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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
3Amar MuhsinAFC Eskilstuna3043600
7Anton LundinIK Brage2043230
11York RaphaelAFC Eskilstuna2043110
12Alexander JohanssonHalmstads BK204544
20Joakim PerssonIK Brage2043450
25Dzenis KozicaOsters IF104754
29Michael Alexander ZetterstromIK Brage1043600
35Bengt Seth Kanteh HellbergIK Brage1043250
44Koen KostonsDalkurd FF1043400
48Arian KabashiDalkurd FF1043360
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
568 - Round:
2022-10-0216:00AFC Eskilstuna? - ?Orebro SK
2022-10-0216:00Trelleborgs FF? - ?Jonkopings Sodra
2022-10-0216:00Ostersunds FK? - ?Halmstads BK
2022-10-0216:00Osters IF? - ?IF Brommapojkarna
2022-10-0216:00Osters IF? - ?IF Brommapojkarna
2022-10-0216:00Orgryte IS? - ?IK Brage
2022-10-0216:00Utsiktens BK? - ?Vasteraas SK
2022-10-0216:00Landskrona BoIS? - ?Dalkurd FF
2022-09-1815:00Landskrona BoIS? - ?Dalkurd FFnotstarted
2022-09-1815:00IK Brage? - ?Trelleborgs FFnotstarted
2022-09-1813:00IK Brage? - ?AFC Eskilstunanotstarted
2022-09-1717:00Halmstads BK? - ?Osters IFnotstarted
2022-09-1715:00Orgryte IS? - ?Ostersunds FKnotstarted
2022-09-1715:00Orebro SK? - ?Vasteraas SKnotstarted
2022-09-1715:00Jonkopings Sodra? - ?IF Brommapojkarnanotstarted
2022-09-1713:00Dalkurd FF? - ?Utsiktens BKnotstarted
2022-09-1319:00AFC Eskilstuna? - ?IK Bragenotstarted
2022-09-1319:00AFC Eskilstuna? - ?Halmstads BKnotstarted
2022-09-1219:00Trelleborgs FF? - ?Orgryte ISnotstarted
2022-09-1115:00Osters IF? - ?Dalkurd FFnotstarted
2022-09-1113:00Utsiktens BK? - ?Jonkopings Sodranotstarted
2022-09-1015:00Ostersunds FK? - ?Orebro SKnotstarted
2022-09-1015:00Vasteraas SK? - ?Orebro SKnotstarted
2022-09-1013:00IF Brommapojkarna? - ?Landskrona BoISnotstarted
2022-09-0619:00Trelleborgs FF? - ?AFC Eskilstunanotstarted
2022-09-0619:00Jonkopings Sodra? - ?Osters IFnotstarted
2022-09-0519:00Dalkurd FF? - ?IF Brommapojkarnanotstarted
2022-09-0519:00IK Brage? - ?Utsiktens BKnotstarted
2022-09-0415:00Orebro SK? - ?Utsiktens BKnotstarted
2022-09-0413:00Halmstads BK? - ?Utsiktens BKnotstarted
2022-09-0317:00Orgryte IS? - ?Landskrona BoISnotstarted
2022-09-0315:00Ostersunds FK? - ?Vasteraas SKnotstarted
2022-08-2815:00Ostersunds FK? - ?Jonkopings Sodranotstarted
2022-08-2815:00Ostersunds FK? - ?AFC Eskilstunanotstarted
2022-08-2813:00Utsiktens BK? - ?Orebro SKnotstarted
2022-08-2715:00Osters IF? - ?Ostersunds FKnotstarted
2022-08-2715:00Vasteraas SK? - ?Orgryte ISnotstarted
2022-08-2713:00IF Brommapojkarna? - ?Halmstads BKnotstarted
2022-08-2713:00Landskrona BoIS? - ?Trelleborgs FFnotstarted
2022-08-2619:00Dalkurd FF? - ?IK Bragenotstarted
2022-08-2319:00Orebro SK? - ?IK Bragenotstarted
2022-08-2319:00Orgryte IS? - ?IK Bragenotstarted
2022-08-2115:00IK Brage? - ?Osters IFnotstarted
2022-08-2115:00Halmstads BK? - ?Vasteraas SKnotstarted
2022-08-2113:00Trelleborgs FF? - ?Dalkurd FFnotstarted
2022-08-2113:00AFC Eskilstuna? - ?Utsiktens BKnotstarted
2022-08-2015:00Ostersunds FK? - ?IF Brommapojkarnanotstarted
2022-08-2015:00Landskrona BoIS? - ?Jonkopings Sodranotstarted
2022-08-1619:00Osters IF? - ?Orebro SKnotstarted
2022-08-1619:00Vasteraas SK? - ?Trelleborgs FFnotstarted
2022-08-1519:00IF Brommapojkarna? - ?AFC Eskilstunanotstarted
2022-08-1519:00IK Brage? - ?Landskrona BoISnotstarted
2022-08-1415:00IK Brage? - ?Ostersunds FKnotstarted
2022-08-1413:00Utsiktens BK? - ?Ostersunds FKnotstarted
2022-08-1315:00Dalkurd FF? - ?Orgryte ISnotstarted
2022-08-1315:00Jonkopings Sodra? - ?Halmstads BKnotstarted
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