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League Standings
1 BSC Young Boys1376841 1028
2 FC Basel 18931477725 423
3 FC St. Gallen 18791367553 120
4 FC Lugano1266471 319
5 FC Lausanne-Sport1477545 119
6 FC Zurich1477545 319
7 Servette FC1477545 -119
8 FC Luzern1477347 -313
9 FC Sion1367265 -612
10 FC Vaduz1376148 -127
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1Arthur Mendonca CabralFC Basel 1893611311210
3Jean-Pierre Junior NsameBSC Young Boys61118062
4Pajtim KasamiFC Basel 189360119900
6Dejan SorgicFC Luzern50129411
7Theoson Jordan SiebatcheuBSC Young Boys41124248
8Benjamin KololliFC Zurich41107870
11Mattia BottaniFC Lugano30105134
12Antonio MarchesanoFC Zurich311410241
14Valentin StockerFC Basel 18933086410
15Anto GrgicFC Sion31118940
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
584 - Round:
2021-02-0319:30FC Lugano0 - 0FC Vaduz
2021-02-0315:00FC Lausanne-Sport0 - 0FC Basel 1893
2021-02-0315:00FC Luzern0 - 0Servette FC
2021-02-0315:00FC Sion0 - 0FC St. Gallen 1879
2021-02-0315:00FC Zurich0 - 0BSC Young Boys
2021-01-3015:00BSC Young Boys0 - 0FC Sion
2021-01-3015:00FC Vaduz0 - 0FC Luzern
2021-01-3015:00FC St. Gallen 18790 - 0FC Zurich
2021-01-3015:00Servette FC0 - 0FC Lausanne-Sport
2021-01-3015:00FC Basel 18930 - 0FC Lugano
2021-01-2817:15FC Lugano0 - 0Servette FC
2021-01-2715:00FC Sion0 - 0FC Basel 1893
2021-01-2715:00FC St. Gallen 18790 - 0FC Luzern
2021-01-2715:00BSC Young Boys0 - 0FC Lausanne-Sport
2021-01-2715:00FC Zurich0 - 0FC Vaduz
2021-01-2315:00FC Basel 18930 - 0FC Zurich
2021-01-2315:00FC Lausanne-Sport0 - 0FC Sion
2021-01-2315:00FC Luzern0 - 0FC Lugano
2021-01-2315:00Servette FC0 - 0FC St. Gallen 1879
2021-01-2315:00FC Vaduz0 - 0BSC Young Boys
2021-01-2017:00FC Lugano0 - 0BSC Young Boysnotstarted
2021-01-2017:00FC St. Gallen 18790 - 0FC Vaduznotstarted
2020-12-2319:30FC Lugano0 - 0FC Lausanne-Sportfinished
2020-12-2319:30FC Zurich0 - 0FC Sionfinished
2020-12-2317:15FC Luzern1 - 2FC Basel 1893finished
2020-12-2317:15Servette FC1 - 1FC Vaduzfinished
2020-12-2219:30FC St. Gallen 18791 - 2BSC Young Boysfinished
2020-12-2015:00FC Lausanne-Sport2 - 1FC Luzernfinished
2020-12-2015:00FC Sion2 - 1FC Vaduzfinished
2020-12-2015:00FC Zurich0 - 1Servette FCfinished
2020-12-1919:30FC Basel 18930 - 0FC St. Gallen 1879finished
2020-12-1917:15BSC Young Boys2 - 2FC Luganofinished
2020-12-1719:30Servette FC1 - 1FC Sionfinished
2020-12-1717:15FC Vaduz0 - 2FC Lausanne-Sportfinished
2020-12-1619:30FC St. Gallen 18790 - 0FC Luganofinished
2020-12-1619:30FC Basel 18930 - 2BSC Young Boysfinished
2020-12-1617:15FC Luzern0 - 0FC Zurichfinished
2020-12-1315:00FC Lausanne-Sport0 - 1FC St. Gallen 1879finished
2020-12-1315:00FC Lugano0 - 1FC Zurichfinished
2020-12-1315:00BSC Young Boys1 - 2Servette FCfinished
2020-12-1219:30FC Vaduz0 - 2FC Basel 1893finished
2020-12-1217:45FC Sion1 - 2FC Luzernfinished
2020-12-0917:15FC Basel 18934 - 2FC Sionfinished
2020-12-0917:15FC Vaduz0 - 2Servette FCfinished
2020-12-0917:15FC Zurich1 - 2FC St. Gallen 1879finished
2020-12-0615:00FC Luzern2 - 3BSC Young Boysfinished
2020-12-0615:00FC Zurich4 - 0FC Lausanne-Sportfinished
2020-12-0615:00FC Sion0 - 0FC Luganopostponed
2020-12-0519:30FC Basel 18931 - 0Servette FCfinished
2020-12-0517:15FC St. Gallen 18790 - 0FC Vaduzpostponed
2020-12-0217:15FC Luzern2 - 0FC Sionfinished
2020-12-0217:15Servette FC2 - 1FC Zurichfinished
2020-12-0217:15FC Lausanne-Sport3 - 0FC Vaduzfinished
2020-11-2915:00FC Lausanne-Sport0 - 3BSC Young Boysfinished
2020-11-2915:00FC Lugano1 - 0FC Basel 1893finished
2020-11-2915:00FC Zurich0 - 0FC St. Gallen 1879postponed
2020-11-2819:30Servette FC1 - 3FC Luzernfinished
2020-11-2817:15FC Vaduz4 - 1FC Sionfinished
2020-11-2517:15FC Basel 18932 - 1FC Lausanne-Sportfinished
2020-11-2517:15FC Sion2 - 0Servette FCfinished
2020-11-2215:00Servette FC1 - 1FC Luganofinished
2020-11-2215:00FC Sion2 - 2FC Zurichfinished
2020-11-2215:00FC St. Gallen 18792 - 2FC Lausanne-Sportfinished
2020-11-2119:30BSC Young Boys2 - 1FC Basel 1893finished
2020-11-2117:15FC Luzern1 - 1FC Vaduzfinished
2020-11-0815:00BSC Young Boys0 - 0FC St. Gallen 1879finished
2020-11-0815:00FC Basel 18930 - 0FC Sionpostponed
2020-11-0815:00FC Vaduz0 - 0Servette FCpostponed
2020-11-0718:00FC Zurich2 - 0FC Luzernfinished
2020-11-0718:00FC Lausanne-Sport0 - 1FC Luganofinished
2020-11-0417:00FC Zurich1 - 0FC Basel 1893finished
2020-11-0417:00FC Luzern0 - 0FC Sionpostponed
2020-11-0115:00FC Luzern0 - 0FC Sionpostponed
2020-11-0115:00FC Lugano0 - 0BSC Young Boyspostponed
2020-11-0115:00FC St. Gallen 18791 - 3FC Basel 1893finished
2020-10-3118:00FC Lausanne-Sport0 - 0FC Vaduzpostponed
2020-10-3118:00Servette FC0 - 0FC Zurichpostponed
2020-10-2517:30FC Basel 18930 - 0FC Lausanne-Sportpostponed
2020-10-2515:00BSC Young Boys2 - 1FC Luzernfinished
2020-10-2515:00FC Sion0 - 0Servette FCpostponed
2020-10-2417:00FC Vaduz1 - 4FC Zurichfinished
2020-10-2417:00FC Lugano1 - 0FC St. Gallen 1879finished
2020-10-1814:00FC Zurich0 - 0FC Basel 1893postponed
2020-10-1814:00FC Sion0 - 0FC Lausanne-Sportfinished
2020-10-1814:00FC Luzern2 - 2FC St. Gallen 1879finished
2020-10-1717:00Servette FC0 - 0BSC Young Boysfinished
2020-10-1717:00FC Vaduz1 - 1FC Luganofinished
2020-10-0414:00FC St. Gallen 18791 - 0Servette FCfinished
2020-10-0414:00BSC Young Boys1 - 0FC Vaduzfinished
2020-10-0414:00FC Basel 18933 - 2FC Luzernfinished
2020-10-0317:00FC Lausanne-Sport4 - 0FC Zurichfinished
2020-10-0317:00FC Lugano2 - 2FC Sionfinished
2020-09-2714:00FC Luzern2 - 2FC Lausanne-Sportfinished
2020-09-2714:00Servette FC1 - 0FC Basel 1893finished
2020-09-2714:00FC Vaduz0 - 1FC St. Gallen 1879finished
2020-09-2617:00FC Zurich2 - 2FC Luganofinished
2020-09-2617:00FC Sion0 - 0BSC Young Boysfinished
2020-09-2014:00FC Basel 18932 - 2FC Vaduzfinished
2020-09-2014:00FC Lausanne-Sport2 - 1Servette FCfinished
2020-09-2014:00FC St. Gallen 18791 - 0FC Sionfinished
2020-09-1917:00FC Lugano2 - 1FC Luzernfinished
2020-09-1917:00BSC Young Boys2 - 1FC Zurichfinished
2019-12-1515:00FC Lugano0 - 0BSC Young Boysfinished
2019-12-1515:00FC Luzern2 - 1FC Basel 1893finished
2019-12-1515:00FC Sion1 - 1Neuchatel Xamax FCSfinished
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