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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
569 - Round:
2022-06-3017:00? - ?notstarted
2022-06-2614:00Taby FK? - ?notstarted
2022-06-2614:00Taby FK? - ?Sollentuna FFnotstarted
2022-06-2612:00Sandvikens IF? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-06-2611:00Motala AIF? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-06-2317:00Motala AIF? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-06-2317:00Motala AIF? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-06-2317:00Gefle IF? - ?IFK Haninge
2022-06-2217:00Orebro Syrianska BK2 - 1FC Stockholm Internazionalefinished
2022-06-2017:00Orebro Syrianska BK3 - 0Taby FKfinished
2022-06-1913:00IFK Haninge? - ?Taby FKfinished
2022-06-1814:00IFK Haninge0 - 5Sandvikens IFfinished
2022-06-1814:00FC Stockholm Internazionale1 - 1Sandvikens IFfinished
2022-06-1814:00FC Stockholm Internazionale0 - 1Gefle IFfinished
2022-06-1811:00Sollentuna FF1 - 2Orebro Syrianska BKfinished
2022-06-1717:00Umea FC? - ?Orebro Syrianska BKfinished
2022-06-1617:00Umea FC3 - 1Motala AIFfinished
2022-06-1417:00Taby FK0 - 2Orebro Syrianska BKfinished
2022-06-1213:00IFK Haninge1 - 2Umea FCfinished
2022-06-1114:00IFK Haninge0 - 1Umea FCfinished
2022-06-1114:00IFK Haninge0 - 3Sandvikens IFfinished
2022-06-1111:00FC Stockholm Internazionale1 - 2Motala AIFfinished
2022-06-1111:00FC Stockholm Internazionale2 - 0Motala AIFfinished
2022-06-1111:00Gefle IF4 - 0Sollentuna FFfinished
2022-06-0513:00Umea FC? - ?Sollentuna FFnotstarted
2022-06-0511:00Orebro Syrianska BK? - ?Sollentuna FFnotstarted
2022-06-0511:00Orebro Syrianska BK? - ?Sollentuna FFnotstarted
2022-06-0415:00Sandvikens IF? - ?Gefle IFnotstarted
2022-06-0414:00Sandvikens IF? - ?Gefle IFnotstarted
2022-06-0414:00Motala AIF? - ?Taby FKnotstarted
2022-06-0414:00Motala AIF? - ?FC Stockholm Internazionalenotstarted
2022-06-0411:00Sollentuna FF? - ?IFK Haningenotstarted
2022-05-3117:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-05-3017:00Orebro Syrianska BK? - ?Gefle IFnotstarted
2022-05-3017:00Taby FK? - ?Gefle IFnotstarted
2022-05-2915:00Sandvikens IF? - ?Sollentuna FFnotstarted
2022-05-2914:00IFK Haninge? - ?Sollentuna FFnotstarted
2022-05-2914:00IFK Haninge? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-05-2911:00IFK Haninge? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-05-2911:00FC Stockholm Internazionale? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-05-2614:00Gefle IF? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-05-2613:00Gefle IF? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-05-2612:30Umea FC? - ?Taby FKnotstarted
2022-05-2517:00Umea FC? - ?IFK Haningenotstarted
2022-05-2517:00Sollentuna FF? - ?FC Stockholm Internazionalenotstarted
2022-05-2517:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Sandvikens IFnotstarted
2022-05-2517:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Sandvikens IFnotstarted
2022-05-2517:00Motala AIF? - ?Orebro Syrianska BKnotstarted
2022-05-2211:00Taby FK? - ?Orebro Syrianska BKnotstarted
2022-05-2211:00Taby FK? - ?Orebro Syrianska BKnotstarted
2022-05-2114:00Orebro Syrianska BK? - ?IFK Haningenotstarted
2022-05-2114:00Orebro Syrianska BK? - ?Sandvikens IFnotstarted
2022-05-2114:00Orebro Syrianska BK? - ?Sandvikens IFnotstarted
2022-05-2114:00Orebro Syrianska BK? - ?Sollentuna FFnotstarted
2022-05-2111:00Motala AIF? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-05-2017:00FC Stockholm Internazionale? - ?Gefle IFnotstarted
2022-05-1515:00Sandvikens IF? - ?Taby FKnotstarted
2022-05-1513:00IFK Haninge? - ?Taby FKnotstarted
2022-05-1512:00IFK Haninge? - ?FC Stockholm Internazionalenotstarted
2022-05-1511:00Sollentuna FF? - ?FC Stockholm Internazionalenotstarted
2022-05-1414:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-05-1414:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-05-1411:00Gefle IF? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-05-1411:00Umea FC? - ?Orebro Syrianska BKnotstarted
2022-05-0917:00FC Stockholm Internazionale? - ?IFK Haningenotstarted
2022-05-0815:00Sandvikens IF? - ?IFK Haningenotstarted
2022-05-0814:00Sandvikens IF? - ?IFK Haningenotstarted
2022-05-0814:00Sandvikens IF? - ?Gefle IFnotstarted
2022-05-0814:00Sandvikens IF? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-05-0811:00Orebro Syrianska BK? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-05-0711:00Motala AIF? - ?Umea FCnotstarted
2022-05-0617:00Taby FK? - ?Sollentuna FFnotstarted
2022-05-0115:00Umea FC? - ?FC Stockholm Internazionalenotstarted
2022-05-0112:00Umea FC? - ?Taby FKnotstarted
2022-04-3014:00Gefle IF? - ?Motala AIFnotstarted
2022-04-3014:00IFK Haninge? - ?Sandvikens IFnotstarted
2022-04-3012:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Sandvikens IFnotstarted
2022-04-3011:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Sandvikens IFnotstarted
2022-04-3011:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Sandvikens IFnotstarted
2022-04-3011:00Sollentuna FF? - ?Orebro Syrianska BKnotstarted
2022-04-2414:00Motala AIF2 - 0Sollentuna FFfinished
2022-04-2413:00FC Stockholm Internazionale4 - 0Sollentuna FFfinished
2022-04-2411:00FC Stockholm Internazionale0 - 0IFK Haningefinished
2022-04-2411:00FC Stockholm Internazionale3 - 1IFK Haningefinished
2022-04-2314:00Taby FK3 - 1IFK Haningefinished
2022-04-2314:00Sandvikens IF1 - 1IFK Haningefinished
2022-04-2311:00Umea FC0 - 1Gefle IFfinished
2022-04-2311:00Orebro Syrianska BK0 - 0Gefle IFfinished
2022-04-1814:00Orebro Syrianska BK3 - 2Gefle IFfinished
2022-04-1814:00IFK Haninge3 - 0Motala AIFfinished
2022-04-1812:00IFK Haninge1 - 1FC Stockholm Internazionalefinished
2022-04-1811:00Orebro Syrianska BK2 - 2FC Stockholm Internazionalefinished
2022-04-1713:00Sollentuna FF1 - 1Umea FCfinished
2022-04-1611:00Sollentuna FF1 - 1Umea FCfinished
2022-04-1512:30Sandvikens IF3 - 0Umea FCfinished
2022-04-1416:00Gefle IF1 - 2Taby FKfinished
2022-04-1014:00Sandvikens IF4 - 1Motala AIFfinished
2022-04-1013:00Sandvikens IF0 - 2IFK Haningefinished
2022-04-1013:00Sandvikens IF0 - 2Umea FCfinished
2022-04-1011:00Sandvikens IF2 - 3Gefle IFfinished
2022-04-0914:00Sandvikens IF3 - 0Gefle IFfinished
2022-04-0912:00Sandvikens IF1 - 3Orebro Syrianska BKfinished
2022-04-0911:00Sandvikens IF1 - 1Sollentuna FFfinished
2022-04-0817:30Taby FK1 - 2FC Stockholm Internazionalefinished
2022-04-0314:00Umea FC4 - 0FC Stockholm Internazionalefinished
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