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League Standings
1 Bodo/Glimt3015152631 7181
2 Molde FK3015152028 4162
3 Valerenga IF30151515105 1855
4 Rosenborg BK3015151578 1552
5 Kristiansund BK30151512126 1248
6 Viking FK30151512810 244
7 Odds BK30151513413 143
8 Haugesund FK30151511613 -1239
9 Stabaek Fotball3015159129 -439
10 SK Brann3015159912 -936
11 Sandefjord Fotball3015159813 -1235
12 Sarpsborg3015158814 -1032
13 Stromsgodset IF30151571013 -1631
14 IK Start3015156915 -2327
15 Mjondalen3015158319 -1927
16 Aalesunds FK3015152523 -5511
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
62Kasper Lunding JakobsenMjondalen40157406
69Darren MaatsenStabaek Fotball30188369
72Benjamin StokkeValerenga IF301560210
77Vegard Leikvoll MobergBodo/Glimt3072344
99Peter Nysted TherkildsenOdds BK2085622
108Robin SimovicOdds BK20136807
110Paal Andre HellandRosenborg BK201911186
137Marcus AntonssonStabaek Fotball10107630
148Martin KreuzrieglerSandefjord Fotball102419952
159Per Ciljan SkjelbredRosenborg BK101511821
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
463 - Round:
2020-10-2718:00Viking FK0 - 1Haugesund FKfinished
2020-10-2519:30Bodo/Glimt2 - 0Mjondalenfinished
2020-10-2517:00Molde FK2 - 1Stromsgodset IFfinished
2020-10-2517:00Aalesunds FK0 - 3Odds BKfinished
2020-10-2517:00Valerenga IF1 - 1Kristiansund BKfinished
2020-10-2517:00Sarpsborg1 - 2Rosenborg BKfinished
2020-10-2418:30SK Brann1 - 1Stabaek Fotballfinished
2020-10-2416:00IK Start0 - 1Sandefjord Fotballfinished
2020-10-1818:30Sandefjord Fotball0 - 3Valerenga IFfinished
2020-10-1816:00Haugesund FK2 - 0Sarpsborgfinished
2020-10-1816:00Stabaek Fotball4 - 0Aalesunds FKfinished
2020-10-1816:00Stromsgodset IF1 - 1IK Startfinished
2020-10-1816:00Odds BK0 - 0Viking FKpostponed
2020-10-1816:00Kristiansund BK0 - 0Rosenborg BKfinished
2020-10-1816:00Molde FK0 - 0Odds BKcanceled
2020-10-1816:00SK Brann0 - 0Rosenborg BKcanceled
2020-10-1816:00Haugesund FK0 - 0Bodo/Glimtcanceled
2020-10-1816:00IK Start0 - 0Viking FKcanceled
2020-10-1816:00Mjondalen0 - 0Stromsgodset IFcanceled
2020-10-1816:00Sarpsborg0 - 0Stabaek Fotballcanceled
2020-10-1816:00Aalesunds FK0 - 0Valerenga IFcanceled
2020-10-1816:00Sandefjord Fotball0 - 0Kristiansund BKcanceled
2020-10-1718:30Molde FK4 - 2Bodo/Glimtfinished
2020-10-1716:00Mjondalen2 - 0SK Brannfinished
2020-10-0418:30Rosenborg BK4 - 1Odds BKfinished
2020-10-0416:00Bodo/Glimt2 - 1Sandefjord Fotballfinished
2020-10-0416:00Aalesunds FK1 - 2Kristiansund BKfinished
2020-10-0416:00IK Start5 - 1Haugesund FKfinished
2020-10-0416:00SK Brann1 - 2Molde FKfinished
2020-10-0416:00Viking FK2 - 2Stromsgodset IFfinished
2020-10-0416:00Kristiansund BK0 - 0SK Branncanceled
2020-10-0416:00Stromsgodset IF0 - 0Molde FKcanceled
2020-10-0416:00IK Start0 - 0Sarpsborgcanceled
2020-10-0416:00Stabaek Fotball0 - 0Sandefjord Fotballcanceled
2020-10-0416:00Rosenborg BK0 - 0Aalesunds FKcanceled
2020-10-0416:00Odds BK0 - 0Haugesund FKcanceled
2020-10-0416:00Bodo/Glimt0 - 0Valerenga IFcanceled
2020-10-0416:00Viking FK0 - 0Mjondalencanceled
2020-10-0318:30Valerenga IF4 - 1Mjondalenfinished
2020-10-0316:00Sarpsborg4 - 0Stabaek Fotballfinished
2020-09-2718:30Bodo/Glimt2 - 0Valerenga IFfinished
2020-09-2716:00SK Brann0 - 0IK Startcanceled
2020-09-2716:00Haugesund FK0 - 0Stromsgodset IFcanceled
2020-09-2716:00Valerenga IF0 - 0Kristiansund BKcanceled
2020-09-2716:00Mjondalen0 - 0Stabaek Fotballcanceled
2020-09-2716:00Sarpsborg0 - 0Viking FKcanceled
2020-09-2716:00Aalesunds FK0 - 0Bodo/Glimtcanceled
2020-09-2716:00Sandefjord Fotball0 - 0Odds BKcanceled
2020-09-2716:00Molde FK0 - 0Rosenborg BKcanceled
2020-09-2716:00Aalesunds FK1 - 2Rosenborg BKfinished
2020-09-2716:00Haugesund FK4 - 4Odds BKfinished
2020-09-2716:00Kristiansund BK1 - 1SK Brannfinished
2020-09-2716:00Mjondalen1 - 2Viking FKfinished
2020-09-2716:00Stabaek Fotball2 - 0IK Startfinished
2020-09-2618:30Stromsgodset IF0 - 0Sarpsborgfinished
2020-09-2616:00Molde FK0 - 1Sandefjord Fotballfinished
2020-09-2018:30Odds BK2 - 0Stabaek Fotballfinished
2020-09-2016:00IK Start1 - 2Kristiansund BKfinished
2020-09-2016:00Rosenborg BK2 - 1Haugesund FKfinished
2020-09-2016:00Sandefjord Fotball0 - 0Stromsgodset IFfinished
2020-09-2016:00SK Brann1 - 3Bodo/Glimtfinished
2020-09-2016:00Viking FK5 - 2Aalesunds FKfinished
2020-09-2016:00Stromsgodset IF0 - 0Valerenga IFcanceled
2020-09-2016:00Stabaek Fotball0 - 0SK Branncanceled
2020-09-2016:00IK Start0 - 0Haugesund FKcanceled
2020-09-2016:00Sarpsborg0 - 0Mjondalencanceled
2020-09-2016:00Kristiansund BK0 - 0Molde FKcanceled
2020-09-2016:00Odds BK0 - 0Aalesunds FKcanceled
2020-09-2016:00Viking FK0 - 0Sandefjord Fotballcanceled
2020-09-2016:00Rosenborg BK0 - 0Bodo/Glimtcanceled
2020-09-1918:30Sarpsborg2 - 0Mjondalenfinished
2020-09-1916:00Valerenga IF2 - 1Molde FKfinished
2020-09-1318:30Valerenga IF5 - 1SK Brannfinished
2020-09-1316:00Aalesunds FK0 - 1Sarpsborgfinished
2020-09-1316:00Bodo/Glimt6 - 1Odds BKfinished
2020-09-1316:00Mjondalen0 - 2Sandefjord Fotballfinished
2020-09-1316:00Stromsgodset IF3 - 3Rosenborg BKfinished
2020-09-1316:00Molde FK0 - 0Viking FKcanceled
2020-09-1316:00Bodo/Glimt0 - 0Kristiansund BKcanceled
2020-09-1316:00SK Brann0 - 0Sarpsborgcanceled
2020-09-1316:00Haugesund FK0 - 0Stabaek Fotballcanceled
2020-09-1316:00Valerenga IF0 - 0Rosenborg BKcanceled
2020-09-1316:00Mjondalen0 - 0Odds BKcanceled
2020-09-1316:00Aalesunds FK0 - 0Stromsgodset IFcanceled
2020-09-1316:00Sandefjord Fotball0 - 0IK Startcanceled
2020-09-1218:30Stabaek Fotball2 - 1Haugesund FKfinished
2020-09-1216:00Kristiansund BK3 - 5Viking FKfinished
2020-08-3018:30Viking FK3 - 2Molde FKfinished
2020-08-3017:00Sandefjord Fotball0 - 2Kristiansund BKfinished
2020-08-3016:00IK Start1 - 0Aalesunds FKfinished
2020-08-3016:00Odds BK6 - 1Mjondalenfinished
2020-08-3016:00Rosenborg BK2 - 2Stabaek Fotballfinished
2020-08-3016:00Sarpsborg0 - 3Bodo/Glimtfinished
2020-08-2918:30SK Brann1 - 1Stromsgodset IFfinished
2020-08-2916:00Haugesund FK2 - 1Valerenga IFfinished
2020-08-2418:30Stabaek Fotball0 - 2SK Brannfinished
2020-08-2316:00Stabaek Fotball0 - 0Aalesunds FKcanceled
2020-08-2316:00Sarpsborg0 - 0Sandefjord Fotballcanceled
2020-08-2316:00IK Start0 - 0Molde FKcanceled
2020-08-2316:00Stromsgodset IF0 - 0Bodo/Glimtcanceled
2020-08-2316:00Kristiansund BK0 - 0Mjondalencanceled
2020-08-2316:00Viking FK0 - 0SK Branncanceled
2020-08-2316:00Rosenborg BK0 - 0Haugesund FKcanceled
2020-08-2316:00Odds BK0 - 0Valerenga IFcanceled
2020-08-2218:30Mjondalen0 - 2Rosenborg BKfinished
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