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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
775 - Round:
2022-05-2815:00CS Cerrito? - ?Plaza Colonia CD
2022-05-2815:00Danubio FC? - ?Club Nacional de Football
2022-05-2815:00Mdeo. Wanderers FC? - ?CA Boston River
2022-05-2815:00Liverpool Montevideo? - ?CA Fenix
2022-05-2815:00Deportivo Maldonado? - ?Albion FC
2022-05-2815:00Torque? - ?CA River Plate (Uru)
2022-05-2815:00Penarol URU? - ?Cerro Largo FC
2022-05-2815:00CA Rentistas? - ?Defensor Sporting
2022-05-2115:00Albion FC? - ?Danubio FC
2022-05-2115:00CA Boston River? - ?Torque
2022-05-2115:00Cerro Largo FC? - ?Liverpool Montevideo
2022-05-2115:00Defensor Sporting? - ?Deportivo Maldonado
2022-05-2115:00CA Fenix? - ?CA Rentistas
2022-05-2115:00Club Nacional de Football? - ?CS Cerrito
2022-05-2115:00CA River Plate (Uru)? - ?Penarol URU
2022-05-2115:00Plaza Colonia CD? - ?Mdeo. Wanderers FC
2022-05-1415:00Liverpool Montevideo? - ?CA River Plate (Uru)
2022-05-1415:00Deportivo Maldonado? - ?CA Fenix
2022-05-1415:00Club Nacional de Football? - ?Albion FC
2022-05-1415:00Penarol URU? - ?CA Boston River
2022-05-1415:00CS Cerrito? - ?Mdeo. Wanderers FC
2022-05-1415:00CA Rentistas? - ?Cerro Largo FC
2022-05-1415:00Torque? - ?Plaza Colonia CD
2022-05-1415:00Danubio FC? - ?Defensor Sporting
2022-05-0922:30Club Nacional de Football? - ?CA Fenixnotstarted
2022-05-0822:00Penarol URU? - ?Mdeo. Wanderers FCnotstarted
2022-05-0818:30Danubio FC? - ?Cerro Largo FCnotstarted
2022-05-0816:00CA Rentistas? - ?CA Boston Rivernotstarted
2022-05-0721:00Deportivo Maldonado? - ?CA River Plate (Uru)notstarted
2022-05-0718:30Liverpool Montevideo? - ?Plaza Colonia CDnotstarted
2022-05-0716:00Albion FC? - ?Defensor Sportingnotstarted
2022-05-0715:00Plaza Colonia CD? - ?Penarol URU
2022-05-0715:00CA Fenix? - ?Danubio FC
2022-05-0715:00Defensor Sporting? - ?Club Nacional de Football
2022-05-0715:00CA River Plate (Uru)? - ?CA Rentistas
2022-05-0715:00Mdeo. Wanderers FC? - ?Torque
2022-05-0715:00Cerro Largo FC? - ?Deportivo Maldonado
2022-05-0715:00CA Boston River? - ?Liverpool Montevideo
2022-05-0715:00Albion FC? - ?CS Cerrito
2022-05-0622:15CS Cerrito? - ?Torquenotstarted
2022-04-3015:00Penarol URU? - ?Mdeo. Wanderers FCpostponed
2022-04-3015:00Albion FC? - ?Defensor Sportingpostponed
2022-04-3015:00CA Rentistas? - ?CA Boston Riverpostponed
2022-04-3015:00Club Nacional de Football? - ?CA Fenixpostponed
2022-04-3015:00CS Cerrito? - ?Torquepostponed
2022-04-3015:00Danubio FC? - ?Cerro Largo FCpostponed
2022-04-3015:00Deportivo Maldonado? - ?CA River Plate (Uru)postponed
2022-04-3015:00Liverpool Montevideo? - ?Plaza Colonia CDpostponed
2022-04-2523:00Defensor Sporting0 - 0CS Cerritofinished
2022-04-2500:00Plaza Colonia CD0 - 3CA Rentistasfinished
2022-04-2421:30CA Boston River2 - 0Deportivo Maldonadofinished
2022-04-2419:15CA Fenix2 - 1Albion FCfinished
2022-04-2322:00Torque0 - 1Penarol URUfinished
2022-04-2319:00CA River Plate (Uru)0 - 0Danubio FCfinished
2022-04-2316:30Mdeo. Wanderers FC0 - 0Liverpool Montevideofinished
2022-04-2223:00Cerro Largo FC0 - 2Club Nacional de Footballfinished
2022-04-1723:30CA Rentistas1 - 3Mdeo. Wanderers FCfinished
2022-04-1721:00Club Nacional de Football1 - 1CA River Plate (Uru)finished
2022-04-1718:00Deportivo Maldonado3 - 1Plaza Colonia CDfinished
2022-04-1622:00CS Cerrito0 - 0Penarol URUfinished
2022-04-1619:00Albion FC2 - 1Cerro Largo FCfinished
2022-04-1616:30Liverpool Montevideo2 - 0Torquefinished
2022-04-1523:15Defensor Sporting2 - 1CA Fenixfinished
2022-04-1519:00Danubio FC0 - 0CA Boston Riverfinished
2022-04-1200:15Torque2 - 0CA Rentistasfinished
2022-04-1122:00Mdeo. Wanderers FC0 - 1Deportivo Maldonadofinished
2022-04-1021:30CA Boston River0 - 6Club Nacional de Footballfinished
2022-04-1019:00CA River Plate (Uru)4 - 1Albion FCfinished
2022-04-1016:45CA Fenix2 - 0CS Cerritofinished
2022-04-0921:30Plaza Colonia CD1 - 1Danubio FCfinished
2022-04-0919:00Penarol URU2 - 1Liverpool Montevideofinished
2022-04-0822:15Cerro Largo FC0 - 0Defensor Sportingfinished
2022-04-0323:30Deportivo Maldonado2 - 1Torquefinished
2022-04-0321:00CS Cerrito0 - 1Liverpool Montevideofinished
2022-04-0318:30CA Fenix2 - 0Cerro Largo FCfinished
2022-04-0300:00Defensor Sporting3 - 2CA River Plate (Uru)finished
2022-04-0221:30Club Nacional de Football1 - 0Plaza Colonia CDfinished
2022-04-0218:30Danubio FC0 - 0Mdeo. Wanderers FCfinished
2022-04-0216:15Albion FC1 - 2CA Boston Riverfinished
2022-04-0123:00CA Rentistas0 - 0Penarol URUfinished
2022-03-2219:30Cerro Largo FC1 - 0CS Cerritofinished
2022-03-2200:15Torque1 - 1Danubio FCfinished
2022-03-2122:00CA Boston River1 - 1Defensor Sportingfinished
2022-03-2022:30Mdeo. Wanderers FC2 - 2Club Nacional de Footballfinished
2022-03-2019:30CA River Plate (Uru)3 - 1CA Fenixfinished
2022-03-2017:15Liverpool Montevideo1 - 0CA Rentistasfinished
2022-03-1923:15Plaza Colonia CD1 - 1Albion FCfinished
2022-03-1921:00Penarol URU1 - 1Deportivo Maldonadofinished
2022-03-1423:15Torque? - ?Danubio FCpostponed
2022-03-1420:00CA Boston River? - ?Defensor Sportingpostponed
2022-03-1323:00Mdeo. Wanderers FC? - ?Club Nacional de Footballpostponed
2022-03-1322:30Club Nacional de Football1 - 1Torquefinished
2022-03-1320:00Cerro Largo FC? - ?CS Cerritopostponed
2022-03-1319:30Albion FC1 - 1Mdeo. Wanderers FCfinished
2022-03-1312:30Plaza Colonia CD? - ?Albion FCpostponed
2021-12-0723:30Plaza Colonia CD? - ?Penarol URUfinished aet
2021-12-0600:15CS Cerrito2 - 1Liverpool Montevideofinished
2021-12-0512:45CD Villa Espanola1 - 1Cerro Largo FCfinished
2021-12-0420:00CA Boston River2 - 1Deportivo Maldonadofinished
2021-12-0420:00Torque1 - 0CA Progresofinished
2021-12-0420:00Club Nacional de Football4 - 2CA River Plate (Uru)finished
2021-12-0420:00Penarol URU3 - 1Sud Americafinished
2021-12-0420:00CA Rentistas2 - 3Plaza Colonia CDfinished
2021-12-0420:00Mdeo. Wanderers FC1 - 1CA Fenixfinished
2021-11-3019:30CA Fenix0 - 0CA Boston Riverfinished
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