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League Standings
1 Rangers FC2211112020 5262
2 Celtic Glasgow199101342 3043
3 Aberdeen FC201191163 939
4 Hibernian FC2211111066 736
5 Livingston FC20911839 -127
6 Dundee United221111688 -1026
7 St Mirren FC19910649 -722
8 Kilmarnock FC2111106312 -421
9 St Johnstone FC2211114711 -1219
10 Hamilton Academical FC2111105313 -2418
11 Ross County FC2211114513 -2617
12 Motherwell FC201194511 -1417
13 Kilmarnock FC18995211 -617
14 Ross County FC18993411 -2413
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1James TavernierRangers FC1152219750
4Lewis FergusonAberdeen FC861714910
6Odsonne EdouardCeltic Glasgow731510543
8Mohamed Amine ElyounoussiCeltic Glasgow60168655
9Christopher Robert BurkeKilmarnock FC632014613
11Martin BoyleHibernian FC512219700
12Jonathan Neil GuthrieLivingston FC501917100
13Steven MaySt Johnstone FC521912316
14Christian DoidgeHibernian FC502015733
15Nicke KabambaKilmarnock FC512115434
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
518 - Round:
2021-04-0315:00Aberdeen FC0 - 0Kilmarnock FC
2021-04-0315:00Hibernian FC0 - 0Hamilton Academical FC
2021-04-0315:00Motherwell FC0 - 0St Johnstone FC
2021-04-0315:00Rangers FC0 - 0Dundee United
2021-04-0315:00Ross County FC0 - 0Celtic Glasgow
2021-04-0315:00St Mirren FC0 - 0Livingston FC
2021-03-2015:00Celtic Glasgow0 - 0Rangers FC
2021-03-2015:00Dundee United0 - 0Aberdeen FC
2021-03-2015:00Kilmarnock FC0 - 0Motherwell FC
2021-03-2015:00Livingston FC0 - 0Hibernian FC
2021-03-2015:00St Johnstone FC0 - 0Ross County FC
2021-03-2015:00Hamilton Academical FC0 - 0St Mirren FC
2021-03-0615:00Ross County FC0 - 0Kilmarnock FC
2021-03-0615:00St Johnstone FC0 - 0Hibernian FC
2021-03-0615:00Rangers FC0 - 0St Mirren FC
2021-03-0615:00Motherwell FC0 - 0Livingston FC
2021-03-0615:00Dundee United0 - 0Celtic Glasgow
2021-03-0615:00Aberdeen FC0 - 0Hamilton Academical FC
2021-02-2715:00Livingston FC0 - 0Rangers FC
2021-02-2715:00St Mirren FC0 - 0Ross County FC
2021-02-2715:00Hibernian FC0 - 0Motherwell FC
2021-02-2715:00Kilmarnock FC0 - 0Dundee United
2021-02-2715:00Hamilton Academical FC0 - 0St Johnstone FC
2021-02-2715:00Celtic Glasgow0 - 0Aberdeen FC
2021-02-1315:00Ross County FC0 - 0Hibernian FC
2021-02-1315:00St Johnstone FC0 - 0Celtic Glasgow
2021-02-1315:00Rangers FC0 - 0Kilmarnock FC
2021-02-1315:00Dundee United0 - 0Livingston FC
2021-02-1315:00Motherwell FC0 - 0Hamilton Academical FC
2021-02-1315:00Aberdeen FC0 - 0St Mirren FC
2021-02-0615:00Celtic Glasgow0 - 0Motherwell FC
2021-02-0615:00Hamilton Academical FC0 - 0Rangers FC
2021-02-0615:00Hibernian FC0 - 0Aberdeen FC
2021-02-0615:00Livingston FC0 - 0St Johnstone FC
2021-02-0615:00Ross County FC0 - 0Dundee United
2021-02-0615:00St Mirren FC0 - 0Kilmarnock FC
2021-02-0319:45Aberdeen FC0 - 0Livingston FC
2021-02-0319:45Hamilton Academical FC0 - 0Ross County FC
2021-02-0319:45Kilmarnock FC0 - 0Celtic Glasgow
2021-02-0319:45Motherwell FC0 - 0Dundee United
2021-02-0319:45Rangers FC0 - 0St Johnstone FC
2021-02-0319:45St Mirren FC0 - 0Hibernian FC
2021-01-2719:45Ross County FC0 - 0Motherwell FC
2021-01-2719:45St Johnstone FC0 - 0Aberdeen FC
2021-01-2719:45Livingston FC0 - 0Kilmarnock FC
2021-01-2719:45Hibernian FC0 - 0Rangers FC
2021-01-2719:45Celtic Glasgow0 - 0Hamilton Academical FC
2021-01-2719:45Dundee United0 - 0St Mirren FC
2021-01-2416:30St Mirren FC0 - 0Celtic Glasgow
2021-01-2315:00Rangers FC0 - 0Ross County FC
2021-01-2315:00Livingston FC0 - 0Hamilton Academical FC
2021-01-2315:00Dundee United0 - 0Hibernian FC
2021-01-2315:00Kilmarnock FC0 - 0St Johnstone FC
2021-01-2315:00Aberdeen FC0 - 0Motherwell FC
2021-01-2020:15Livingston FC0 - 0Celtic Glasgownotstarted
2021-01-1712:00Motherwell FC0 - 0Rangers FC
2021-01-1615:00Celtic Glasgow0 - 0Livingston FC
2021-01-1615:00Hamilton Academical FC0 - 0Dundee United
2021-01-1615:00Hibernian FC0 - 0Kilmarnock FC
2021-01-1615:00Ross County FC0 - 0Aberdeen FC
2021-01-1615:00St Johnstone FC0 - 0St Mirren FC
2021-01-1119:45Celtic Glasgow0 - 0Hibernian FCnotstarted
2021-01-1015:00Aberdeen FC0 - 0Rangers FCnotstarted
2021-01-0915:00Dundee United0 - 0St Johnstone FCnotstarted
2021-01-0915:00Kilmarnock FC0 - 0Hamilton Academical FCnotstarted
2021-01-0915:00Livingston FC0 - 0Ross County FCnotstarted
2021-01-0915:00St Mirren FC0 - 0Motherwell FCnotstarted
2021-01-0215:00Ross County FC1 - 1St Johnstone FCfinished
2021-01-0215:00Kilmarnock FC1 - 1St Mirren FCfinished
2021-01-0215:00Aberdeen FC0 - 0Dundee Unitedfinished
2021-01-0215:00Hibernian FC0 - 3Livingston FCfinished
2021-01-0215:00Hamilton Academical FC3 - 0Motherwell FCfinished
2021-01-0212:30Rangers FC1 - 0Celtic Glasgowfinished
2020-12-3018:15Motherwell FC0 - 2Kilmarnock FCfinished
2020-12-3018:00Hibernian FC0 - 2Ross County FCfinished
2020-12-3016:00Livingston FC0 - 0Aberdeen FCpostponed
2020-12-3015:00Celtic Glasgow3 - 0Dundee Unitedfinished
2020-12-3015:00St Johnstone FC0 - 0Hamilton Academical FCfinished
2020-12-3015:00St Mirren FC0 - 2Rangers FCfinished
2020-12-2615:00Aberdeen FC2 - 1St Johnstone FCfinished
2020-12-2615:00Dundee United1 - 1Motherwell FCfinished
2020-12-2615:00Hamilton Academical FC0 - 3Celtic Glasgowfinished
2020-12-2615:00Kilmarnock FC1 - 2Livingston FCfinished
2020-12-2615:00Ross County FC0 - 2St Mirren FCfinished
2020-12-2612:30Rangers FC1 - 0Hibernian FCfinished
2020-12-2318:30Dundee United2 - 0Kilmarnock FCfinished
2020-12-2318:15Motherwell FC0 - 0Aberdeen FCfinished
2020-12-2318:00St Johnstone FC0 - 3Rangers FCfinished
2020-12-2318:00Hibernian FC1 - 0St Mirren FCfinished
2020-12-2318:00Hamilton Academical FC0 - 2Livingston FCfinished
2020-12-2318:00Celtic Glasgow2 - 0Ross County FCfinished
2020-12-2012:00Kilmarnock FC0 - 2Aberdeen FCfinished
2020-12-2012:00Livingston FC0 - 0Celtic Glasgowpostponed
2020-12-1915:00Hibernian FC1 - 1Dundee Unitedfinished
2020-12-1915:00Rangers FC3 - 1Motherwell FCfinished
2020-12-1915:00Ross County FC0 - 2Hamilton Academical FCfinished
2020-12-1915:00St Mirren FC3 - 2St Johnstone FCfinished
2020-12-1315:00Celtic Glasgow2 - 0Kilmarnock FCfinished
2020-12-1312:00Dundee United1 - 2Rangers FCfinished
2020-12-1215:00St Johnstone FC1 - 2Livingston FCfinished
2020-12-1215:00Motherwell FC0 - 1St Mirren FCfinished
2020-12-1215:00Hamilton Academical FC0 - 4Hibernian FCfinished
2020-12-1215:00Aberdeen FC2 - 0Ross County FCfinished
2020-12-0615:00Celtic Glasgow1 - 1St Johnstone FCfinished
2020-12-0612:00Ross County FC0 - 4Rangers FCfinished
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