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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
4Karol AngielskiRKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radom961913224
9Piotr WlazloTermalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza751614400
17Lukasz SekulskiWisla Plock SA601610194
19Adam ZrelakKS Warta Poznan501811735
24Mateusz WdowiakKS Rakow Czestochowa501911048
38Leandro Rossi PereiraRKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radom401915941
43Krzysztof KubicaKS Gornik Zabrze401712062
47Antonio MilicKKS Lech Poznan301210351
52Damian GaskaGornik Leczna30158795
60Erik DanielKGHM Zaglebie Lubin201611243
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
479 - Round:
2021-12-1916:30Legia Warsaw0 - 3RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radomfinished
2021-12-1914:00KKS Lech Poznan2 - 1KS Gornik Zabrzefinished
2021-12-1911:30Gornik Leczna2 - 1KGHM Zaglebie Lubinfinished
2021-12-1819:00KS Rakow Czestochowa5 - 0Jagiellonia Bialystokfinished
2021-12-1816:30WKS Slask Wroclaw0 - 2KS Cracoviafinished
2021-12-1814:00MKS Pogon Szczecin1 - 1KS Warta Poznanfinished
2021-12-1811:30GKS Piast Gliwice1 - 1FKS Stal Mielecfinished
2021-12-1719:30Wisla Plock SA1 - 0KS Lechia Gdanskfinished
2021-12-1717:00Wisla Krakow SA3 - 0Termalica Bruk-Bet Niecieczafinished
2021-12-1519:30Legia Warsaw4 - 0KGHM Zaglebie Lubinfinished
2021-12-1517:00KS Rakow Czestochowa1 - 2KS Gornik Zabrzefinished
2021-12-1417:45RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radom2 - 2GKS Piast Gliwicefinished
2021-12-1317:00KS Warta Poznan2 - 1WKS Slask Wroclawfinished
2021-12-1216:30KS Gornik Zabrze2 - 2MKS Pogon Szczecinfinished
2021-12-1214:00Wisla Plock SA1 - 0Legia Warsawfinished
2021-12-1211:30KS Cracovia0 - 2Gornik Lecznafinished
2021-12-1119:00KS Lechia Gdansk1 - 2Jagiellonia Bialystokfinished
2021-12-1116:30KGHM Zaglebie Lubin2 - 1Wisla Krakow SAfinished
2021-12-1114:00RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radom2 - 1KKS Lech Poznanfinished
2021-12-1019:30KS Rakow Czestochowa1 - 0GKS Piast Gliwicefinished
2021-12-1017:00FKS Stal Mielec1 - 0Termalica Bruk-Bet Niecieczafinished
2021-12-0617:00KS Warta Poznan1 - 1Wisla Krakow SAfinished
2021-12-0519:00KS Cracovia1 - 0Legia Warsawfinished
2021-12-0516:30KGHM Zaglebie Lubin2 - 3KKS Lech Poznanfinished
2021-12-0419:00KS Lechia Gdansk3 - 1KS Rakow Czestochowafinished
2021-12-0416:30Jagiellonia Bialystok1 - 2Gornik Lecznafinished
2021-12-0414:00Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza1 - 3MKS Pogon Szczecinfinished
2021-12-0319:30KS Gornik Zabrze3 - 1WKS Slask Wroclawfinished
2021-12-0317:00FKS Stal Mielec2 - 1Wisla Plock SAfinished
2021-11-2816:30Legia Warsaw1 - 0Jagiellonia Bialystokfinished
2021-11-2814:00KKS Lech Poznan2 - 0KS Warta Poznanfinished
2021-11-2811:30Wisla Plock SA2 - 1KS Cracoviafinished
2021-11-2719:00KS Rakow Czestochowa4 - 0KGHM Zaglebie Lubinfinished
2021-11-2716:30MKS Pogon Szczecin5 - 1KS Lechia Gdanskfinished
2021-11-2714:00WKS Slask Wroclaw2 - 1FKS Stal Mielecfinished
2021-11-2711:30Gornik Leczna1 - 2KS Gornik Zabrzefinished
2021-11-2619:30Wisla Krakow SA0 - 1RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radomfinished
2021-11-2617:00GKS Piast Gliwice2 - 1Termalica Bruk-Bet Niecieczafinished
2021-11-2219:30KS Cracovia1 - 0KS Rakow Czestochowafinished
2021-11-2217:00KGHM Zaglebie Lubin0 - 2RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radomfinished
2021-11-2116:30KS Gornik Zabrze3 - 2Legia Warsawfinished
2021-11-2114:00MKS Pogon Szczecin2 - 1WKS Slask Wroclawfinished
2021-11-2111:30Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza1 - 1Gornik Lecznafinished
2021-11-2019:00KKS Lech Poznan1 - 0GKS Piast Gliwicefinished
2021-11-2016:30FKS Stal Mielec3 - 3KS Lechia Gdanskfinished
2021-11-2014:00Jagiellonia Bialystok3 - 1Wisla Krakow SAfinished
2021-11-2011:30KS Warta Poznan1 - 2Wisla Plock SAfinished
2021-11-0719:00Wisla Krakow SA1 - 0KS Cracoviafinished
2021-11-0716:30Legia Warsaw1 - 3FKS Stal Mielecfinished
2021-11-0714:00KS Rakow Czestochowa0 - 0MKS Pogon Szczecinfinished
2021-11-0619:00Gornik Leczna1 - 1KKS Lech Poznanfinished
2021-11-0616:30KS Lechia Gdansk2 - 1KGHM Zaglebie Lubinfinished
2021-11-0614:00RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radom1 - 0KS Gornik Zabrzefinished
2021-11-0611:30GKS Piast Gliwice0 - 1KS Warta Poznanfinished
2021-11-0519:30WKS Slask Wroclaw2 - 2Jagiellonia Bialystokfinished
2021-11-0517:00Wisla Plock SA1 - 1Termalica Bruk-Bet Niecieczafinished
2021-10-3116:30Legia Warsaw0 - 2MKS Pogon Szczecinfinished
2021-10-3114:00Gornik Leczna0 - 0KS Rakow Czestochowafinished
2021-10-3111:30Wisla Plock SA2 - 0Wisla Krakow SAfinished
2021-10-3018:00Jagiellonia Bialystok3 - 3GKS Piast Gliwicefinished
2021-10-3015:30KS Gornik Zabrze0 - 0KGHM Zaglebie Lubinfinished
2021-10-3013:00KS Warta Poznan0 - 2KS Lechia Gdanskfinished
2021-10-3010:30Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza4 - 3WKS Slask Wroclawfinished
2021-10-2918:30FKS Stal Mielec0 - 0KKS Lech Poznanfinished
2021-10-2916:00KS Cracovia1 - 2RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radomfinished
2021-10-2418:00GKS Piast Gliwice4 - 1Legia Warsawfinished
2021-10-2415:30KS Warta Poznan0 - 0FKS Stal Mielecfinished
2021-10-2413:00KGHM Zaglebie Lubin1 - 1KS Cracoviafinished
2021-10-2318:00Wisla Krakow SA0 - 5WKS Slask Wroclawfinished
2021-10-2315:30MKS Pogon Szczecin4 - 1Jagiellonia Bialystokfinished
2021-10-2313:00KS Lechia Gdansk1 - 1KS Gornik Zabrzefinished
2021-10-2310:30KS Rakow Czestochowa3 - 2Termalica Bruk-Bet Niecieczafinished
2021-10-2218:30KKS Lech Poznan4 - 1Wisla Plock SAfinished
2021-10-2216:00RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radom3 - 1Gornik Lecznafinished
2021-10-1818:30Jagiellonia Bialystok1 - 1RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radomfinished
2021-10-1816:00FKS Stal Mielec4 - 2KGHM Zaglebie Lubinfinished
2021-10-1715:30Legia Warsaw0 - 1KKS Lech Poznanfinished
2021-10-1713:00KS Cracovia2 - 0KS Warta Poznanfinished
2021-10-1710:30Wisla Plock SA1 - 0MKS Pogon Szczecinfinished
2021-10-1618:00WKS Slask Wroclaw1 - 2KS Rakow Czestochowafinished
2021-10-1615:30KS Gornik Zabrze0 - 1Wisla Krakow SAfinished
2021-10-1613:00Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza0 - 2KS Lechia Gdanskfinished
2021-10-1610:30Gornik Leczna1 - 1GKS Piast Gliwicefinished
2021-10-0315:30KS Lechia Gdansk3 - 1Legia Warsawfinished
2021-10-0313:00MKS Pogon Szczecin4 - 1Gornik Lecznafinished
2021-10-0310:30KS Rakow Czestochowa3 - 0KS Warta Poznanfinished
2021-10-0218:00KS Gornik Zabrze4 - 2Wisla Plock SAfinished
2021-10-0215:30KKS Lech Poznan4 - 0WKS Slask Wroclawfinished
2021-10-0213:00KS Cracovia3 - 3FKS Stal Mielecfinished
2021-10-0210:30RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radom1 - 1Termalica Bruk-Bet Niecieczafinished
2021-10-0118:30GKS Piast Gliwice1 - 0Wisla Krakow SAfinished
2021-10-0116:00KGHM Zaglebie Lubin0 - 1Jagiellonia Bialystokfinished
2021-09-2915:00KS Rakow Czestochowa2 - 2RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radomfinished
2021-09-2716:00GKS Piast Gliwice2 - 4KS Cracoviafinished
2021-09-2615:30Wisla Krakow SA0 - 1MKS Pogon Szczecinfinished
2021-09-2613:00WKS Slask Wroclaw3 - 1Wisla Plock SAfinished
2021-09-2610:30Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza3 - 1KS Gornik Zabrzefinished
2021-09-2518:00Legia Warsaw2 - 3KS Rakow Czestochowafinished
2021-09-2515:30KS Warta Poznan0 - 2KGHM Zaglebie Lubinfinished
2021-09-2513:00FKS Stal Mielec1 - 0RKS Radomiak 1910 SA Radomfinished
2021-09-2418:30Jagiellonia Bialystok1 - 0KKS Lech Poznanfinished
2021-09-2416:00Gornik Leczna0 - 4KS Lechia Gdanskfinished
2021-09-1915:30Legia Warsaw3 - 1Gornik Lecznafinished
2021-09-1913:00KS Gornik Zabrze1 - 0KS Warta Poznanfinished
2021-09-1910:30FKS Stal Mielec0 - 3KS Rakow Czestochowafinished
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