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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
73 - Round:
2023-01-2905:00Melbourne City FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2023-01-2809:45Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2023-01-2807:00Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2023-01-2803:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Perth Glory FCnotstarted
2023-01-2709:45Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2023-01-2608:45Melbourne Victory? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2023-01-2205:00Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2023-01-2203:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Central Coast Mariners FCnotstarted
2023-01-2112:00Perth Glory FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2023-01-2109:45Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2023-01-2107:00Western United FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2023-01-2009:45Adelaide United FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2023-01-1507:00Western United FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2023-01-1505:00Western United FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2023-01-1412:00Perth Glory FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2023-01-1409:45Adelaide United FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2023-01-1407:00Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2023-01-1309:45Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Central Coast Mariners FCnotstarted
2023-01-0805:00Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2023-01-0709:45Melbourne City FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2023-01-0707:00Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2023-01-0707:00Sydney FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2023-01-0612:00Perth Glory FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2023-01-0609:45Melbourne Victory? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2023-01-0209:45Adelaide United FC? - ?Perth Glory FCnotstarted
2023-01-0203:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2023-01-0107:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2023-01-0105:00Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2022-12-3105:00Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Melbourne Victory
2022-12-3009:45Western United FC? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2022-12-2709:45Adelaide United FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2022-12-2707:00Melbourne City FC? - ?Central Coast Mariners FCnotstarted
2022-12-2609:45Western United FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2022-12-2405:00Sydney FC? - ?Melbourne Victory
2022-12-2309:45Perth Glory FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2022-12-2309:45Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2022-12-1807:00Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Perth Glory FCnotstarted
2022-12-1805:00Western United FC? - ?Perth Glory FCnotstarted
2022-12-1709:45Melbourne City FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2022-12-1707:00Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2022-12-1703:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2022-12-1609:45Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2022-12-1107:00Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2022-12-1105:00Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2022-12-1009:45Sydney FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2022-12-1007:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2022-12-1007:00Perth Glory FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-12-0909:45Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2022-11-1307:00Perth Glory FC? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2022-11-1305:00Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2022-11-1303:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-11-1209:45Sydney FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-11-1207:00Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2022-11-1109:45Adelaide United FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2022-11-0607:00Western United FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2022-11-0605:00Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2022-11-0603:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2022-11-0509:45Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Central Coast Mariners FCnotstarted
2022-11-0507:00Melbourne City FC? - ?Perth Glory FCnotstarted
2022-11-0409:45Melbourne Victory? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2022-10-3007:00Melbourne City FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2022-10-3005:00Adelaide United FC? - ?Perth Glory FCnotstarted
2022-10-2910:45Adelaide United FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2022-10-2908:15Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-10-2906:00Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2022-10-2810:45Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2022-10-2308:00Perth Glory FC? - ?Central Coast Mariners FCnotstarted
2022-10-2306:00Sydney FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2022-10-2210:45Melbourne Victory? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2022-10-2208:00Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2022-10-2208:00Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2022-10-2110:45Western United FC? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2022-10-1608:00Western United FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2022-10-1606:00Western United FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2022-10-1604:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Central Coast Mariners FCnotstarted
2022-10-1510:45Melbourne Victory? - ?Central Coast Mariners FCnotstarted
2022-10-1508:00Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Perth Glory FCnotstarted
2022-10-1410:45Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2022-10-0906:00Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Perth Glory FCnotstarted
2022-10-0904:00Wellington Phoenix FC? - ?Adelaide United FCnotstarted
2022-10-0810:45Sydney FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2022-10-0808:00Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2022-10-0808:00Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2022-10-0710:45Melbourne City FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-05-1009:05Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Sydney FCnotstarted
2022-05-0909:05Melbourne City FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2022-05-0808:20Adelaide United FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-05-0806:05Adelaide United FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-05-0709:45Sydney FC? - ?Melbourne Victorynotstarted
2022-05-0709:45Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2022-05-0509:05Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Wellington Phoenix FCnotstarted
2022-05-0411:05Perth Glory FC? - ?Melbourne City FCnotstarted
2022-05-0409:05Newcastle United Jets FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-05-0309:05Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Central Coast Mariners FCnotstarted
2022-05-0106:05Brisbane Roar FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2022-04-3009:45Perth Glory FC? - ?Newcastle United Jets FCnotstarted
2022-04-3009:45Adelaide United FC? - ?Brisbane Roar FCnotstarted
2022-04-3006:05Central Coast Mariners FC? - ?Western United FCnotstarted
2022-04-2909:45Melbourne Victory3 - 1Wellington Phoenix FCfinished
2022-04-2504:05Brisbane Roar FC1 - 1Melbourne Victoryfinished
2022-04-2407:05Adelaide United FC2 - 0Perth Glory FCfinished
2022-04-2403:05Wellington Phoenix FC1 - 0Perth Glory FCfinished
2022-04-2309:45Newcastle United Jets FC2 - 4Central Coast Mariners FCfinished
2022-04-2209:45Newcastle United Jets FC1 - 4Melbourne Victoryfinished
2022-04-2009:05Newcastle United Jets FC3 - 2Newcastle United Jets FCfinished
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