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League Standings
1 RCD Mallorca2010101262 1942
2 RCD Espanyol Barcelona2010101334 2042
3 UD Almeria2010101325 1341
4 CD Leganes2010101046 534
5 Rayo Vallecano2010101046 734
6 Sporting Gijon19109955 532
7 SD Ponferradina201010938 -330
8 Girona FC19910847 -128
9 CD Mirandes201010767 227
10 Fuenlabrada201010695 027
11 UD Logrones201010839 -627
12 Malaga CF20911767 -727
13 UD Las Palmas201010686 -426
14 CD Lugo19910757 026
15 Real Oviedo20119686 326
16 Tenerife CD201010659 -423
17 FC Cartagena2010105510 -520
18 Alcorcon AD2010105411 -919
19 CD Castellon2010105411 -819
20 CE Sabadell191095311 -718
21 Real Zaragoza2010104511 -617
22 Albacete Balompie2010103611 -1415
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
1Raul De Tomas GomezRCD Espanyol Barcelona1232016172
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
1Uros DjurdjevicSporting Gijon1222118380
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
539 - Round:
2021-05-3017:00SD Ponferradina? - ?RCD Mallorca
2021-05-3017:00Sporting Gijon? - ?UD Almeria
2021-05-3017:00Real Zaragoza? - ?CD Leganes
2021-05-3017:00Rayo Vallecano? - ?CD Lugo
2021-05-3017:00FC Cartagena? - ?Girona FC
2021-05-3017:00CD Mirandes? - ?CE Sabadell
2021-05-3017:00Malaga CF? - ?CD Castellon
2021-05-3017:00UD Logrones? - ?UD Las Palmas
2021-05-3017:00Alcorcon AD? - ?RCD Espanyol Barcelona
2021-05-3017:00Albacete Balompie? - ?Fuenlabrada
2021-05-3017:00Tenerife CD? - ?Real Oviedo
2021-05-2317:00CD Leganes? - ?Malaga CF
2021-05-2317:00CE Sabadell? - ?SD Ponferradina
2021-05-2317:00Real Oviedo? - ?CD Mirandes
2021-05-2317:00CD Lugo? - ?FC Cartagena
2021-05-2317:00RCD Mallorca? - ?Real Zaragoza
2021-05-2317:00UD Las Palmas? - ?Albacete Balompie
2021-05-2317:00RCD Espanyol Barcelona? - ?Tenerife CD
2021-05-2317:00Girona FC? - ?Alcorcon AD
2021-05-2317:00CD Castellon? - ?Rayo Vallecano
2021-05-2317:00UD Almeria? - ?UD Logrones
2021-05-2317:00Fuenlabrada? - ?Sporting Gijon
2021-05-1917:00Tenerife CD? - ?RCD Mallorca
2021-05-1917:00Sporting Gijon? - ?UD Las Palmas
2021-05-1917:00SD Ponferradina? - ?RCD Espanyol Barcelona
2021-05-1917:00Real Zaragoza? - ?CD Castellon
2021-05-1917:00Rayo Vallecano? - ?Real Oviedo
2021-05-1917:00FC Cartagena? - ?UD Almeria
2021-05-1917:00CD Mirandes? - ?CD Leganes
2021-05-1917:00UD Logrones? - ?Fuenlabrada
2021-05-1917:00Alcorcon AD? - ?CE Sabadell
2021-05-1917:00Albacete Balompie? - ?CD Lugo
2021-05-1917:00Malaga CF? - ?Girona FC
2021-05-1617:00CE Sabadell? - ?Tenerife CD
2021-05-1617:00Real Oviedo? - ?Malaga CF
2021-05-1617:00RCD Mallorca? - ?Alcorcon AD
2021-05-1617:00CD Lugo? - ?CD Mirandes
2021-05-1617:00CD Leganes? - ?UD Logrones
2021-05-1617:00UD Las Palmas? - ?Real Zaragoza
2021-05-1617:00Fuenlabrada? - ?Rayo Vallecano
2021-05-1617:00RCD Espanyol Barcelona? - ?FC Cartagena
2021-05-1617:00Girona FC? - ?Sporting Gijon
2021-05-1617:00CD Castellon? - ?SD Ponferradina
2021-05-1617:00UD Almeria? - ?Albacete Balompie
2021-05-0917:00Rayo Vallecano? - ?CD Leganes
2021-05-0917:00Sporting Gijon? - ?CD Lugo
2021-05-0917:00Real Zaragoza? - ?RCD Espanyol Barcelona
2021-05-0917:00Real Oviedo? - ?CE Sabadell
2021-05-0917:00Tenerife CD? - ?UD Almeria
2021-05-0917:00SD Ponferradina? - ?Albacete Balompie
2021-05-0917:00CD Mirandes? - ?Fuenlabrada
2021-05-0917:00Malaga CF? - ?RCD Mallorca
2021-05-0917:00UD Logrones? - ?Girona FC
2021-05-0917:00FC Cartagena? - ?CD Castellon
2021-05-0917:00Alcorcon AD? - ?UD Las Palmas
2021-05-0217:00CE Sabadell? - ?Rayo Vallecano
2021-05-0217:00RCD Mallorca? - ?CD Mirandes
2021-05-0217:00UD Las Palmas? - ?SD Ponferradina
2021-05-0217:00CD Leganes? - ?Sporting Gijon
2021-05-0217:00CD Lugo? - ?Real Zaragoza
2021-05-0217:00Fuenlabrada? - ?FC Cartagena
2021-05-0217:00Girona FC? - ?Tenerife CD
2021-05-0217:00CD Castellon? - ?UD Logrones
2021-05-0217:00UD Almeria? - ?Real Oviedo
2021-05-0217:00Albacete Balompie? - ?Alcorcon AD
2021-05-0217:00RCD Espanyol Barcelona? - ?Malaga CF
2021-04-2517:00Rayo Vallecano? - ?Albacete Balompie
2021-04-2517:00Tenerife CD? - ?CD Castellon
2021-04-2517:00CE Sabadell? - ?RCD Mallorca
2021-04-2517:00Real Zaragoza? - ?Sporting Gijon
2021-04-2517:00Real Oviedo? - ?Girona FC
2021-04-2517:00CD Mirandes? - ?UD Almeria
2021-04-2517:00SD Ponferradina? - ?CD Lugo
2021-04-2517:00Malaga CF? - ?Fuenlabrada
2021-04-2517:00UD Logrones? - ?FC Cartagena
2021-04-2517:00RCD Espanyol Barcelona? - ?UD Las Palmas
2021-04-2517:00Alcorcon AD? - ?CD Leganes
2021-04-1817:00UD Las Palmas? - ?Malaga CF
2021-04-1817:00CD Lugo? - ?Alcorcon AD
2021-04-1817:00UD Logrones? - ?Rayo Vallecano
2021-04-1817:00CD Leganes? - ?SD Ponferradina
2021-04-1817:00Sporting Gijon? - ?Real Oviedo
2021-04-1817:00Fuenlabrada? - ?CE Sabadell
2021-04-1817:00CD Castellon? - ?RCD Mallorca
2021-04-1817:00FC Cartagena? - ?Tenerife CD
2021-04-1817:00UD Almeria? - ?RCD Espanyol Barcelona
2021-04-1817:00Albacete Balompie? - ?CD Mirandes
2021-04-1817:00Girona FC? - ?Real Zaragoza
2021-04-1117:00Rayo Vallecano? - ?Girona FC
2021-04-1117:00CE Sabadell? - ?FC Cartagena
2021-04-1117:00Real Zaragoza? - ?UD Almeria
2021-04-1117:00Real Oviedo? - ?UD Las Palmas
2021-04-1117:00Tenerife CD? - ?Sporting Gijon
2021-04-1117:00SD Ponferradina? - ?Fuenlabrada
2021-04-1117:00RCD Mallorca? - ?CD Lugo
2021-04-1117:00Malaga CF? - ?Albacete Balompie
2021-04-1117:00RCD Espanyol Barcelona? - ?CD Leganes
2021-04-1117:00Alcorcon AD? - ?CD Castellon
2021-04-1117:00CD Mirandes? - ?UD Logrones
2021-04-0417:00UD Las Palmas? - ?RCD Mallorca
2021-04-0417:00Sporting Gijon? - ?CD Mirandes
2021-04-0417:00CD Lugo? - ?Malaga CF
2021-04-0417:00UD Logrones? - ?Tenerife CD
2021-04-0417:00CD Leganes? - ?CE Sabadell
2021-04-0417:00Girona FC? - ?SD Ponferradina
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