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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
695 - Round:
2022-07-0218:00? - ?
2022-07-0218:00? - ?Abc FC RN
2022-07-0218:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil? - ?Botafogo FC PB
2022-07-0218:00EC Vitoria BA? - ?Figueirense FC SC
2022-07-0218:00EC Vitoria BA? - ?EC Sao Jose RS
2022-07-0218:00Manaus FC AM? - ?EC Sao Jose RS
2022-07-0218:00Clube Do Remo PA? - ?Paysandu SC PA
2022-07-0218:00Clube Do Remo PA? - ?Botafogo FC SP
2022-07-0218:00Clube Do Remo PA? - ?Volta Redonda FC RJ
2022-07-0218:00Clube Do Remo PA? - ?Altos PI
2022-06-2518:00EC Sao Jose RS? - ?Altos PI
2022-06-2518:00EC Sao Jose RS? - ?Altos PI
2022-06-2518:00EC Sao Jose RS? - ?Altos PI
2022-06-2518:00Botafogo FC SP? - ?Altos PI
2022-06-2518:00Volta Redonda FC RJ? - ?Altos PI
2022-06-2518:00Abc FC RN? - ?Altos PI
2022-06-2518:00Paysandu SC PA? - ?Gremio Esportivo Brasil
2022-06-2518:00Botafogo FC PB? - ?Manaus FC AM
2022-06-2518:00Altos PI? - ?EC Vitoria BA
2022-06-2518:00Figueirense FC SC? - ?Clube Do Remo PA
2022-06-1918:00Botafogo FC PB2 - 0Clube Do Remo PAfinished
2022-06-1918:00Botafogo FC PB2 - 1EC Sao Jose RSfinished
2022-06-1918:00EC Vitoria BA0 - 1Botafogo FC SPfinished
2022-06-1918:00Clube Do Remo PA1 - 2Altos PIfinished
2022-06-1818:00Clube Do Remo PA2 - 3Altos PIfinished
2022-06-1818:00Manaus FC AM1 - 1Figueirense FC SCfinished
2022-06-1818:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil3 - 1Figueirense FC SCfinished
2022-06-1818:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil1 - 0Paysandu SC PAfinished
2022-06-1418:00Volta Redonda FC RJ3 - 0Clube Do Remo PAfinished
2022-06-1218:00Figueirense FC SC0 - 0Clube Do Remo PAfinished
2022-06-1118:00Figueirense FC SC1 - 1EC Vitoria BAfinished
2022-06-1118:00Figueirense FC SC1 - 2Manaus FC AMfinished
2022-06-1118:00EC Sao Jose RS4 - 0Manaus FC AMfinished
2022-06-1118:00Altos PI? - ?Manaus FC AM
2022-06-1118:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil? - ?Manaus FC AM
2022-06-1118:00Paysandu SC PA? - ?Botafogo FC PB
2022-06-0418:00Paysandu SC PA1 - 2EC Sao Jose RSfinished
2022-06-0418:00Clube Do Remo PA4 - 0EC Sao Jose RSfinished
2022-06-0418:00Clube Do Remo PA2 - 3EC Sao Jose RSfinished
2022-06-0418:00Clube Do Remo PA3 - 3Figueirense FC SCfinished
2022-06-0418:00Clube Do Remo PA2 - 1Botafogo FC SPfinished
2022-06-0418:00EC Vitoria BA1 - 2Volta Redonda FC RJfinished
2022-06-0418:00Manaus FC AM? - ?Altos PI
2022-06-0418:00Manaus FC AM? - ?Paysandu SC PA
2022-06-0418:00Manaus FC AM? - ?Gremio Esportivo Brasil
2022-05-2818:00Manaus FC AM? - ?EC Vitoria BA
2022-05-2818:00Figueirense FC SC? - ?EC Vitoria BA
2022-05-2818:00EC Sao Jose RS? - ?EC Vitoria BA
2022-05-2818:00Altos PI3 - 0EC Vitoria BAfinished
2022-05-2818:00Abc FC RN? - ?Gremio Esportivo Brasil
2022-05-2818:00Abc FC RN1 - 1Gremio Esportivo Brasilfinished
2022-05-2818:00Botafogo FC SP0 - 0Gremio Esportivo Brasilfinished
2022-05-2818:00Paysandu SC PA? - ?Manaus FC AM
2022-05-2818:00Volta Redonda FC RJ? - ?Botafogo FC PB
2022-05-2818:00Clube Do Remo PA2 - 0Botafogo FC PBfinished
2022-05-2118:00Manaus FC AM? - ?EC Sao Jose RS
2022-05-2118:00Manaus FC AM? - ?Botafogo FC SP
2022-05-2118:00Manaus FC AM3 - 2Botafogo FC SPfinished
2022-05-2118:00Manaus FC AM? - ?Altos PI
2022-05-2118:00Paysandu SC PA? - ?Volta Redonda FC RJ
2022-05-2118:00Paysandu SC PA? - ?Abc FC RN
2022-05-2118:00Paysandu SC PA2 - 1Clube Do Remo PAfinished
2022-05-2118:00EC Vitoria BA? - ?Clube Do Remo PA
2022-05-2118:00Botafogo FC PB? - ?Clube Do Remo PA
2022-05-2118:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil? - ?Figueirense FC SC
2022-05-1718:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil1 - 0Figueirense FC SCfinished
2022-05-1718:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil? - ?Figueirense FC SC
2022-05-1418:00EC Vitoria BA? - ?Botafogo FC PB
2022-05-1418:00Altos PI? - ?Botafogo FC PB
2022-05-1418:00Botafogo FC SP? - ?Abc FC RN
2022-05-1418:00Volta Redonda FC RJ? - ?Gremio Esportivo Brasil
2022-05-1418:00Clube Do Remo PA3 - 1Gremio Esportivo Brasilfinished
2022-05-1418:00Clube Do Remo PA0 - 1Manaus FC AMfinished
2022-05-1418:00Figueirense FC SC2 - 1Manaus FC AMfinished
2022-05-1418:00EC Sao Jose RS? - ?Paysandu SC PA
2022-05-0923:00EC Sao Jose RS0 - 0EC Vitoria BAfinished
2022-05-0822:00Paysandu SC PA? - ?Botafogo FC SPnotstarted
2022-05-0820:00Abc FC RN? - ?Volta Redonda FC RJnotstarted
2022-05-0818:00Abc FC RN? - ?Figueirense FC SCnotstarted
2022-05-0814:00Abc FC RN2 - 0Figueirense FC SCfinished
2022-05-0722:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil1 - 0Clube Do Remo PAfinished
2022-05-0721:00Botafogo FC PB? - ?Altos PInotstarted
2022-05-0720:00Manaus FC AM0 - 0Altos PIfinished
2022-05-0718:00Manaus FC AM? - ?EC Sao Jose RSnotstarted
2022-05-0714:00Manaus FC AM? - ?EC Sao Jose RSnotstarted
2022-05-0422:00Altos PI? - ?Abc FC RNnotstarted
2022-05-0223:00Botafogo FC SP0 - 1Abc FC RNfinished
2022-05-0122:00Botafogo FC SP1 - 2Clube Do Remo PAfinished
2022-05-0120:00EC Sao Jose RS? - ?Gremio Esportivo Brasilnotstarted
2022-05-0118:00EC Sao Jose RS? - ?Botafogo FC PBnotstarted
2022-05-0114:00Figueirense FC SC? - ?Botafogo FC PBnotstarted
2022-04-3022:00EC Vitoria BA? - ?Manaus FC AMnotstarted
2022-04-3021:00EC Vitoria BA1 - 1Manaus FC AMfinished
2022-04-3020:00Paysandu SC PA1 - 1Manaus FC AMfinished
2022-04-3018:00Volta Redonda FC RJ? - ?Manaus FC AM
2022-04-2523:00Volta Redonda FC RJ1 - 1Paysandu SC PAfinished
2022-04-2421:00Volta Redonda FC RJ2 - 1EC Vitoria BAfinished
2022-04-2419:00Manaus FC AM1 - 0EC Vitoria BAfinished
2022-04-2418:00Manaus FC AM0 - 0Figueirense FC SCfinished
2022-04-2414:00Volta Redonda FC RJ3 - 1Altos PIfinished
2022-04-2400:00Abc FC RN1 - 0Altos PIfinished
2022-04-2322:00Clube Do Remo PA2 - 2EC Sao Jose RSfinished
2022-04-2320:00Clube Do Remo PA0 - 1EC Sao Jose RSfinished
2022-04-2319:00Botafogo FC PB1 - 0EC Sao Jose RSfinished
2022-04-2314:00Gremio Esportivo Brasil1 - 1Botafogo FC SPfinished
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