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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
6Hernan Novick RettichUniversitario de Deportes4175890
19Hernan BarcosAlianza Lima2174363
23Roberto Andres Ovelar MaldonadoCC Deportivo Municipal2075570
35Alexis Hernan BlancoUTC de Cajamarca2174602
39Pablo Damian Lavandeira HernandezAyacucho FC2042052
47Jesus Castillo PenaAcademia Cantolao1064670
57Jose Andre Guidino OteroAlianza Atletico1031202
60Paulo Rinaldo Cruzado DurandAlianza Atletico1052493
60Edgar Milciades Benitez SantanderAlianza Lima20168286
61Edson Diego Aubert CervantesCusco FC21104265
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
760 - Round:
2021-11-2820:00Sporting Cristal0 - 0Alianza Limafinished
2021-11-2120:00Alianza Lima1 - 0Sporting Cristalfinished
2021-11-0720:00Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional0 - 1FC Carlos Steinfinished
2021-10-3120:30FBC Melgar1 - 2Universitario de Deportesfinished
2021-10-3020:00UTC de Cajamarca4 - 0CD USMPfinished
2021-10-3020:00Alianza Atletico0 - 2CC Deportivo Municipalfinished
2021-10-3020:00Alianza Universidad de Huanuco1 - 2Ayacucho FCfinished
2021-10-3020:00Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional0 - 0Universidad Cesar Vallejofinished
2021-10-3020:00Cusco FC2 - 1Sport Huancayofinished
2021-10-3020:00Carlos Mannucci1 - 0Academia Cantolaofinished
2021-10-3020:00Sporting Cristal1 - 1Sport Boys Associationfinished
2021-10-2920:00Club Sportivo Cienciano1 - 1Alianza Limafinished
2021-10-2420:30Alianza Lima1 - 3Sporting Cristalfinished
2021-10-2418:15Universidad Cesar Vallejo3 - 1Alianza Universidad de Huanucofinished
2021-10-2416:00CC Deportivo Municipal1 - 3FBC Melgarfinished
2021-10-2320:30Universitario de Deportes2 - 1Cusco FCfinished
2021-10-2318:15CD USMP3 - 1Alianza Atleticofinished
2021-10-2316:00Sport Huancayo2 - 0Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacionalfinished
2021-10-2220:30Sport Boys Association3 - 3Carlos Mannuccifinished
2021-10-2218:15Ayacucho FC1 - 3Club Sportivo Ciencianofinished
2021-10-2216:00Academia Cantolao2 - 0UTC de Cajamarcafinished
2021-10-1820:30Universidad Cesar Vallejo0 - 0Sport Huancayofinished
2021-10-1818:15Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional1 - 2Universitario de Deportesfinished
2021-10-1816:00Cusco FC3 - 5CC Deportivo Municipalfinished
2021-10-1720:30Sporting Cristal1 - 0Ayacucho FCfinished
2021-10-1718:15Alianza Universidad de Huanuco1 - 1Club Sportivo Ciencianofinished
2021-10-1716:00FBC Melgar6 - 0CD USMPfinished
2021-10-1620:30Carlos Mannucci0 - 1Alianza Limafinished
2021-10-1618:15UTC de Cajamarca1 - 1Sport Boys Associationfinished
2021-10-1616:00Alianza Atletico3 - 1Academia Cantolaofinished
2021-10-0921:30Union Comercio? - ?FC Carlos Steinfinished with pen.
2021-10-0820:30Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional3 - 4Sporting Cristalfinished
2021-10-0520:00Union Comercio2 - 1Cultural Santa Rosafinished
2021-10-0516:30FC Carlos Stein2 - 1Deportivo Llacuabambafinished
2021-10-0320:30Universitario de Deportes3 - 0Universidad Cesar Vallejofinished
2021-10-0318:00Academia Cantolao0 - 2FBC Melgarfinished
2021-10-0315:30CD USMP1 - 1Cusco FCfinished
2021-10-0220:30Alianza Lima2 - 0UTC de Cajamarcafinished
2021-10-0218:00CC Deportivo Municipal1 - 2Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacionalfinished
2021-10-0215:30Sport Huancayo4 - 3Alianza Universidad de Huanucofinished
2021-10-0120:30Club Sportivo Cienciano2 - 1Sporting Cristalfinished
2021-10-0118:00Sport Boys Association3 - 1Alianza Atleticofinished
2021-10-0115:30Ayacucho FC3 - 2Carlos Mannuccifinished
2021-09-2720:30Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional1 - 0CD USMPfinished
2021-09-2716:00Cusco FC3 - 2Academia Cantolaofinished
2021-09-2623:00Alianza Universidad de Huanuco1 - 2Sporting Cristalfinished
2021-09-2620:30Sport Huancayo1 - 3Universitario de Deportesfinished
2021-09-2618:15FBC Melgar1 - 0Sport Boys Associationfinished
2021-09-2616:00Universidad Cesar Vallejo2 - 0CC Deportivo Municipalfinished
2021-09-2520:30Alianza Atletico1 - 3Alianza Limafinished
2021-09-2518:15Carlos Mannucci1 - 3Club Sportivo Ciencianofinished
2021-09-2516:00UTC de Cajamarca0 - 2Ayacucho FCfinished
2021-09-2323:00CD USMP0 - 1Universidad Cesar Vallejofinished
2021-09-2320:30Alianza Universidad de Huanuco0 - 4Universitario de Deportesfinished
2021-09-2318:15Academia Cantolao1 - 2Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacionalfinished
2021-09-2316:00CC Deportivo Municipal2 - 2Sport Huancayofinished
2021-09-2220:30Sporting Cristal1 - 3Carlos Mannuccifinished
2021-09-2218:15Alianza Lima1 - 0FBC Melgarfinished
2021-09-2216:00Sport Boys Association3 - 2Cusco FCfinished
2021-09-2120:30Ayacucho FC0 - 1Alianza Atleticofinished
2021-09-2116:00Club Sportivo Cienciano2 - 2UTC de Cajamarcafinished
2021-09-1920:30Universitario de Deportes0 - 2CC Deportivo Municipalfinished
2021-09-1916:00Sport Huancayo3 - 1CD USMPfinished
2021-09-1820:30Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional1 - 2Sport Boys Associationfinished
2021-09-1818:15Universidad Cesar Vallejo0 - 0Academia Cantolaofinished
2021-09-1816:00Carlos Mannucci1 - 1Alianza Universidad de Huanucofinished
2021-09-1723:00FBC Melgar1 - 1Ayacucho FCfinished
2021-09-1720:30Cusco FC0 - 2Alianza Limafinished
2021-09-1718:15UTC de Cajamarca1 - 6Sporting Cristalfinished
2021-09-1716:00Alianza Atletico2 - 2Club Sportivo Ciencianofinished
2021-09-1320:30CD USMP0 - 2Universitario de Deportesfinished
2021-09-1318:15Sport Boys Association2 - 2Universidad Cesar Vallejofinished
2021-09-1223:00Club Sportivo Cienciano0 - 1FBC Melgarfinished
2021-09-1220:30Sporting Cristal5 - 2Alianza Atleticofinished
2021-09-1218:15Alianza Lima3 - 2Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacionalfinished
2021-09-1216:00Carlos Mannucci1 - 3UTC de Cajamarcafinished
2021-09-1120:30Alianza Universidad de Huanuco0 - 3CC Deportivo Municipalfinished
2021-09-1118:15Ayacucho FC1 - 3Cusco FCfinished
2021-09-1116:00Academia Cantolao0 - 0Sport Huancayofinished
2021-09-0320:30Sporting Cristal1 - 1CD USMPfinished
2021-08-2920:30Universidad Cesar Vallejo0 - 1Alianza Limafinished
2021-08-2918:15CC Deportivo Municipal2 - 0CD USMPfinished
2021-08-2916:00Sport Huancayo1 - 1Sport Boys Associationfinished
2021-08-2820:30Universitario de Deportes2 - 2Academia Cantolaofinished
2021-08-2818:15UTC de Cajamarca1 - 0Alianza Universidad de Huanucofinished
2021-08-2816:00Alianza Atletico2 - 0Carlos Mannuccifinished
2021-08-2720:30Cusco FC2 - 2Club Sportivo Ciencianofinished
2021-08-2718:15FBC Melgar0 - 1Sporting Cristalfinished
2021-08-2716:00Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional3 - 1Ayacucho FCfinished
2021-08-2323:00Academia Cantolao2 - 1CC Deportivo Municipalfinished
2021-08-2320:30Alianza Lima1 - 1Sport Huancayofinished
2021-08-2318:15UTC de Cajamarca3 - 1Alianza Atleticofinished
2021-08-2316:00Alianza Universidad de Huanuco1 - 1CD USMPfinished
2021-08-2223:00Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional? - ?Sporting Cristalfinished aet
2021-08-2223:00Sporting Cristal4 - 1Cusco FCfinished
2021-08-2220:30Sport Boys Association0 - 0Universitario de Deportesfinished
2021-08-2218:15Ayacucho FC2 - 1Universidad Cesar Vallejofinished
2021-08-2216:00Club Sportivo Cienciano2 - 0Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacionalfinished
2021-08-2120:30Carlos Mannucci1 - 2FBC Melgarfinished
2021-08-1916:00CD USMP0 - 2Academia Cantolaofinished
2021-08-1900:30Universitario de Deportes1 - 2Alianza Limafinished
2021-08-1820:30Alianza Atletico1 - 2Alianza Universidad de Huanucofinished
2021-08-1820:15CC Deportivo Municipal? - ?Sport Boys Associationfinished aet
2021-08-1818:00Sport Huancayo1 - 1Ayacucho FCfinished
2021-08-1720:30FBC Melgar0 - 1UTC de Cajamarcafinished
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