real-time on the same forum. Bingo! So, this system remains popular among them to this day.



Dividing all your bets into three groups is the essence of this financial strategy, of course depending on the odds on the outcome. It goes like this:

  1. If your odd are lower than 3.5, the bet will be 1%of the total bank.
  2. If the odds are in a range between 3.6-7.4, the bettor places 0.6% of the bank.
  3. And if the odd of the outcome are in the range from 7.5-11, then the stake is 0.4% from the bank.

Good to know is that when it comes to the odds higher than 11, those events are skipped under the terms of this strategy and there is no need for betting on them.

Here comes the feature of the game by Maria Plan – at the end of each day the total bank size for the game is recalculated depending on the results. So, if the bank plans on increasing for the day the stake size in percentage remains at the same level (1%, 0.6%, and 0.4%) but its amount increases.

Now here comes the simplest example. In case the total bank for the game is $2000, and then increased to $2100, then 1% of his amount will be $21 and not $20. So, on the same principle, the stake size will increase by 0.4% and 0.6% of the bank. The bet amounts will not be recalculated according to its current size if the day turned out to be completely disastrous and you lost more than 35% of your bank. That, in other words, means that if your bank has decreased by 40% ($2000 to $1200) for the day, the size of your subsequent bets will be equal to 1%-$12, 0.6%-$7.2 and 0.4%-$4.8.

Advantages and Drawbacks of the Strategy

Wanna know the main advantage of this strategy? – You can generate income! But here we come to the point that if you want to generate income then you need to know that it requires a great understanding of the selected sport for betting. Also, you need to deeply analyze events even before placing a bet.

For a successful game on the Maria Plan, this is the precondition, as stakes at random will only lead to a loss of funds and that’s not something you want to experience daily. Unfortunately, it’s something that has been proven by the bad experience of many bettors.

Drawbacks – This strategy requires knowledge too, so we all know that the higher the odds, the lower the probability of the outcome.

If you play the Maria Plan only with odds up to 3.5 (1% of the bank) then the chances of your success will be quite good. What happens if you bet on odds up to 7.5 or 11? Then, even a thorough analysis of the events won’t be out of help for you to succeed.

To sum up, we have considered a rather popular strategy which has both advantages and drawbacks. So, it will always be on your call if you want to follow a strategy like this in your betting. This article is purely made out of introductory nature and the decision falls on you whether this game system is convenient for you.


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