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League Standings
1 FK Red Star Belgrade191091720 4453
2 FK Partizan199101423 3044
3 FK Vojvodina199101333 1842
4 FK Cukaricki191091054 2135
5 FK Spartak Subotica191091036 1333
6 FK Proleter Novi Sad19109955 232
7 FK Radnicki Nis19109937 030
8 FK Vozdovac19109838 027
9 FK Tsc Backa Topola19109838 1027
10 FK Radnik Surdulica19910838 327
11 FK Mladost Lucani19109757 -1126
12 FK Metalac GM19910676 -625
13 FK Novi Pazar19910568 -1321
14 FK Javor Ivanjica199106310 -821
15 FK Napredak Krusevac19109469 -1218
16 FK Indija199106013 -1818
17 FK Rad199105113 -2016
18 FK Zlatibor Cajetina199104312 -2015
19 Macva Sabac191094213 -2114
20 OFK Backa Palanka199102512 -1211
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1Milan MakaricFK Radnik Surdulica1131916340
2Nenad LukicFK Tsc Backa Topola1141814611
3Takuma AsanoFK Partizan1001814880
4Lazar TufegdzicFK Spartak Subotica801916560
5Petar BojicFK Vojvodina801410602
6Mirko IvanicFK Red Star Belgrade721510483
7Aleksandar KataiFK Red Star Belgrade72127721
8Diego FalcinelliFK Red Star Belgrade70117113
9Luka LukovicFK Javor Ivanjica731916550
10Nemanja NikolicFK Javor Ivanjica71107761
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
527 - Round:
2021-05-1917:00FK Radnicki Nis0 - 0OFK Backa Palanka
2021-05-1917:00Macva Sabac0 - 0FK Zlatibor Cajetina
2021-05-1917:00FK Spartak Subotica0 - 0FK Rad
2021-05-1917:00FK Proleter Novi Sad0 - 0FK Vojvodina
2021-05-1917:00FK Tsc Backa Topola0 - 0FK Indija
2021-05-1917:00FK Cukaricki0 - 0FK Radnik Surdulica
2021-05-1917:00FK Vozdovac0 - 0FK Javor Ivanjica
2021-05-1917:00FK Mladost Lucani0 - 0FK Partizan
2021-05-1917:00FK Novi Pazar0 - 0FK Napredak Krusevac
2021-05-1917:00FK Red Star Belgrade0 - 0FK Metalac GM
2021-05-1517:00FK Vojvodina0 - 0FK Spartak Subotica
2021-05-1517:00FK Metalac GM0 - 0FK Novi Pazar
2021-05-1517:00OFK Backa Palanka0 - 0FK Red Star Belgrade
2021-05-1517:00FK Rad0 - 0Macva Sabac
2021-05-1517:00FK Zlatibor Cajetina0 - 0FK Radnicki Nis
2021-05-1517:00FK Indija0 - 0FK Proleter Novi Sad
2021-05-1517:00FK Napredak Krusevac0 - 0FK Mladost Lucani
2021-05-1517:00FK Partizan0 - 0FK Vozdovac
2021-05-1517:00FK Javor Ivanjica0 - 0FK Cukaricki
2021-05-1517:00FK Radnik Surdulica0 - 0FK Tsc Backa Topola
2021-05-0917:00FK Proleter Novi Sad0 - 0FK Radnik Surdulica
2021-05-0917:00FK Novi Pazar0 - 0FK Mladost Lucani
2021-05-0917:00FK Vozdovac0 - 0FK Napredak Krusevac
2021-05-0917:00FK Tsc Backa Topola0 - 0FK Javor Ivanjica
2021-05-0917:00FK Cukaricki0 - 0FK Partizan
2021-05-0917:00FK Spartak Subotica0 - 0FK Indija
2021-05-0917:00FK Red Star Belgrade0 - 0FK Zlatibor Cajetina
2021-05-0917:00FK Radnicki Nis0 - 0FK Rad
2021-05-0917:00Macva Sabac0 - 0FK Vojvodina
2021-05-0917:00FK Metalac GM0 - 0OFK Backa Palanka
2021-05-0517:00FK Vojvodina0 - 0FK Radnicki Nis
2021-05-0517:00OFK Backa Palanka0 - 0FK Novi Pazar
2021-05-0517:00FK Zlatibor Cajetina0 - 0FK Metalac GM
2021-05-0517:00FK Rad0 - 0FK Red Star Belgrade
2021-05-0517:00FK Radnik Surdulica0 - 0FK Spartak Subotica
2021-05-0517:00FK Indija0 - 0Macva Sabac
2021-05-0517:00FK Mladost Lucani0 - 0FK Vozdovac
2021-05-0517:00FK Napredak Krusevac0 - 0FK Cukaricki
2021-05-0517:00FK Partizan0 - 0FK Tsc Backa Topola
2021-05-0517:00FK Javor Ivanjica0 - 0FK Proleter Novi Sad
2021-04-2917:00FK Novi Pazar0 - 0FK Vozdovac
2021-04-2917:00FK Cukaricki0 - 0FK Mladost Lucani
2021-04-2917:00FK Proleter Novi Sad0 - 0FK Partizan
2021-04-2917:00FK Tsc Backa Topola0 - 0FK Napredak Krusevac
2021-04-2917:00FK Metalac GM0 - 0FK Rad
2021-04-2917:00FK Spartak Subotica0 - 0FK Javor Ivanjica
2021-04-2917:00OFK Backa Palanka0 - 0FK Zlatibor Cajetina
2021-04-2917:00FK Red Star Belgrade0 - 0FK Vojvodina
2021-04-2917:00FK Radnicki Nis0 - 0FK Indija
2021-04-2917:00Macva Sabac0 - 0FK Radnik Surdulica
2021-04-2417:00FK Zlatibor Cajetina0 - 0FK Novi Pazar
2021-04-2417:00FK Rad0 - 0OFK Backa Palanka
2021-04-2417:00FK Vojvodina0 - 0FK Metalac GM
2021-04-2417:00FK Indija0 - 0FK Red Star Belgrade
2021-04-2417:00FK Javor Ivanjica0 - 0Macva Sabac
2021-04-2417:00FK Radnik Surdulica0 - 0FK Radnicki Nis
2021-04-2417:00FK Partizan0 - 0FK Spartak Subotica
2021-04-2417:00FK Napredak Krusevac0 - 0FK Proleter Novi Sad
2021-04-2417:00FK Mladost Lucani0 - 0FK Tsc Backa Topola
2021-04-2417:00FK Vozdovac0 - 0FK Cukaricki
2021-04-1717:00FK Radnicki Nis0 - 0FK Javor Ivanjica
2021-04-1717:00OFK Backa Palanka0 - 0FK Vojvodina
2021-04-1717:00FK Metalac GM0 - 0FK Indija
2021-04-1717:00FK Red Star Belgrade0 - 0FK Radnik Surdulica
2021-04-1717:00FK Zlatibor Cajetina0 - 0FK Rad
2021-04-1717:00Macva Sabac0 - 0FK Partizan
2021-04-1717:00FK Spartak Subotica0 - 0FK Napredak Krusevac
2021-04-1717:00FK Proleter Novi Sad0 - 0FK Mladost Lucani
2021-04-1717:00FK Tsc Backa Topola0 - 0FK Vozdovac
2021-04-1717:00FK Novi Pazar0 - 0FK Cukaricki
2021-04-1117:00FK Partizan0 - 0FK Radnicki Nis
2021-04-1117:00FK Vozdovac0 - 0FK Proleter Novi Sad
2021-04-1117:00FK Mladost Lucani0 - 0FK Spartak Subotica
2021-04-1117:00FK Napredak Krusevac0 - 0Macva Sabac
2021-04-1117:00FK Cukaricki0 - 0FK Tsc Backa Topola
2021-04-1117:00FK Javor Ivanjica0 - 0FK Red Star Belgrade
2021-04-1117:00FK Indija0 - 0OFK Backa Palanka
2021-04-1117:00FK Vojvodina0 - 0FK Zlatibor Cajetina
2021-04-1117:00FK Rad0 - 0FK Novi Pazar
2021-04-1117:00FK Radnik Surdulica0 - 0FK Metalac GM
2021-04-0717:00FK Metalac GM0 - 0FK Javor Ivanjica
2021-04-0717:00FK Rad0 - 0FK Vojvodina
2021-04-0717:00FK Zlatibor Cajetina0 - 0FK Indija
2021-04-0717:00OFK Backa Palanka0 - 0FK Radnik Surdulica
2021-04-0717:00FK Radnicki Nis0 - 0FK Napredak Krusevac
2021-04-0717:00FK Red Star Belgrade0 - 0FK Partizan
2021-04-0717:00Macva Sabac0 - 0FK Mladost Lucani
2021-04-0717:00FK Spartak Subotica0 - 0FK Vozdovac
2021-04-0717:00FK Proleter Novi Sad0 - 0FK Cukaricki
2021-04-0717:00FK Novi Pazar0 - 0FK Tsc Backa Topola
2021-04-0317:00FK Tsc Backa Topola0 - 0FK Proleter Novi Sad
2021-04-0317:00FK Cukaricki0 - 0FK Spartak Subotica
2021-04-0317:00FK Napredak Krusevac0 - 0FK Red Star Belgrade
2021-04-0317:00FK Mladost Lucani0 - 0FK Radnicki Nis
2021-04-0317:00FK Vozdovac0 - 0Macva Sabac
2021-04-0317:00FK Partizan0 - 0FK Metalac GM
2021-04-0317:00FK Radnik Surdulica0 - 0FK Zlatibor Cajetina
2021-04-0317:00FK Indija0 - 0FK Rad
2021-04-0317:00FK Vojvodina0 - 0FK Novi Pazar
2021-04-0317:00FK Javor Ivanjica0 - 0OFK Backa Palanka
2021-03-2017:00FK Vojvodina0 - 0FK Indija
2021-03-2017:00FK Rad0 - 0FK Radnik Surdulica
2021-03-2017:00FK Zlatibor Cajetina0 - 0FK Javor Ivanjica
2021-03-2017:00OFK Backa Palanka0 - 0FK Partizan
2021-03-2017:00FK Red Star Belgrade0 - 0FK Mladost Lucani
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