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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
21Inigo Cordoba QuerejetaGo Ahead Eagles601511142
26Luuk BrouwersGo Ahead Eagles511916630
28Jamie JacobsSC Cambuur501711473
47Issa KallonSC Cambuur301815060
54Bart VriendsSparta Rotterdam301916580
57Alex BanguraSC Cambuur301816060
61Robin MaulunSC Cambuur311815250
71Mats KohlertWillem II Tilburg301913862
75Daishawn Orpheo Marvin RedanPEC Zwolle20117422
76Tijani ReijndersAZ Alkmaar201965414
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
449 - Round:
2022-01-2319:00RKC Waalwijk? - ?Fortuna Sittardnotstarted
2022-01-2315:45Sparta Rotterdam? - ?FC Utrechtnotstarted
2022-01-2313:30Heracles Almelo? - ?Go Ahead Eaglesnotstarted
2022-01-2313:30PSV Eindhoven? - ?Ajax Amsterdamnotstarted
2022-01-2311:15PSV Eindhoven? - ?Feyenoord Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-01-2220:00Willem II Tilburg0 - 1FC Twente Enschedefinished
2022-01-2219:00AZ Alkmaar0 - 0SC Cambuurfinished
2022-01-2219:00SC Heerenveen0 - 1PEC Zwollefinished
2022-01-2217:45Vitesse Arnhem1 - 3FC Groningenfinished
2022-01-1615:45Fortuna Sittard1 - 2AZ Alkmaarfinished
2022-01-1613:30FC Groningen0 - 1PSV Eindhovenfinished
2022-01-1613:30SC Cambuur1 - 1Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2022-01-1611:15FC Utrecht0 - 3Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2022-01-1419:00PEC Zwolle2 - 0Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-12-2320:00Sparta Rotterdam1 - 1RKC Waalwijkfinished
2021-12-2317:45PSV Eindhoven2 - 0Go Ahead Eaglesfinished
2021-12-2220:00FC Utrecht1 - 1FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-12-2220:00Ajax Amsterdam5 - 0Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-12-2219:00Heracles Almelo1 - 1SC Cambuurfinished
2021-12-2217:45SC Heerenveen0 - 3Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-12-2217:45Willem II Tilburg0 - 1Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-12-2120:00AZ Alkmaar1 - 0FC Groningenfinished
2021-12-2117:45Vitesse Arnhem1 - 0PEC Zwollefinished
2021-12-1915:45RKC Waalwijk1 - 4PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-12-1913:30Go Ahead Eagles0 - 2PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-12-1913:30Feyenoord Rotterdam0 - 2Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-12-1911:15SC Cambuur1 - 2SC Heerenveenfinished
2021-12-1820:00PEC Zwolle1 - 3FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-12-1819:00Heracles Almelo4 - 2FC Groningenfinished
2021-12-1819:00AZ Alkmaar4 - 1Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-12-1817:45Sparta Rotterdam2 - 2Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2021-12-1815:30Fortuna Sittard2 - 2FC Utrechtfinished
2021-12-1219:00Fortuna Sittard1 - 2PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-12-1215:45Ajax Amsterdam1 - 2AZ Alkmaarfinished
2021-12-1213:30FC Groningen1 - 1Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-12-1213:30Vitesse Arnhem2 - 1Heracles Almelofinished
2021-12-1211:15FC Twente Enschede2 - 1RKC Waalwijkfinished
2021-12-1120:00PEC Zwolle0 - 1Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-12-1119:00SC Heerenveen0 - 0Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-12-1117:45FC Utrecht0 - 0Go Ahead Eaglesfinished
2021-12-1019:00Willem II Tilburg1 - 3SC Cambuurfinished
2021-12-0515:45Feyenoord Rotterdam5 - 0Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-12-0513:30AZ Alkmaar3 - 1Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-12-0513:30Go Ahead Eagles1 - 2FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-12-0511:15RKC Waalwijk2 - 1FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-12-0420:00Heracles Almelo0 - 1SC Heerenveenfinished
2021-12-0417:45SC Cambuur1 - 6Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2021-12-0415:30PSV Eindhoven4 - 1FC Utrechtfinished
2021-12-0319:00FC Groningen1 - 1PEC Zwollefinished
2021-12-0220:00Ajax Amsterdam5 - 0Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-12-0217:45AZ Alkmaar2 - 1Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-12-0119:00Feyenoord Rotterdam2 - 1Heracles Almelofinished
2021-11-2819:00Vitesse Arnhem0 - 0AZ Alkmaarfinished
2021-11-2815:45SC Heerenveen1 - 1PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-11-2813:30FC Utrecht1 - 0Heracles Almelofinished
2021-11-2813:30FC Twente Enschede0 - 0Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-11-2811:15Sparta Rotterdam0 - 1Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-11-2720:00Willem II Tilburg0 - 1Go Ahead Eaglesfinished
2021-11-2719:00PEC Zwolle0 - 0RKC Waalwijkfinished
2021-11-2717:45Fortuna Sittard1 - 4FC Groningenfinished
2021-11-2619:00Fortuna Sittard2 - 3SC Cambuurfinished
2021-11-2119:00SC Cambuur2 - 1FC Utrechtfinished
2021-11-2115:45RKC Waalwijk0 - 5Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-11-2113:30SC Heerenveen2 - 1Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-11-2113:30Feyenoord Rotterdam4 - 0PEC Zwollefinished
2021-11-2111:15Go Ahead Eagles0 - 1FC Groningenfinished
2021-11-2020:00Heracles Almelo3 - 1Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-11-2019:00AZ Alkmaar1 - 1Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-11-2017:45Sparta Rotterdam0 - 1FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-11-2015:30PSV Eindhoven2 - 0Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2021-11-0719:00Ajax Amsterdam0 - 0Go Ahead Eaglesfinished
2021-11-0715:45Vitesse Arnhem2 - 1FC Utrechtfinished
2021-11-0715:45Feyenoord Rotterdam1 - 0AZ Alkmaarfinished
2021-11-0713:30Fortuna Sittard1 - 4PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-11-0711:15FC Groningen1 - 1RKC Waalwijkfinished
2021-11-0620:00PEC Zwolle1 - 2SC Cambuurfinished
2021-11-0619:00Willem II Tilburg0 - 3Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-11-0617:45Willem II Tilburg1 - 1SC Heerenveenfinished
2021-11-0519:00FC Twente Enschede1 - 0Heracles Almelofinished
2021-10-3119:00Go Ahead Eagles4 - 3Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-10-3115:45FC Utrecht5 - 1Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-10-3115:45RKC Waalwijk0 - 1SC Cambuurfinished
2021-10-3113:30RKC Waalwijk3 - 0FC Groningenfinished
2021-10-3111:15Sparta Rotterdam0 - 1Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-10-3019:00AZ Alkmaar3 - 2PEC Zwollefinished
2021-10-3018:00SC Heerenveen1 - 2Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2021-10-3016:45Heracles Almelo0 - 0Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-10-3014:30PSV Eindhoven5 - 2FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-10-2418:00FC Groningen2 - 0AZ Alkmaarfinished
2021-10-2414:45Ajax Amsterdam5 - 0PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-10-2412:30SC Cambuur2 - 3Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-10-2412:30Vitesse Arnhem1 - 2Go Ahead Eaglesfinished
2021-10-2410:15FC Twente Enschede1 - 2Go Ahead Eaglesfinished
2021-10-2319:00RKC Waalwijk1 - 0Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-10-2318:00PEC Zwolle1 - 0Heracles Almelofinished
2021-10-2316:45FC Utrecht2 - 1SC Heerenveenfinished
2021-10-2218:00Willem II Tilburg1 - 1Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-10-1714:45FC Twente Enschede1 - 1Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-10-1712:30FC Twente Enschede0 - 1Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2021-10-1712:30Sparta Rotterdam1 - 1FC Groningenfinished
2021-10-1710:15AZ Alkmaar5 - 1FC Utrechtfinished
2021-10-1619:00PSV Eindhoven3 - 1PEC Zwollefinished
2021-10-1619:00Fortuna Sittard1 - 0SC Cambuurfinished
2021-10-1616:45SC Heerenveen0 - 2Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-10-1616:45Go Ahead Eagles4 - 2Heracles Almelofinished
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