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Soccer Betting Tips

Soccer betting is one of the most popular types of sports betting in the world. Renowned sportsbooks like Betway offer a variety of betting options to soccer pundits. They include live bets, goal totals, anytime goalscorer and fulltime results. It is important to have a betting strategy to make a profit from soccer betting. The following are three tips to be a successful soccer punter.

1.Create a Budget

Just like any venture, it is necessary to have a budget for your soccer bets. You need to manage your finances wisely to hone your soccer betting skills. It is prudent to create a bankroll of less than 30 percent of your net income. Set a fixed amount of money that you will stake in each bet. Also, record the bets and review your profits and losses occasionally to change your betting strategy.

2.Types of Soccer Bets

You can choose a wide variety of soccer wagers including:

  • Double chance: It has three options, home or draw, away or draw and home or away. Double chance has a high winning probability compared to fulltime bets. Many people who engage in Betway sports betting place double chance bets when two top teams face each other.


  • Fulltime result: This is the most popular type of soccer bets. It is also known as the win-draw-win option. It entails supporting teams that you believe will win various games.


  • Handicap: Handicap is a bit complicated. Bookmakers give underdogs a goal advantage of up to two goals and they deduct goals from top teams. A team must win or win a match by a particular goal margin for you to win a bet.


  • Draw no bet: It has two options, home win and away win. The bookie will refund your stake if a match ends in a draw.

3.Understand Factors that Affect Soccer Games

Besides team preparation, some other factors influence the outcome of a game such as:

  • Head-to-head statistics: Analyze the past results of both teams in their previous meetings. Normally, there is a specific trend that such records display. It will help you place your bets wisely.


  • Current form: Most gamblers use it to predict how a team will perform in upcoming games. Study the previous match results, team lineup and type of opponents that the team has. Many soccer clubs perform dismally when most of their key players are sidelined due to injury or suspension.
  • Style of play: Some teams like using a certain formation and style of play. It might be hard to predict the outcome if their opponent uses the same style of play.


  • Weather: Consider the weather forecast for all match days. Weather affects the condition of the pitch. Most teams score goals during dry weather unlike during winter or rainy seasons. Footballers often trike long balls when the pitch is soaked. Besides, strong winds favor clubs that like making low passes.

Millions of soccer fans wager on different soccer leagues each month. But, only a few are professional gamblers who earn a living from soccer betting. Betway offers match updates, team schedules and sports teams for different clubs. It is advisable to seek advice from professional sports analysts to increase your chances of winning.

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