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League Standings
1 Malmo FF3015151794 3460
2 IF Elfsborg30151512153 1151
3 BK Hacken30151512135 1649
4 Djurgardens IF30151514610 1548
5 Mjallby AIF3015151389 447
6 IFK Norrkoping30151513710 1446
7 Orebro SK30151512612 -442
8 Hammarby IF30151510119 041
9 AIK30151510911 -339
10 IK Sirius FK30151591110 -838
11 Varbergs BoIS30151510713 137
12 IFK Goteborg30151571310 -634
13 Ostersunds FK3015158913 -1933
14 Kalmar FF30151561014 -1928
15 Helsingborgs IF30151551114 -1526
16 Falkenbergs FF3015155916 -2124
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
2Astrit SeljmaniIFK Norrkoping1552420032
3Isaac Kiese ThelinIFK Norrkoping1412517226
4Moses OgbuMjallby AIF1432517956
6Nahir BesaraOrebro SK1242924533
7Stefano Giuseppe Arne Holmquist VecchiaIK Sirius FK1222619564
9Anthony van den HurkHelsingborgs IF1132722361
11Jesper KarlssonDjurgardens IF1132218620
12Per FrickIF Elfsborg1042822880
15Rasmus AlmIF Elfsborg903022950
17Jacob BergstromMjallby AIF802817059
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
567 - Round:
2020-12-1312:00Kalmar FF1 - 0Jonkopings Sodrafinished
2020-12-0917:00Jonkopings Sodra1 - 3Kalmar FFfinished
2020-12-0613:30IF Elfsborg2 - 2AIKfinished
2020-12-0613:30Falkenbergs FF2 - 3Mjallby AIFfinished
2020-12-0613:30IFK Goteborg2 - 0IK Sirius FKfinished
2020-12-0613:30Djurgardens IF1 - 0Varbergs BoISfinished
2020-12-0613:30Orebro SK2 - 1Hammarby IFfinished
2020-12-0613:30Malmo FF4 - 0Ostersunds FKfinished
2020-12-0613:30Kalmar FF0 - 0BK Hackenfinished
2020-12-0613:30IFK Norrkoping3 - 4Helsingborgs IFfinished
2020-11-3018:00Hammarby IF0 - 1IFK Norrkopingfinished
2020-11-3018:00AIK0 - 1Kalmar FFfinished
2020-11-2916:30IK Sirius FK1 - 1IF Elfsborgfinished
2020-11-2916:30BK Hacken3 - 0Orebro SKfinished
2020-11-2916:30Mjallby AIF2 - 1Djurgardens IFfinished
2020-11-2913:30Helsingborgs IF0 - 0Falkenbergs FFfinished
2020-11-2913:30Varbergs BoIS3 - 2Malmo FFfinished
2020-11-2913:30Ostersunds FK0 - 4IFK Goteborgfinished
2020-11-2318:00IFK Norrkoping4 - 1Falkenbergs FFfinished
2020-11-2318:00IFK Goteborg1 - 1BK Hackenfinished
2020-11-2318:00IK Sirius FK0 - 1Mjallby AIFfinished
2020-11-2216:30Ostersunds FK0 - 4Varbergs BoISfinished
2020-11-2216:30Hammarby IF2 - 2Malmo FFfinished
2020-11-2213:30AIK0 - 2Orebro SKfinished
2020-11-2213:30Kalmar FF0 - 3Djurgardens IFfinished
2020-11-2213:30IF Elfsborg2 - 1Helsingborgs IFfinished
2020-11-0819:00Malmo FF0 - 0Mjallby AIFcanceled
2020-11-0819:00Helsingborgs IF0 - 0Hammarby IFcanceled
2020-11-0819:00BK Hacken0 - 0IK Sirius FKcanceled
2020-11-0819:00Djurgardens IF0 - 0Orebro SKcanceled
2020-11-0819:00Kalmar FF0 - 0IFK Goteborgcanceled
2020-11-0819:00Falkenbergs FF0 - 0IFK Norrkopingcanceled
2020-11-0819:00AIK0 - 0IF Elfsborgcanceled
2020-11-0819:00Ostersunds FK0 - 0Varbergs BoIScanceled
2020-11-0819:00IK Brage0 - 0Varbergs BoIS
2020-11-0816:30Malmo FF4 - 0IK Sirius FKfinished
2020-11-0816:30Helsingborgs IF0 - 1IFK Goteborgfinished
2020-11-0813:30Varbergs BoIS5 - 2Hammarby IFfinished
2020-11-0813:30Orebro SK0 - 1Kalmar FFfinished
2020-11-0813:30Djurgardens IF0 - 1AIKfinished
2020-11-0714:00BK Hacken2 - 1Ostersunds FKfinished
2020-11-0714:00Mjallby AIF2 - 0IFK Norrkopingfinished
2020-11-0714:00Falkenbergs FF1 - 3IF Elfsborgfinished
2020-11-0218:00AIK1 - 0Varbergs BoISfinished
2020-11-0218:00Helsingborgs IF0 - 1Malmo FFfinished
2020-11-0119:00IFK Norrkoping0 - 0Helsingborgs IFcanceled
2020-11-0119:00Hammarby IF0 - 0Ostersunds FKcanceled
2020-11-0119:00Varbergs BoIS0 - 0Malmo FFcanceled
2020-11-0119:00Mjallby AIF0 - 0BK Hackencanceled
2020-11-0119:00Orebro SK0 - 0Kalmar FFcanceled
2020-11-0119:00IFK Goteborg0 - 0Djurgardens IFcanceled
2020-11-0119:00IF Elfsborg0 - 0Falkenbergs FFcanceled
2020-11-0119:00IK Sirius FK0 - 0AIKcanceled
2020-11-0119:00Hammarby IF0 - 0IK Brage
2020-11-0116:30Falkenbergs FF3 - 2Djurgardens IFfinished
2020-11-0116:30IFK Goteborg0 - 1Orebro SKfinished
2020-11-0116:30Hammarby IF1 - 1BK Hackenfinished
2020-11-0113:30IF Elfsborg2 - 1IFK Norrkopingfinished
2020-11-0113:30Mjallby AIF3 - 0Ostersunds FKfinished
2020-11-0113:30IK Sirius FK2 - 2Kalmar FFfinished
2020-10-2918:00IK Sirius FK0 - 0AIKfinished
2020-10-2819:00Ostersunds FK0 - 0BK Hackencanceled
2020-10-2819:00IFK Norrkoping0 - 0IFK Goteborgcanceled
2020-10-2819:00Varbergs BoIS0 - 0IF Elfsborgcanceled
2020-10-2819:00Djurgardens IF0 - 0Mjallby AIFcanceled
2020-10-2819:00Falkenbergs FF0 - 0Hammarby IFcanceled
2020-10-2819:00AIK0 - 0Orebro SKcanceled
2020-10-2819:00Helsingborgs IF0 - 0Kalmar FFcanceled
2020-10-2819:00Malmo FF0 - 0IK Sirius FKcanceled
2020-10-2819:00IK Brage0 - 0BK Hacken
2020-10-2818:00BK Hacken0 - 2Djurgardens IFfinished
2020-10-2618:00IFK Norrkoping2 - 2AIKfinished
2020-10-2618:00Varbergs BoIS0 - 0IF Elfsborgfinished
2020-10-2519:00IF Elfsborg0 - 0Ostersunds FKcanceled
2020-10-2519:00Orebro SK0 - 0Helsingborgs IFcanceled
2020-10-2519:00Kalmar FF0 - 0Falkenbergs FFcanceled
2020-10-2519:00IFK Goteborg0 - 0AIKcanceled
2020-10-2519:00BK Hacken0 - 0Malmo FFcanceled
2020-10-2519:00Hammarby IF0 - 0Djurgardens IFcanceled
2020-10-2519:00IK Sirius FK0 - 0Varbergs BoIScanceled
2020-10-2519:00Mjallby AIF0 - 0IFK Norrkopingcanceled
2020-10-2519:00IF Elfsborg0 - 0IK Brage
2020-10-2516:30Malmo FF3 - 1IFK Goteborgfinished
2020-10-2516:30Orebro SK3 - 2Helsingborgs IFfinished
2020-10-2513:30Kalmar FF0 - 0Falkenbergs FFfinished
2020-10-2513:30Ostersunds FK1 - 3Hammarby IFfinished
2020-10-2413:00BK Hacken2 - 2Mjallby AIFfinished
2020-10-2413:00Djurgardens IF4 - 0IK Sirius FKfinished
2020-10-1917:00Helsingborgs IF0 - 0BK Hackenfinished
2020-10-1917:00Djurgardens IF3 - 2Malmo FFfinished
2020-10-1819:00Falkenbergs FF0 - 0IFK Goteborgcanceled
2020-10-1819:00IK Sirius FK0 - 0Ostersunds FKcanceled
2020-10-1819:00Varbergs BoIS0 - 0AIKcanceled
2020-10-1819:00Malmo FF0 - 0Djurgardens IFcanceled
2020-10-1819:00Helsingborgs IF0 - 0BK Hackencanceled
2020-10-1819:00Orebro SK0 - 0IF Elfsborgcanceled
2020-10-1819:00IFK Norrkoping0 - 0Kalmar FFcanceled
2020-10-1819:00Hammarby IF0 - 0Mjallby AIFcanceled
2020-10-1819:00IK Sirius FK0 - 0IK Brage
2020-10-1815:30Varbergs BoIS1 - 3IFK Norrkopingfinished
2020-10-1815:30AIK2 - 0IFK Goteborgfinished
2020-10-1812:30IK Sirius FK2 - 3Ostersunds FKfinished
2020-10-1812:30IF Elfsborg3 - 1Kalmar FFfinished
2020-10-1812:30Hammarby IF4 - 2Mjallby AIFfinished
2020-10-1713:00Falkenbergs FF2 - 1Orebro SKfinished
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