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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
681 - Round:
2021-03-3123:15Velez Sarsfield2 - 3CA Banfieldfinished
2021-01-1801:10Boca Juniors? - ?CA Banfield
2021-01-1801:10CA Banfield? - ?Boca Juniorsfinished with pen.
2021-01-1701:10Velez Sarsfield3 - 1CA Rosario Centralfinished
2021-01-1420:45Defensa y Justicia4 - 4CA Aldosivifinished
2021-01-1200:30Estudiantes de La Plata1 - 2CA Central Cordoba SEfinished
2021-01-1100:30Colon de Santa Fe1 - 2CA Talleres de Cordobafinished
2021-01-1100:30Gimnasia y Esgrima0 - 1Atletico Tucumanfinished
2021-01-1100:30CA Banfield4 - 1CA San Lorenzo de Almagrofinished
2021-01-1022:20Arsenal de Sarandi1 - 0CA Huracanfinished
2021-01-1000:30CA River Plate (Arg)0 - 2CA Independientefinished
2021-01-1000:30Argentinos Jrs2 - 2Boca Juniorsfinished
2021-01-0922:20Velez Sarsfield3 - 2Godoy Cruz A.T.finished
2021-01-0922:20Racing Club Avellaneda3 - 1Newell´s Old Boysfinished
2021-01-0920:10Atletico Lanus2 - 0CA Rosario Centralfinished
2021-01-0920:10Union de Santa Fe1 - 2CA Patronato Paranafinished
2021-01-0600:30Atletico Tucuman0 - 2Colon de Santa Fefinished
2021-01-0522:20Godoy Cruz A.T.1 - 0Estudiantes de La Platafinished
2021-01-0522:20CA Huracan0 - 1Argentinos Jrsfinished
2021-01-0500:30CA Talleres de Cordoba3 - 2CA Banfieldfinished
2021-01-0422:20CA San Lorenzo de Almagro1 - 2Gimnasia y Esgrimafinished
2021-01-0420:10CA Aldosivi1 - 3Union de Santa Fefinished
2021-01-0400:30CA Central Cordoba SE2 - 2Racing Club Avellanedafinished
2021-01-0322:20CA Patronato Parana1 - 1Atletico Lanusfinished
2021-01-0322:20Newell´s Old Boys0 - 1Velez Sarsfieldfinished
2021-01-0320:10CA Independiente3 - 4Arsenal de Sarandifinished
2021-01-0300:30Boca Juniors2 - 2CA River Plate (Arg)finished
2021-01-0220:30CA Rosario Central3 - 0Defensa y Justiciafinished
2020-12-3000:30Atletico Tucuman1 - 3CA San Lorenzo de Almagrofinished
2020-12-2922:20Union de Santa Fe2 - 0Atletico Lanusfinished
2020-12-2920:10CA Aldosivi0 - 1CA Rosario Centralfinished
2020-12-2900:30Colon de Santa Fe1 - 2CA Banfieldfinished
2020-12-2900:30Gimnasia y Esgrima2 - 2CA Talleres de Cordobafinished
2020-12-2822:20Velez Sarsfield2 - 3Estudiantes de La Platafinished
2020-12-2822:20Argentinos Jrs0 - 2CA Independientefinished
2020-12-2820:10Newell´s Old Boys3 - 1CA Central Cordoba SEfinished
2020-12-2800:30CA River Plate (Arg)2 - 1Arsenal de Sarandifinished
2020-12-2722:20Boca Juniors3 - 0CA Huracanfinished
2020-12-2720:10Defensa y Justicia2 - 1CA Patronato Paranafinished
2020-12-2720:10Racing Club Avellaneda6 - 1Godoy Cruz A.T.finished
2020-12-2320:10Defensa y Justicia2 - 1Estudiantes de La Platafinished
2020-12-2122:20CA Rosario Central2 - 2Union de Santa Fefinished
2020-12-2122:20CA Central Cordoba SE0 - 2Velez Sarsfieldfinished
2020-12-2022:20Estudiantes de La Plata1 - 1Racing Club Avellanedafinished
2020-12-2020:10Atletico Lanus1 - 1Defensa y Justiciafinished
2020-12-1922:10Godoy Cruz A.T.0 - 3Newell´s Old Boysfinished
2020-12-1920:10CA Patronato Parana0 - 1CA Aldosivifinished
2020-12-1422:20CA Central Cordoba SE1 - 1Godoy Cruz A.T.finished
2020-12-1420:10CA Rosario Central4 - 0CA Patronato Paranafinished
2020-12-1320:10CA Aldosivi1 - 2Atletico Lanusfinished
2020-12-1320:10Union de Santa Fe1 - 3Defensa y Justiciafinished
2020-12-1220:10Newell´s Old Boys1 - 0Estudiantes de La Platafinished
2020-12-1200:10Velez Sarsfield2 - 1Racing Club Avellanedafinished
2020-12-0722:10Argentinos Jrs1 - 0Estudiantes de La Platafinished
2020-12-0722:10CA San Lorenzo de Almagro0 - 0CA Aldosivifinished
2020-12-0700:30Newell´s Old Boys3 - 1Atletico Lanusfinished
2020-12-0700:30CA Talleres de Cordoba0 - 0Boca Juniorsfinished
2020-12-0622:10CA Independiente1 - 0Defensa y Justiciafinished
2020-12-0600:30CA River Plate (Arg)3 - 1Godoy Cruz A.T.finished
2020-12-0522:20CA Patronato Parana0 - 0Velez Sarsfieldfinished
2020-12-0522:20Gimnasia y Esgrima0 - 0CA Huracanfinished
2020-12-0520:10Union de Santa Fe3 - 5Atletico Tucumanfinished
2020-12-0520:10Arsenal de Sarandi1 - 0Racing Club Avellanedafinished
2020-12-0500:30CA Banfield1 - 1CA Rosario Centralfinished
2020-12-0422:20CA Central Cordoba SE0 - 2Colon de Santa Fefinished
2020-12-0100:30Estudiantes de La Plata0 - 0CA San Lorenzo de Almagrofinished
2020-11-3022:20Atletico Tucuman3 - 2Arsenal de Sarandifinished
2020-11-3020:10CA Aldosivi1 - 4Argentinos Jrsfinished
2020-11-3000:30Atletico Lanus1 - 0CA Talleres de Cordobafinished
2020-11-3000:30CA Huracan1 - 0CA Patronato Paranafinished
2020-11-2922:20Boca Juniors2 - 0Newell´s Old Boysfinished
2020-11-2920:10Defensa y Justicia2 - 3CA Central Cordoba SEfinished
2020-11-2900:30Godoy Cruz A.T.0 - 0CA Banfieldfinished
2020-11-2900:30CA Rosario Central0 - 2CA River Plate (Arg)finished
2020-11-2822:20Colon de Santa Fe1 - 2CA Independientefinished
2020-11-2822:20Velez Sarsfield0 - 1Gimnasia y Esgrimafinished
2020-11-2820:10Racing Club Avellaneda1 - 0Union de Santa Fefinished
2020-11-2400:15Newell´s Old Boys1 - 1CA Talleres de Cordobafinished
2020-11-2322:00Godoy Cruz A.T.0 - 1CA Rosario Centralfinished
2020-11-2300:30CA San Lorenzo de Almagro2 - 0Argentinos Jrsfinished
2020-11-2222:20CA Patronato Parana0 - 0Gimnasia y Esgrimafinished
2020-11-2220:10Estudiantes de La Plata0 - 1CA Aldosivifinished
2020-11-2200:30CA Independiente0 - 0CA Central Cordoba SEfinished
2020-11-2122:20CA Huracan1 - 2Velez Sarsfieldfinished
2020-11-2120:10Colon de Santa Fe2 - 0Defensa y Justiciafinished
2020-11-2100:30CA Banfield0 - 2CA River Plate (Arg)finished
2020-11-2022:20Boca Juniors1 - 2Atletico Lanusfinished
2020-11-2020:10Arsenal de Sarandi2 - 3Union de Santa Fefinished
2020-11-2000:15Atletico Tucuman2 - 0Racing Club Avellanedafinished
2020-11-1700:15Colon de Santa Fe2 - 0CA Central Cordoba SEfinished
2020-11-1622:00Velez Sarsfield1 - 0CA Patronato Paranafinished
2020-11-1600:15Boca Juniors0 - 1CA Talleres de Cordobafinished
2020-11-1521:45Defensa y Justicia0 - 0CA Independientefinished
2020-11-1519:15Estudiantes de La Plata0 - 1Argentinos Jrsfinished
2020-11-1517:00CA Huracan3 - 2Gimnasia y Esgrimafinished
2020-11-1500:15Godoy Cruz A.T.0 - 1CA River Plate (Arg)finished
2020-11-1421:45Racing Club Avellaneda0 - 2Arsenal de Sarandifinished
2020-11-1419:15Atletico Lanus2 - 4Newell´s Old Boysfinished
2020-11-1417:00CA Aldosivi1 - 4CA San Lorenzo de Almagrofinished
2020-11-1400:15Atletico Tucuman3 - 1Union de Santa Fefinished
2020-11-1322:00CA Rosario Central2 - 4CA Banfieldfinished
2020-11-1000:30CA Central Cordoba SE2 - 2Defensa y Justiciafinished
2020-11-0922:15CA Talleres de Cordoba1 - 1Atletico Lanusfinished
2020-11-0920:00CA Independiente1 - 1Colon de Santa Fefinished
2020-11-0900:15Newell´s Old Boys0 - 2Boca Juniorsfinished
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