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League Standings
1 Carlos Mannucci000000 00000
2 UTC de Cajamarca000000 00000
3 CC Deportivo Municipal000000 00000
4 Sporting Cristal000000 00000
5 Cusco FC000000 00000
6 CD USMP000000 00000
7 Universitario de Deportes000000 00000
8 Sport Boys Association000000 00000
9 FBC Melgar000000 00000
10 Ayacucho FC000000 00000
11 Atletico Grau000000 00000
12 Alianza Lima000000 00000
13 Sport Huancayo000000 00000
14 Alianza Atletico000000 00000
15 Club Sportivo Cienciano000000 00000
16 FC Carlos Stein000000 00000
17 Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional000000 00000
18 Academia Cantolao000000 00000
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1Augusto Leonel Solis RamirezCC Deportivo Municipal201820
5Rodrigo Javier SalinasAtletico Grau101900
8Fernando Alexander Guerrero VasquezClub Sportivo Cienciano404784
9Roberto Andres Ovelar MaldonadoCC Deportivo Municipal4243600
14Brandon Roberto Palacios BustamanteFC Carlos Stein2041244
17Luis Enrique Benites VargasSport Huancayo20282
20Abdiel Arroyo MolinarUniversidad Cesar Vallejo401410102
21Santiago Daniel Arias FierroAlianza Atletico2042820
24Hernan BarcosAlianza Lima2065180
28Jesus Castillo PenaAcademia Cantolao201210800
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
760 - Round:
2022-10-2822:00Alianza Lima? - ?
2022-10-2822:00Academia Cantolao? - ?Ayacucho FC
2022-10-2822:00UTC de Cajamarca? - ?Universitario de Deportes
2022-10-2822:00Sport Huancayo? - ?Sport Boys Association
2022-10-2822:00FBC Melgar? - ?Alianza Atletico
2022-10-2822:00Sporting Cristal? - ?Carlos Mannucci
2022-10-2822:00Universidad Cesar Vallejo? - ?CC Deportivo Municipal
2022-10-2822:00CD USMP? - ?Club Sportivo Cienciano
2022-10-2822:00FC Carlos Stein? - ?Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional
2022-10-2122:00FC Carlos Stein? - ?Academia Cantolao
2022-10-2122:00Ayacucho FC? - ?Alianza Lima
2022-10-2122:00Universitario de Deportes? - ?Sport Huancayo
2022-10-2122:00Atletico Grau? - ?FBC Melgar
2022-10-2122:00Alianza Atletico? - ?Sporting Cristal
2022-10-2122:00Carlos Mannucci? - ?UTC de Cajamarca
2022-10-2122:00CC Deportivo Municipal? - ?CD USMP
2022-10-2122:00Club Sportivo Cienciano? - ?FC Carlos Stein
2022-10-2122:00Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional? - ?Universidad Cesar Vallejo
2022-10-1822:00CD USMP? - ?Universidad Cesar Vallejo
2022-10-1822:00Carlos Mannucci? - ?Alianza Atletico
2022-10-1822:00Sporting Cristal? - ?Atletico Grau
2022-10-1822:00FBC Melgar? - ?Sport Boys Association
2022-10-1822:00Sport Huancayo? - ?Ayacucho FC
2022-10-1822:00UTC de Cajamarca? - ?Ayacucho FC
2022-10-1822:00FC Carlos Stein? - ?CC Deportivo Municipal
2022-10-1822:00Academia Cantolao? - ?Club Sportivo Cienciano
2022-10-1822:00Alianza Lima? - ?Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional
2022-10-1422:00Alianza Lima? - ?CD USMP
2022-10-1422:00Universitario de Deportes? - ?FBC Melgar
2022-10-1422:00Sport Boys Association? - ?Sporting Cristal
2022-10-1422:00Atletico Grau? - ?Carlos Mannucci
2022-10-1422:00Alianza Atletico? - ?Sport Huancayo
2022-10-1422:00Universidad Cesar Vallejo? - ?FC Carlos Stein
2022-10-1422:00CC Deportivo Municipal? - ?Academia Cantolao
2022-10-1422:00Club Sportivo Cienciano? - ?Alianza Lima
2022-10-1422:00Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional? - ?UTC de Cajamarca
2022-10-0722:00FBC Melgar? - ?Ayacucho FC
2022-10-0722:00Sporting Cristal? - ?Universitario de Deportes
2022-10-0722:00Carlos Mannucci? - ?Sport Boys Association
2022-10-0722:00Alianza Atletico? - ?Atletico Grau
2022-10-0722:00FC Carlos Stein? - ?CD USMP
2022-10-0722:00Academia Cantolao? - ?Universidad Cesar Vallejo
2022-10-0722:00Alianza Lima? - ?CC Deportivo Municipal
2022-10-0722:00UTC de Cajamarca? - ?Club Sportivo Cienciano
2022-10-0722:00Sport Huancayo? - ?Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional
2022-10-0422:00CD USMP? - ?Academia Cantolao
2022-10-0422:00Atletico Grau? - ?FC Carlos Stein
2022-10-0422:00Sport Boys Association? - ?Alianza Atletico
2022-10-0422:00Universitario de Deportes? - ?Carlos Mannucci
2022-10-0422:00Ayacucho FC? - ?Sporting Cristal
2022-10-0422:00Ayacucho FC? - ?FBC Melgar
2022-10-0422:00Universidad Cesar Vallejo? - ?Alianza Lima
2022-10-0422:00CC Deportivo Municipal? - ?UTC de Cajamarca
2022-10-0422:00Club Sportivo Cienciano? - ?Sport Huancayo
2022-09-2922:00Sporting Cristal? - ?Sport Huancayo
2022-09-2922:00Carlos Mannucci? - ?Ayacucho FC
2022-09-2922:00Alianza Atletico? - ?Universitario de Deportes
2022-09-2922:00Atletico Grau? - ?Sport Boys Association
2022-09-2922:00Academia Cantolao? - ?FC Carlos Stein
2022-09-2922:00Alianza Lima? - ?CD USMP
2022-09-2922:00UTC de Cajamarca? - ?Universidad Cesar Vallejo
2022-09-2922:00Sport Huancayo? - ?CC Deportivo Municipal
2022-09-2922:00FBC Melgar? - ?Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional
2022-09-2422:30Alianza Lima? - ?FBC Melgarnotstarted
2022-09-1622:00Sport Boys Association? - ?Academia Cantolao
2022-09-1622:00Universitario de Deportes? - ?Atletico Grau
2022-09-1622:00Ayacucho FC? - ?Alianza Atletico
2022-09-1622:00Ayacucho FC? - ?Carlos Mannucci
2022-09-1622:00FC Carlos Stein? - ?Alianza Lima
2022-09-1622:00CD USMP? - ?UTC de Cajamarca
2022-09-1622:00Universidad Cesar Vallejo? - ?Sport Huancayo
2022-09-1622:00Club Sportivo Cienciano? - ?FBC Melgar
2022-09-1622:00Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional? - ?Sporting Cristal
2022-09-0922:00Sport Boys Association? - ?Universitario de Deportes
2022-09-0922:00FBC Melgar? - ?CC Deportivo Municipal
2022-09-0922:00Atletico Grau? - ?Ayacucho FC
2022-09-0922:00UTC de Cajamarca? - ?FC Carlos Stein
2022-09-0922:00Alianza Atletico? - ?FC Carlos Stein
2022-09-0922:00Sporting Cristal? - ?Club Sportivo Cienciano
2022-09-0922:00Carlos Mannucci? - ?Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional
2022-09-0222:00Carlos Mannucci? - ?Atletico Grau
2022-09-0222:00Ayacucho FC? - ?Sport Boys Association
2022-09-0222:00Alianza Lima? - ?Universitario de Deportes
2022-09-0222:00Academia Cantolao? - ?UTC de Cajamarca
2022-09-0222:00FC Carlos Stein? - ?Sport Huancayo
2022-09-0222:00Universidad Cesar Vallejo? - ?FBC Melgar
2022-09-0222:00CC Deportivo Municipal? - ?Sporting Cristal
2022-09-0222:00Club Sportivo Cienciano? - ?Carlos Mannucci
2022-09-0222:00Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional? - ?Alianza Atletico
2022-09-0222:00Sport Huancayo? - ?CD USMP
2022-09-0222:00Alianza Lima? - ?Academia Cantolao
2022-08-2622:00Universitario de Deportes? - ?Ayacucho FC
2022-08-2622:00UTC de Cajamarca? - ?Alianza Lima
2022-08-2622:00Sport Boys Association? - ?Alianza Lima
2022-08-2622:00Sport Huancayo? - ?Academia Cantolao
2022-08-2622:00FBC Melgar? - ?CD USMP
2022-08-2622:00Sporting Cristal? - ?Universidad Cesar Vallejo
2022-08-2622:00Carlos Mannucci? - ?CC Deportivo Municipal
2022-08-2622:00Alianza Atletico? - ?Club Sportivo Cienciano
2022-08-2622:00Atletico Grau? - ?Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional
2022-08-1922:00Atletico Grau? - ?Universitario de Deportes
2022-08-1922:00UTC de Cajamarca? - ?Ayacucho FC
2022-08-1922:00Alianza Lima? - ?Sport Huancayo
2022-08-1922:00FC Carlos Stein? - ?FBC Melgar
2022-08-1922:00CD USMP? - ?Sporting Cristal
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