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League Standings
1 FK Tsc Backa Topola532410 1636913
2 FK Partizan413400 141101312
3 FK Red Star Belgrade431310 513410
4 FK Napredak Krusevac532302 85229
5 FK Cukaricki431211 53107
6 FK Radnicki 1923523212 85507
7 FK Radnicki Nis523131 72216
8 FK Radnik Surdulica422130 31216
9 FK Vozdovac523203 681-56
10 FK Metalac GM422112 62104
11 FK Spartak Subotica422112 644-24
12 FK Vojvodina321111 20004
13 FK Kolubara Lazarevac422112 470-54
14 FK Novi Pazar413013 574-61
15 FK Proleter Novi Sad422013 351-81
16 FK Mladost Lucani422004 231-40
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
6Miljan SkrbicFK Radnicki Nis3142960
8Marko MiricFK Radnicki 19233154500
32Filip StanisavljevicFK Vozdovac203662
36Nikola VujadinovicFK Radnicki Nis1054500
50Vladimir RadivojevicFK Mladost Lucani1085812
55Slobodan RajkovicFK Tsc Backa Topola101670
57Petar KunicFK Napredak Krusevac101810
63Mirko TopicFK Vojvodina1043310
68Filip StuparevicFK Metalac GM103892
74Nikola SimicFK Vojvodina1076300
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
527 - Round:
2021-10-2315:00FK Spartak Subotica? - ?FK Metalac GMnotstarted
2021-10-2313:00FK Mladost Lucani? - ?FK Kolubara Lazarevacnotstarted
2021-10-2216:00FK Cukaricki? - ?FK Proleter Novi Sadnotstarted
2021-10-2214:00FK Radnik Surdulica? - ?FK Vozdovacnotstarted
2021-10-2114:30FK Napredak Krusevac1 - 1FK Novi Pazarfinished
2021-10-1815:00FK Metalac GM0 - 2FK Mladost Lucanifinished
2021-10-1813:00FK Radnicki Nis? - ?FK Radnicki 1923postponed
2021-10-1717:05FK Proleter Novi Sad1 - 0FK Tsc Backa Topolafinished
2021-10-1715:00FK Partizan2 - 0FK Radnik Surdulicafinished
2021-10-1616:00FK Cukaricki1 - 1FK Vojvodinafinished
2021-10-1613:55FK Kolubara Lazarevac1 - 7FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2021-10-1515:00FK Vozdovac0 - 0FK Napredak Krusevacfinished
2021-10-1513:00FK Novi Pazar0 - 1FK Spartak Suboticafinished
2021-10-0318:00FK Red Star Belgrade3 - 1FK Metalac GMfinished
2021-10-0318:00FK Vojvodina1 - 1FK Radnicki Nisfinished
2021-10-0316:00FK Mladost Lucani3 - 0FK Novi Pazarfinished
2021-10-0314:00FK Napredak Krusevac0 - 1FK Partizanfinished
2021-10-0216:00FK Spartak Subotica0 - 4FK Vozdovacfinished
2021-10-0216:00FK Radnik Surdulica0 - 1FK Proleter Novi Sadfinished
2021-10-0214:00FK Tsc Backa Topola1 - 2FK Cukarickifinished
2021-10-0113:00FK Radnicki 19230 - 2FK Kolubara Lazarevacfinished
2021-09-3014:30FK Radnicki Nis1 - 1FK Metalac GMfinished
2021-09-2718:00FK Cukaricki1 - 1FK Radnik Surdulicafinished
2021-09-2716:00FK Proleter Novi Sad1 - 0FK Napredak Krusevacfinished
2021-09-2714:00FK Vozdovac1 - 1FK Mladost Lucanifinished
2021-09-2618:00FK Partizan5 - 0FK Spartak Suboticafinished
2021-09-2616:00FK Metalac GM4 - 1FK Radnicki 1923finished
2021-09-2614:00FK Novi Pazar0 - 4FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2021-09-2517:00FK Kolubara Lazarevac2 - 3FK Radnicki Nisfinished
2021-09-2514:00FK Tsc Backa Topola1 - 0FK Vojvodinafinished
2021-09-2318:00FK Red Star Belgrade? - ?FK Vozdovacpostponed
2021-09-2315:55FK Mladost Lucani0 - 2FK Partizanfinished
2021-09-2215:30FK Spartak Subotica1 - 2FK Proleter Novi Sadfinished
2021-09-2215:00FK Napredak Krusevac1 - 2FK Cukarickifinished
2021-09-2213:30FK Radnicki 19232 - 1FK Novi Pazarfinished
2021-09-2116:30FK Radnicki Nis? - ?FK Metalac GMpostponed
2021-09-2116:30FK Vojvodina2 - 1FK Kolubara Lazarevacfinished
2021-09-2114:30FK Radnik Surdulica? - ?FK Tsc Backa Topolapostponed
2021-09-1916:00FK Partizan1 - 1FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2021-09-1816:30FK Vozdovac1 - 2FK Radnicki 1923finished
2021-09-1814:00FK Proleter Novi Sad2 - 3FK Mladost Lucanifinished
2021-09-1814:00FK Cukaricki2 - 1FK Spartak Suboticafinished
2021-09-1717:00FK Metalac GM3 - 1FK Kolubara Lazarevacfinished
2021-09-1717:00FK Radnik Surdulica0 - 2FK Vojvodinafinished
2021-09-1714:00FK Novi Pazar2 - 1FK Radnicki Nisfinished
2021-09-1614:30FK Tsc Backa Topola1 - 2FK Napredak Krusevacfinished
2021-09-1217:00FK Mladost Lucani0 - 0FK Cukarickifinished
2021-09-1214:55FK Kolubara Lazarevac3 - 0FK Novi Pazarfinished
2021-09-1214:55FK Radnicki Nis1 - 0FK Vozdovacfinished
2021-09-1118:00FK Red Star Belgrade3 - 0FK Proleter Novi Sadfinished
2021-09-1114:00FK Vojvodina2 - 2FK Metalac GMfinished
2021-09-1114:00FK Radnicki 19231 - 3FK Partizanfinished
2021-09-1017:00FK Spartak Subotica0 - 0FK Tsc Backa Topolafinished
2021-09-1014:55FK Napredak Krusevac1 - 0FK Radnik Surdulicafinished
2021-08-3018:00FK Vozdovac2 - 0FK Kolubara Lazarevacfinished
2021-08-3015:55FK Proleter Novi Sad1 - 1FK Radnicki 1923finished
2021-08-2919:00FK Partizan4 - 0FK Radnicki Nisfinished
2021-08-2916:55FK Cukaricki1 - 2FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2021-08-2914:00FK Napredak Krusevac2 - 0FK Vojvodinafinished
2021-08-2815:30FK Radnik Surdulica1 - 2FK Spartak Suboticafinished
2021-08-2813:25FK Novi Pazar2 - 0FK Metalac GMfinished
2021-08-2716:00FK Tsc Backa Topola2 - 1FK Mladost Lucanifinished
2021-08-2315:30FK Radnicki Nis0 - 1FK Proleter Novi Sadfinished
2021-08-2219:00FK Kolubara Lazarevac0 - 4FK Partizanfinished
2021-08-2216:00FK Spartak Subotica3 - 2FK Napredak Krusevacfinished
2021-08-2214:30FK Vojvodina2 - 1FK Novi Pazarfinished
2021-08-2117:00FK Red Star Belgrade3 - 1FK Tsc Backa Topolafinished
2021-08-2114:55FK Radnicki 19230 - 3FK Cukarickifinished
2021-08-2019:00FK Metalac GM0 - 1FK Vozdovacfinished
2021-08-2016:55FK Mladost Lucani0 - 2FK Radnik Surdulicafinished
2021-05-1916:30FK Proleter Novi Sad2 - 0FK Vojvodinafinished
2021-05-1916:30FK Spartak Subotica1 - 1FK Radfinished
2021-05-1916:30FK Radnicki Nis5 - 1OFK Backa Palankafinished
2021-05-1916:30FK Novi Pazar2 - 1FK Napredak Krusevacfinished
2021-05-1916:30FK Vozdovac0 - 0FK Javor Ivanjicafinished
2021-05-1914:00FK Red Star Belgrade5 - 1FK Metalac GMfinished
2021-05-1816:05FK Mladost Lucani1 - 0FK Partizanfinished
2021-05-1814:00FK Cukaricki2 - 1FK Radnik Surdulicafinished
2021-05-1814:00FK Tsc Backa Topola2 - 1FK Indijafinished
2021-05-1814:00Macva Sabac1 - 0FK Zlatibor Cajetinafinished
2021-05-1514:00FK Partizan3 - 0FK Vozdovacfinished
2021-05-1511:30FK Napredak Krusevac2 - 0FK Mladost Lucanifinished
2021-05-1511:30FK Javor Ivanjica1 - 2FK Cukarickifinished
2021-05-1511:30FK Metalac GM1 - 1FK Novi Pazarfinished
2021-05-1511:30FK Zlatibor Cajetina0 - 0FK Radnicki Nisfinished
2021-05-1416:05OFK Backa Palanka0 - 5FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2021-05-1414:00FK Vojvodina1 - 1FK Spartak Suboticafinished
2021-05-1414:00FK Rad7 - 1Macva Sabacfinished
2021-05-1414:00FK Indija0 - 5FK Proleter Novi Sadfinished
2021-05-1412:00FK Radnik Surdulica0 - 3FK Tsc Backa Topolafinished
2021-05-0916:45FK Red Star Belgrade6 - 1FK Zlatibor Cajetinafinished
2021-05-0914:40FK Cukaricki0 - 2FK Partizanfinished
2021-05-0912:30FK Metalac GM3 - 0OFK Backa Palankafinished
2021-05-0912:30Macva Sabac2 - 5FK Vojvodinafinished
2021-05-0912:30FK Radnicki Nis2 - 2FK Radfinished
2021-05-0912:30FK Spartak Subotica1 - 0FK Indijafinished
2021-05-0912:30FK Tsc Backa Topola2 - 1FK Javor Ivanjicafinished
2021-05-0814:00FK Novi Pazar4 - 1FK Mladost Lucanifinished
2021-05-0814:00FK Proleter Novi Sad3 - 0FK Radnik Surdulicafinished
2021-05-0814:00FK Vozdovac4 - 2FK Napredak Krusevacfinished
2021-05-0516:05FK Rad2 - 2FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2021-05-0514:00FK Zlatibor Cajetina1 - 0FK Metalac GMfinished
2021-05-0514:00FK Vojvodina0 - 0FK Radnicki Nisfinished
2021-05-0514:00FK Partizan3 - 1FK Tsc Backa Topolafinished
2021-05-0514:00FK Indija2 - 2Macva Sabacfinished
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