Pogba’s Poor Form at the Premier League Hurting Manchester United’s Trophy Aspirations

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Pogba’s Poor Form at the Premier League Hurting Manchester United’s Trophy Aspirations

Manchester United’s 1-0 loss against Arsenal last weekend affected the team’s morale and Paul Pogba’s reaction on live French TV lay testament to the fact. The anger, frustration, and disappointment are evident as the Red Devil’s inconsistent form comes as a shock not just for the fans and followers but the team and management too.

After a dominant streak during Champion’s League, defeating strong contenders like RB Leipzig and PSG barely a few weeks back, United have barely managed to win two games in the Premier League and are currently at the 15th spot this season.

The team’s present form is a reflection of the 27-year-old Frenchman himself, whose excellent performance against Leipzig played a key role in securing the win for United. The sports betting fraternity is currently bustling with action. If you’d like to get in on the game, visit Betting Rex for the top list of sports betting platforms near you.

Lack of Form or Planning?

Pogba’s performance against Arsenal this week was lackluster at best, as he lost possession fifteen times through the game, could only manage a single key pass, and won just four of the sixteen duels. Thomas Partey efficiently marked Pogba, rendering him useless throughout the match.

This isn’t Pogba’s best season and the footballer came out in public to accept responsibility and show the fans he isn’t happy about it either. The debate about Pogba’s inconsistent performances and future at Old Trafford has been a hot topic since the Frenchman’s return in 2016.

To be fair, he is among the best midfielders in the game today and there’s nothing he can’t do. However, it’s been four years of inconsistencies, and it’s high time the management figures out a solution to the problem. Case in point, in the match against Arsenal, the lack of proper strategies, execution, and the reaction was evident after the Gunners successfully established their dominance by mid-game.

Analyzing the Key Reasons Behind Pogba’s Poor Performance This Season

Pogba spent the second half of the match against Arsenal on the left side of the three in the 4-2-3-1 formation. Just a week earlier, during the match against Chelsea, Pogba was seen playing as a second striker behind Edinson Cavani. People familiar with the game will know these aren’t the best positions for Pogba. And although it’s true the Frenchman is talented enough to perform from any position, it has affected the team’s collective performance in the past.

Pogba seemed visibly upset about the mistimed penalty against Hector Bellerin but instead of trying to cover up, he accepted responsibility for his actions. The midfielder also brought up a fitness issue stating he ran out of breath and wasn’t thinking straight when he tried to get the ball and failed.

Paul Pogba spent 10 months recuperating from injuries sustained during last season before being tested positive for COVID-19 in September. The Frenchman was out of form for over two weeks, forced to practice in his private garden as he remained in self-isolation. How long will it take for him to get back on his feet, is the real question?

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