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League Standings
1 Sao Paulo FC SP2713141683 2556
2 CR Flamengo RJ2613131475 1149
3 Atletico Mineiro MG2714131548 1249
4 SC Internacional RS2713141386 1547
5 Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS26131311123 1345
6 SE Palmeiras SP2613131286 1244
7 Fluminense FC RJ2714131179 640
8 Fluminense FC RJ2613131178 740
9 Santos FC SP2714131098 339
10 SC Corinthians SP2713141098 039
11 Ceara SC CE271314999 136
12 Ceara SC CE261313989 135
13 CA Paranaense PR27141310413 -434
14 AC Goianiense GO2713148109 -734
15 Fortaleza EC CE27141371010 -131
16 CA Bragantino SP27131471010 031
17 Fortaleza EC CE2613137910 -130
18 SC Recife PE2713148514 -1329
19 CR Vasco da Gama RJ2613137712 -1328
20 EC Bahia BA2714138415 -1528
21 Botafogo FR RJ27141341112 -1423
22 Goias EC GO2714135814 -1523
23 Botafogo Fr RJ26131341111 -1223
24 Coritiba FC PR2713145616 -1621
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1Thiago Galhardo Do Nascimento RochaSC Internacional RS1662517566
3Luciano Da Rocha NevesSao Paulo FC SP1202418103
4Pedro Guilherme Abreu dos SantosCR Flamengo RJ1202213178
5Brenner Souza da SilvaSao Paulo FC SP1102114596
6German Ezequiel CanoCR Vasco da Gama RJ1112219010
8Marcos Da Silva FrancaAtletico Mineiro MG1042620303
11Luiz Adriano De Souza da SilvaSE Palmeiras SP831811983
12Raphael Cavalcante VeigaSE Palmeiras SP831810475
14Eduardo Gabriel Aquino CossaGremio FB Porto Alegrense RS712216564
15Gabriel Barbosa AlmeidaCR Flamengo RJ74139232
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
693 - Round:
2021-02-2420:00Ceara SC CE0 - 0Botafogo FR RJ
2021-02-2420:00CA Paranaense PR0 - 0SC Recife PE
2021-02-2420:00EC Bahia BA0 - 0Santos FC SP
2021-02-2420:00SC Internacional RS0 - 0SC Corinthians SP
2021-02-2420:00Atletico Mineiro MG0 - 0SE Palmeiras SP
2021-02-2420:00CA Bragantino SP0 - 0Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS
2021-02-2420:00Sao Paulo FC SP0 - 0CR Flamengo RJ
2021-02-2420:00CR Vasco da Gama RJ0 - 0Goias EC GO
2021-02-2420:00Fluminense FC RJ0 - 0Fortaleza EC CE
2021-02-2420:00AC Goianiense GO0 - 0Coritiba FC PR
2021-02-2020:00SC Corinthians SP0 - 0CR Vasco da Gama RJ
2021-02-2020:00CR Flamengo RJ0 - 0SC Internacional RS
2021-02-2020:00Botafogo FR RJ0 - 0Sao Paulo FC SP
2021-02-2020:00Santos FC SP0 - 0Fluminense FC RJ
2021-02-2020:00SE Palmeiras SP0 - 0AC Goianiense GO
2021-02-2020:00Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS0 - 0CA Paranaense PR
2021-02-2020:00Goias EC GO0 - 0CA Bragantino SP
2021-02-2020:00Fortaleza EC CE0 - 0EC Bahia BA
2021-02-2020:00Coritiba FC PR0 - 0Ceara SC CE
2021-02-2020:00SC Recife PE0 - 0Atletico Mineiro MG
2021-02-1720:00Atletico Mineiro MG0 - 0EC Bahia BA
2021-02-1720:00CR Flamengo RJ0 - 0SC Corinthians SP
2021-02-1720:00CR Vasco da Gama RJ0 - 0SC Internacional RS
2021-02-1720:00Santos FC SP0 - 0Coritiba FC PR
2021-02-1720:00SE Palmeiras SP0 - 0Fortaleza EC CE
2021-02-1720:00Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS0 - 0Sao Paulo FC SP
2021-02-1720:00Ceara SC CE0 - 0Fluminense FC RJ
2021-02-1720:00CA Paranaense PR0 - 0AC Goianiense GO
2021-02-1720:00SC Recife PE0 - 0CA Bragantino SP
2021-02-1720:00Goias EC GO0 - 0Botafogo FR RJ
2021-02-1120:00CA Bragantino SP0 - 0CR Flamengo RJ
2021-02-1120:00Fluminense FC RJ0 - 0Atletico Mineiro MG
2021-02-1120:00Botafogo FR RJ0 - 0Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS
2021-02-1120:00Sao Paulo FC SP0 - 0Ceara SC CE
2021-02-1120:00SC Internacional RS0 - 0SC Recife PE
2021-02-1120:00SC Corinthians SP0 - 0CA Paranaense PR
2021-02-1120:00AC Goianiense GO0 - 0Santos FC SP
2021-02-1120:00Fortaleza EC CE0 - 0CR Vasco da Gama RJ
2021-02-1120:00Coritiba FC PR0 - 0SE Palmeiras SP
2021-02-1120:00EC Bahia BA0 - 0Goias EC GO
2021-02-0620:00CR Flamengo RJ0 - 0CR Vasco da Gama RJ
2021-02-0620:00Botafogo FR RJ0 - 0SC Recife PE
2021-02-0620:00CA Bragantino SP0 - 0AC Goianiense GO
2021-02-0620:00Sao Paulo FC SP0 - 0SE Palmeiras SP
2021-02-0620:00CA Paranaense PR0 - 0SC Internacional RS
2021-02-0620:00SC Corinthians SP0 - 0Ceara SC CE
2021-02-0620:00EC Bahia BA0 - 0Fluminense FC RJ
2021-02-0620:00Fortaleza EC CE0 - 0Coritiba FC PR
2021-02-0620:00Goias EC GO0 - 0Atletico Mineiro MG
2021-02-0620:00Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS0 - 0Santos FC SP
2021-02-0223:00Fluminense FC RJ0 - 0Goias EC GO
2021-02-0123:00SC Recife PE0 - 0CR Flamengo RJ
2021-01-3123:30AC Goianiense GO0 - 0Sao Paulo FC SP
2021-01-3123:00SE Palmeiras SP0 - 0Botafogo FR RJ
2021-01-3121:15CR Vasco da Gama RJ0 - 0EC Bahia BA
2021-01-3121:15Santos FC SP0 - 0SC Corinthians SP
2021-01-3119:00Coritiba FC PR0 - 0Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS
2021-01-3100:00SC Internacional RS0 - 0CA Bragantino SP
2021-01-3022:00Atletico Mineiro MG0 - 0Fortaleza EC CE
2021-01-3022:00Ceara SC CE0 - 0CA Paranaense PR
2021-01-2822:00EC Bahia BA0 - 0SC Corinthians SP
2021-01-2722:15Atletico Mineiro MG0 - 0Santos FC SPnotstarted
2021-01-2523:00SC Corinthians SP0 - 0CA Bragantino SP
2021-01-2423:30CR Vasco da Gama RJ0 - 0Atletico Mineiro MG
2021-01-2421:15SC Recife PE0 - 0EC Bahia BA
2021-01-2421:15AC Goianiense GO0 - 0Fortaleza EC CE
2021-01-2421:15Santos FC SP0 - 0Goias EC GO
2021-01-2419:00SC Internacional RS0 - 0Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS
2021-01-2419:00Ceara SC CE0 - 0SE Palmeiras SP
2021-01-2419:00CA Paranaense PR0 - 0CR Flamengo RJ
2021-01-2400:00Sao Paulo FC SP0 - 0Coritiba FC PR
2021-01-2322:00Fluminense FC RJ0 - 0Botafogo FR RJ
2021-01-2200:00SC Corinthians SP0 - 0SC Recife PE
2021-01-2122:00Fortaleza EC CE0 - 0Santos FC SP
2021-01-2122:00Goias EC GO0 - 0Ceara SC CE
2021-01-2122:00CR Flamengo RJ0 - 0SE Palmeiras SP
2021-01-2100:30Sao Paulo FC SP0 - 0SC Internacional RS
2021-01-2100:30CA Bragantino SP0 - 0CR Vasco da Gama RJ
2021-01-2023:30Coritiba FC PR0 - 0Fluminense FC RJ
2021-01-2022:15Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS0 - 0Atletico Mineiro MG
2021-01-2021:00EC Bahia BA0 - 0CA Paranaense PR
2021-01-2020:00Botafogo FR RJ0 - 0AC Goianiense GO
2021-01-1823:00Goias EC GO0 - 0CR Flamengo RJ
2021-01-1822:00SE Palmeiras SP0 - 0SC Corinthians SPnotstarted
2021-01-1723:30Ceara SC CE0 - 0CA Bragantino SP
2021-01-1723:30SC Internacional RS0 - 0Fortaleza EC CE
2021-01-1721:15Atletico Mineiro MG0 - 0AC Goianiense GO
2021-01-1719:00CA Paranaense PR0 - 0Sao Paulo FC SP
2021-01-1719:00Santos FC SP0 - 0Botafogo FR RJ
2021-01-1700:00CR Vasco da Gama RJ0 - 0Coritiba FC PR
2021-01-1622:00Fluminense FC RJ0 - 0SC Recife PE
2021-01-1600:30SE Palmeiras SP0 - 0Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS
2021-01-1400:30SC Corinthians SP0 - 0Fluminense FC RJ
2021-01-1123:00CA Bragantino SP0 - 0Atletico Mineiro MGnotstarted
2021-01-1023:30CR Vasco da Gama RJ0 - 0Botafogo FR RJnotstarted
2021-01-1021:15AC Goianiense GO0 - 0EC Bahia BAnotstarted
2021-01-1021:15SC Internacional RS0 - 0Goias EC GOnotstarted
2021-01-1019:00Sao Paulo FC SP0 - 0Santos FC SPnotstarted
2021-01-1019:00CR Flamengo RJ0 - 0Ceara SC CEnotstarted
2021-01-1000:00Fortaleza EC CE0 - 0Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RSnotstarted
2021-01-0922:00SC Recife PE0 - 0SE Palmeiras SPnotstarted
2021-01-0922:00Coritiba FC PR0 - 0CA Paranaense PRnotstarted
2021-01-0800:00AC Goianiense GO0 - 0CR Vasco da Gama RJnotstarted
2021-01-0722:00Ceara SC CE0 - 0SC Internacional RSnotstarted
2021-01-0700:30CA Bragantino SP0 - 0Sao Paulo FC SPnotstarted
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