Most Popular Online Slot Machines of 2018

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Most Popular Online Slot Machines of 2018

Tips and Tidbits

 Gambling online is a lot of fun. Whether you are new to the online gambling world, or a seasoned veteran, there is an endless amount of entertainment to be had. If you are a casual gambler just looking to have some fun, or a professional hunting for the best gambling tips, there are plenty of reasons why online gambling is worth your attention.

Some of the most entertaining and lucrative gambling games on the web is the storied and celebrated slot machine. The slot machine started out humbly as a clunky machine in bars that occasionally burped out a token that the person could turn in for prizes. Today they are elaborate and entertaining games that provide endless hours of entertainment.

The Best Around

 There are so many slot machine games out there, it is hard to pick where to start. A great place to begin, though, is on a site like that offer some of the best games available. You’ll find plenty of great options, including traditional and video slot games that should keep you busy for hours at a time. The only catch, frankly, is that there may be too many options. While it’s always fun just to browse such a site and pick up whatever you fancy, there is something to be said for going straight to the best and most celebrated slots games out there. That is why we took the liberty of putting together a list of the most popular online slot machines of 2018:

Amazing Aztecs – A fun theme for the adventurers and explorers out there. This game has a fun and colourful interface that provides a lot of eye candy and culture. This one was developed by Microgaming, and it takes you on a journey back in time to discover one of the greatest lost civilizations of the ancient world. There are over 243 different winning combinations, and an RTP of over 96%.

Esqueleto Mariachi – This is another extremely popular slot machine with a Mexican theme. This game is all about simple pleasures and fun. The animations are fun and interactive. There is also great music that can give a player free spins, which always feels good. This themed slot is great for those wanting to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. You become a part of the mariachi band and you can win some big prizes just doing what you love.

Ogre Empire – A great one for medieval era fans, this one is very similar to Shrek. One of the best things about this game is how visually stunning it is. The animations are so crisp and fun that you can’t help but enjoy every spin. The point of the slot game is to help the villagers of a town get rid of the ogres. These ogres are nothing like Shrek, they like to eat villagers, so don’t hesitate to help these poor villagers fend them off.

Wild Wheel: Big Money – This is a spin (pun intended) on the modern contemporary slot machine. This is a five-reel game with a simple layout and concept. What makes this slot so popular remains a mystery? Maybe it is the classic, familiar feel that people love, or perhaps it is the 96.98% RTP the game offers.

The real key to finding the best slot machine game online is to simply explore. Get out there and try them all for yourself and eventually you will find one that is a perfect fit for you.