The sport betting market in Kenya has been thriving for a long period of time. However, there have been some recent decisions that will probably change things in the area one way or another. Sportpesa is one of the biggest sports betting companies in Kenya. They have been sponsoring the Kenyan Premier League for a long period of time.


However, they’re going to end their sponsorship of the Kenyan Premier League thanks to recent decisions from the Kenyan government officials. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has recently enacted the Finance Bill 2017. This means that gaming revenue is going to be taxed much more heavily than it was in the past.


Many people are not sure what to make of this change. Some people are concerned about the state of sports betting in Kenya as a result. They might be worried about Betway in Kenya. Other people are wondering why this decision was made in the first place.


In many cases, governments will just impose broader taxes on gaming revenue because they know that it is going to be lucrative for them to do so. It’s not necessarily because they’re trying to discourage the playing of games in the first place, which can be the case with some taxes.


There are different taxes on cigarettes, tanning, and a lot of other unhealthy habits in the West. To a large extent, the government imposes these taxes because they are trying to offset the healthcare costs that they would have to absorb otherwise. Unhealthy habits will tend to raise healthcare costs in many countries, depending upon their healthcare system.


A lot of people are going to be interested in the fact that governments around the world are starting to tax gaming revenue in the same way. However, in this case, it’s often because the government recognizes that gaming revenue can provide them with additional sources of income. Even in countries where almost all people smoke, cigarettes will only provide the government with so much money through taxation. Gaming revenue, on the other hand, can truly give governments a boost in the amount of money that they make.


Citizens often respond poorly to tax increases that are aimed at them. Powerful people in the business world certainly have a lot of different problems with these sorts of tax increases as well. When gaming revenue is taxed, it actually gives governments a quick way to raise taxes on almost everyone in a subtle manner. Many people will spend money in the gaming world. They’ll spend enough money that when the government reclaims some of it through a tax, they may as well be taxing them directly.


A lot of people are in this situation at present. Sports betting in Kenya is hugely popular, and it has been for a while. Most people think that sports betting will continue to be popular, even with the recent government tax increases. It remains to be seen how this new revenue stream will affect the Kenyan government. Many other governments are doing the same thing all the time.