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League Standings
1 Atletico Madrid2815132062 519213366
2 FC Barcelona2814141954 6710314362
3 Real Madrid2813151864 4914262660
4 FC Sevilla2814141747 3912171855
5 Real Sociedad2814141297 4412201645
6 Real Betis Balompie28141414311 382417-345
7 CF Villarreal28141410135 391619843
8 Granada CF28141410612 343014-1236
9 Athletic Bilbao2814149811 381915635
10 UD Levante2814148119 362015-135
11 RC Celta de Vigo28141481010 352115-834
12 CF Valencia2814148911 342212-433
13 CA Osasuna2814147912 231610-1230
14 Cadiz CF2814147813 242212-2029
15 CF Getafe2815137813 22239-1129
16 Real Valladolid28141451211 261611-1227
17 Elche CF28131551013 252412-1725
18 SD Eibar28141441113 221614-1123
19 Deportivo Alaves Sad2814145815 232712-2123
20 SD Huesca28141431213 262614-1821
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
2Luis Alberto Suarez DiazAtletico Madrid1932519671
6Alexander IsakReal Sociedad1202315424
7Roger Marti SalvadorUD Levante1122416065
8Jose Luis Morales NogalesUD Levante1102818935
12Rafael Mir VicenteSD Huesca812819956
13Enrique Garcia MartinezSD Eibar802722391
15Alvaro Negredo SanchezCadiz CF702517742
16Sergio Canales MadrazoReal Betis Balompie722217722
17Jose Luis Sanmartin MatoDeportivo Alaves Sad722722222
18Carlos Soler BarraganCF Valencia762319541
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
538 - Round:
2021-05-2319:00FC Sevilla1 - 0Deportivo Alaves Sadfinished
2021-05-2316:30Granada CF0 - 0CF Getafefinished
2021-05-2216:00Elche CF2 - 0Athletic Bilbaofinished
2021-05-2216:00RC Celta de Vigo2 - 3Real Betis Balompiefinished
2021-05-2216:00SD Eibar0 - 1FC Barcelonafinished
2021-05-2216:00SD Huesca0 - 0CF Valenciafinished
2021-05-2216:00CA Osasuna0 - 1Real Sociedadfinished
2021-05-2216:00Real Madrid2 - 1CF Villarrealfinished
2021-05-2216:00Real Valladolid1 - 2Atletico Madridfinished
2021-05-2119:00UD Levante2 - 2Cadiz CFfinished
2021-05-1616:30Atletico Madrid2 - 1CA Osasunafinished
2021-05-1616:30FC Barcelona1 - 2RC Celta de Vigofinished
2021-05-1616:30Athletic Bilbao0 - 1Real Madridfinished
2021-05-1616:30Deportivo Alaves Sad4 - 2Granada CFfinished
2021-05-1616:30Real Betis Balompie1 - 0SD Huescafinished
2021-05-1616:30CF Villarreal4 - 0FC Sevillafinished
2021-05-1616:30CF Valencia4 - 1SD Eibarfinished
2021-05-1616:30CF Getafe2 - 1UD Levantefinished
2021-05-1616:30Cadiz CF1 - 3Elche CFfinished
2021-05-1616:30Real Sociedad4 - 1Real Valladolidfinished
2021-05-1320:00Granada CF1 - 4Real Madridfinished
2021-05-1318:00SD Eibar1 - 1Real Betis Balompiefinished
2021-05-1317:00Real Valladolid0 - 2CF Villarrealfinished
2021-05-1220:00Atletico Madrid2 - 1Real Sociedadfinished
2021-05-1218:00SD Huesca1 - 0Athletic Bilbaofinished
2021-05-1218:00RC Celta de Vigo1 - 0CF Getafefinished
2021-05-1217:00FC Sevilla1 - 0CF Valenciafinished
2021-05-1120:00UD Levante3 - 3FC Barcelonafinished
2021-05-1118:00Elche CF0 - 2Deportivo Alaves Sadfinished
2021-05-1117:00CA Osasuna3 - 2Cadiz CFfinished
2021-05-1019:00Real Betis Balompie2 - 1Granada CFfinished
2021-05-0919:00Real Madrid2 - 2FC Sevillafinished
2021-05-0916:30CF Villarreal2 - 4RC Celta de Vigofinished
2021-05-0914:15CF Valencia3 - 0Real Valladolidfinished
2021-05-0912:00CF Getafe0 - 1SD Eibarfinished
2021-05-0819:00Athletic Bilbao2 - 2CA Osasunafinished
2021-05-0816:30Cadiz CF2 - 1SD Huescafinished
2021-05-0814:15FC Barcelona0 - 0Atletico Madridfinished
2021-05-0812:00Deportivo Alaves Sad2 - 2UD Levantefinished
2021-05-0719:00Real Sociedad2 - 0Elche CFfinished
2021-05-0319:00FC Sevilla0 - 1Athletic Bilbaofinished
2021-05-0219:00CF Valencia2 - 3FC Barcelonafinished
2021-05-0216:30Granada CF0 - 1Cadiz CFfinished
2021-05-0214:15CF Villarreal1 - 0CF Getafefinished
2021-05-0212:00Real Valladolid1 - 1Real Betis Balompiefinished
2021-05-0119:00Real Madrid2 - 0CA Osasunafinished
2021-05-0116:30SD Huesca1 - 0Real Sociedadfinished
2021-05-0114:15Elche CF0 - 1Atletico Madridfinished
2021-05-0112:00SD Eibar3 - 0Deportivo Alaves Sadfinished
2021-04-3019:00RC Celta de Vigo2 - 0UD Levantefinished
2021-04-2917:00FC Barcelona1 - 2Granada CFfinished
2021-04-2817:00Athletic Bilbao2 - 2Real Valladolidfinished
2021-04-2619:00SD Eibar0 - 1Real Sociedadfinished
2021-04-2519:00Athletic Bilbao2 - 1Atletico Madridfinished
2021-04-2516:30RC Celta de Vigo2 - 1CA Osasunafinished
2021-04-2516:30FC Sevilla2 - 1Granada CFfinished
2021-04-2514:15CF Villarreal1 - 2FC Barcelonafinished
2021-04-2512:00SD Huesca0 - 2CF Getafefinished
2021-04-2419:00Real Madrid0 - 0Real Betis Balompiefinished
2021-04-2416:30CF Valencia1 - 1Deportivo Alaves Sadfinished
2021-04-2414:15Real Valladolid1 - 1Cadiz CFfinished
2021-04-2412:00Elche CF1 - 0UD Levantefinished
2021-04-2220:00FC Barcelona5 - 2CF Getafefinished
2021-04-2219:00Granada CF4 - 1SD Eibarfinished
2021-04-2219:00Real Sociedad2 - 1RC Celta de Vigofinished
2021-04-2217:00Atletico Madrid2 - 0SD Huescafinished
2021-04-2120:00Cadiz CF0 - 3Real Madridfinished
2021-04-2119:00Deportivo Alaves Sad2 - 1CF Villarrealfinished
2021-04-2119:00Elche CF1 - 1Real Valladolidfinished
2021-04-2118:00Real Betis Balompie0 - 0Athletic Bilbaofinished
2021-04-2117:00UD Levante0 - 1FC Sevillafinished
2021-04-2117:00CA Osasuna3 - 1CF Valenciafinished
2021-04-1819:00CF Getafe0 - 0Real Madridfinished
2021-04-1819:00UD Levante1 - 5CF Villarrealfinished
2021-04-1816:30Real Betis Balompie2 - 2CF Valenciafinished
2021-04-1816:30Cadiz CF0 - 0RC Celta de Vigofinished
2021-04-1814:15Deportivo Alaves Sad1 - 0SD Huescafinished
2021-04-1814:15Atletico Madrid5 - 0SD Eibarfinished
2021-04-1812:00CA Osasuna2 - 0Elche CFfinished
2021-04-1812:00Real Sociedad1 - 2FC Sevillafinished
2021-04-1219:00RC Celta de Vigo3 - 4FC Sevillafinished
2021-04-1119:00Real Betis Balompie1 - 1Atletico Madridfinished
2021-04-1116:30Real Valladolid1 - 2Granada CFfinished
2021-04-1114:15CF Valencia2 - 2Real Sociedadfinished
2021-04-1112:00CF Villarreal1 - 2CA Osasunafinished
2021-04-1019:00Real Madrid2 - 1FC Barcelonafinished
2021-04-1016:30SD Eibar0 - 1UD Levantefinished
2021-04-1014:15Athletic Bilbao0 - 0Deportivo Alaves Sadfinished
2021-04-1012:00CF Getafe0 - 1Cadiz CFfinished
2021-04-0919:00SD Huesca3 - 1Elche CFfinished
2021-04-0717:00Real Sociedad1 - 1Athletic Bilbaofinished
2021-04-0417:00Elche CF1 - 1Real Betis Balompiefinished
2021-04-0417:00FC Sevilla1 - 0Atletico Madridfinished
2021-04-0417:00CA Osasuna0 - 0CF Getafefinished
2021-04-0417:00Real Madrid2 - 0SD Eibarfinished
2021-04-0417:00UD Levante0 - 2SD Huescafinished
2021-04-0417:00Cadiz CF2 - 1CF Valenciafinished
2021-04-0417:00FC Barcelona1 - 0Real Valladolidfinished
2021-04-0417:00Deportivo Alaves Sad1 - 3RC Celta de Vigofinished
2021-04-0417:00Granada CF0 - 3CF Villarrealfinished
2021-03-2120:00Real Sociedad1 - 6FC Barcelonafinished
2021-03-2117:30Atletico Madrid1 - 0Deportivo Alaves Sadfinished
2021-03-2115:15CF Villarreal2 - 1Cadiz CFfinished
2021-03-2115:15CF Valencia2 - 1Granada CFfinished
2021-03-2113:00CF Getafe1 - 1Elche CFfinished
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