Like any company, there are two sides to every aspect. Here we are going to talk about 10Bet.10Bet pros

10Bet has become a force to reckon with in the online sports betting market. It quickly got people’s attention and has become one of the most popular sites but let’s talk about 10Bet pros and cons.


The online betting company covers multiple sports events all across the globe. They offer their customers with great tools to last and make some quick bucks. But is it all sunshine and roses?

What does 10Bet cover?

10Bet covers almost every major sporting action in the world. They have a calendar which automatically updates with each new scheduled sports match. 

10Bet has their own experts evaluating these matches and estimating the outcome. This helps the users in placing their bets in the match.

The various sports events that are covered by 10Bet are:

  • – Cricketwelcome bonus 10bet
  • – Football
  • – Rugby
  • – Wrestling
  • – Racing
  • – Boxing

and many more.

10Bet cons:

10Bet offers all its new customers a joining bonus. This joining bonus is in many ways not a great deal for returning sports bet placers. 

The 10Bet online bonus is in the form of a cash deposit to the account. This cannot be withdrawn and the player will need to earn at the minimum twice the online bonus that was deposited. 

This way the customers cannot get a return unless they happen to make a bet with highest returns. The cashing out restrictions are sometimes even higher with certain amounts.

10Bet pros:

Regardless of the online bonus restrictions, there is more than one reason for one to open an account with 10Bet.

Firstly, their online bonus is in fact free money which you can use without having to loosen your wallet. This way you can get used to the online bet placing interface.

Moreover, their match predictions help get the players earn their share of money without any efforts whatsoever. The added sports book, easy to use website and live streaming to the matches is enough for earning money.

Clearly, 10Bet pros outweigh the cons. Their customer support and technical support are always here to help with every issue you encounter, if you do.


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