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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
449 - Round:
2022-09-1816:45AZ Alkmaar? - ?Ajax Amsterdamnotstarted
2022-09-1814:30PSV Eindhoven? - ?Feyenoord Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-09-1814:30SC Heerenveen? - ?FC Twente Enschedenotstarted
2022-09-1812:15Go Ahead Eagles? - ?FC Emmennotstarted
2022-09-1721:00Fortuna Sittard? - ?SBV Excelsiornotstarted
2022-09-1720:00RKC Waalwijk? - ?SC Cambuurnotstarted
2022-09-1718:45Vitesse Arnhem? - ?FC Volendamnotstarted
2022-09-1716:30Sparta Rotterdam? - ?FC Groningennotstarted
2022-09-1620:00FC Utrecht? - ?FC Groningennotstarted
2022-09-1116:45Feyenoord Rotterdam? - ?Sparta Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-09-1114:30SC Cambuur? - ?FC Groningennotstarted
2022-09-1114:30AZ Alkmaar? - ?FC Twente Enschede
2022-09-1112:15FC Utrecht? - ?Vitesse Arnhemnotstarted
2022-09-1021:00PSV Eindhoven? - ?RKC Waalwijknotstarted
2022-09-1020:00SBV Excelsior? - ?FC Emmennotstarted
2022-09-1018:45Ajax Amsterdam? - ?SC Heerenveennotstarted
2022-09-1016:30Ajax Amsterdam? - ?Fortuna Sittardnotstarted
2022-09-0920:00FC Volendam? - ?Go Ahead Eaglesnotstarted
2022-09-0416:45FC Groningen? - ?Vitesse Arnhemnotstarted
2022-09-0414:30SC Heerenveen? - ?Vitesse Arnhemnotstarted
2022-09-0414:30FC Emmen? - ?AZ Alkmaarnotstarted
2022-09-0412:15RKC Waalwijk? - ?SBV Excelsiornotstarted
2022-09-0321:00Go Ahead Eagles? - ?Feyenoord Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-09-0320:00Sparta Rotterdam? - ?FC Volendamnotstarted
2022-09-0318:45FC Twente Enschede? - ?PSV Eindhovennotstarted
2022-09-0316:30Ajax Amsterdam? - ?SC Cambuurnotstarted
2022-09-0220:00Fortuna Sittard? - ?FC Utrechtnotstarted
2022-08-3121:00FC Twente Enschede? - ?SBV Excelsiornotstarted
2022-08-2816:45SC Cambuur? - ?AZ Alkmaarnotstarted
2022-08-2814:30FC Volendam? - ?FC Twente Enschede
2022-08-2814:30SBV Excelsior? - ?PSV Eindhovennotstarted
2022-08-2812:15FC Utrecht? - ?Ajax Amsterdamnotstarted
2022-08-2721:00SC Heerenveen? - ?Fortuna Sittardnotstarted
2022-08-2720:00Feyenoord Rotterdam? - ?FC Emmennotstarted
2022-08-2718:45Vitesse Arnhem? - ?RKC Waalwijknotstarted
2022-08-2716:30Go Ahead Eagles? - ?Sparta Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-08-2620:00Go Ahead Eagles? - ?FC Groningennotstarted
2022-08-2116:45RKC Waalwijk? - ?Feyenoord Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-08-2114:30Sparta Rotterdam? - ?Ajax Amsterdamnotstarted
2022-08-2114:30AZ Alkmaar? - ?Ajax Amsterdamnotstarted
2022-08-2112:15FC Groningen? - ?Go Ahead Eaglesnotstarted
2022-08-2021:00FC Emmen? - ?FC Utrechtnotstarted
2022-08-2020:00PSV Eindhoven? - ?FC Volendamnotstarted
2022-08-2018:45Fortuna Sittard? - ?SC Cambuurnotstarted
2022-08-2016:30Vitesse Arnhem? - ?SC Heerenveennotstarted
2022-08-1416:45Sparta Rotterdam? - ?AZ Alkmaarnotstarted
2022-08-1414:30Ajax Amsterdam? - ?FC Groningennotstarted
2022-08-1414:30FC Twente Enschede? - ?Fortuna Sittardnotstarted
2022-08-1412:15FC Volendam? - ?Fortuna Sittardnotstarted
2022-08-1321:00Feyenoord Rotterdam? - ?SC Heerenveennotstarted
2022-08-1320:00FC Emmen? - ?RKC Waalwijknotstarted
2022-08-1320:00FC Utrecht? - ?SC Cambuurnotstarted
2022-08-1318:45Go Ahead Eagles? - ?PSV Eindhovennotstarted
2022-08-1220:00SBV Excelsior? - ?Vitesse Arnhemnotstarted
2022-05-1512:30SBV Excelsior? - ?Fortuna Sittardnotstarted
2022-05-1512:30FC Groningen? - ?SC Cambuurnotstarted
2022-05-1512:30Feyenoord Rotterdam? - ?FC Twente Enschedenotstarted
2022-05-1512:30AZ Alkmaar? - ?RKC Waalwijknotstarted
2022-05-1512:30PEC Zwolle? - ?PSV Eindhovennotstarted
2022-05-1512:30Heracles Almelo? - ?Sparta Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-05-1512:30Vitesse Arnhem? - ?Ajax Amsterdamnotstarted
2022-05-1512:30Willem II Tilburg? - ?FC Utrechtnotstarted
2022-05-1512:30SC Heerenveen? - ?Go Ahead Eaglesnotstarted
2022-05-1118:00Go Ahead Eagles? - ?Feyenoord Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-05-1118:00SC Cambuur? - ?Willem II Tilburgnotstarted
2022-05-1118:00Fortuna Sittard? - ?Vitesse Arnhemnotstarted
2022-05-1118:00Ajax Amsterdam? - ?SC Heerenveennotstarted
2022-05-1118:00RKC Waalwijk? - ?Heracles Almelonotstarted
2022-05-1118:00FC Utrecht? - ?AZ Alkmaarnotstarted
2022-05-1118:00FC Twente Enschede? - ?FC Groningennotstarted
2022-05-1118:00PSV Eindhoven? - ?FC Groningennotstarted
2022-05-1118:00Sparta Rotterdam? - ?PEC Zwollenotstarted
2022-05-0814:45Feyenoord Rotterdam? - ?PSV Eindhovennotstarted
2022-05-0812:30Vitesse Arnhem? - ?SC Heerenveennotstarted
2022-05-0812:30AZ Alkmaar? - ?Ajax Amsterdamnotstarted
2022-05-0810:15AZ Alkmaar? - ?Go Ahead Eaglesnotstarted
2022-05-0719:00FC Groningen? - ?Sparta Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-05-0718:00Willem II Tilburg? - ?Heracles Almelonotstarted
2022-05-0718:00PEC Zwolle? - ?FC Utrechtnotstarted
2022-05-0716:45FC Twente Enschede? - ?Fortuna Sittardnotstarted
2022-05-0618:00SC Cambuur? - ?RKC Waalwijknotstarted
2022-05-0118:00RKC Waalwijk? - ?FC Groningennotstarted
2022-05-0114:45Fortuna Sittard? - ?Feyenoord Rotterdamnotstarted
2022-05-0112:30PSV Eindhoven? - ?Willem II Tilburgnotstarted
2022-05-0112:30Go Ahead Eagles? - ?Vitesse Arnhemnotstarted
2022-05-0110:15SC Heerenveen? - ?SC Cambuurnotstarted
2022-04-3019:00Sparta Rotterdam? - ?AZ Alkmaarnotstarted
2022-04-3018:00Heracles Almelo? - ?FC Twente Enschedenotstarted
2022-04-3016:45Ajax Amsterdam? - ?PEC Zwollenotstarted
2022-04-2918:00FC Utrecht? - ?PEC Zwollenotstarted
2022-04-2414:45Fortuna Sittard1 - 0Go Ahead Eaglesfinished
2022-04-2412:30FC Groningen0 - 1Heracles Almelofinished
2022-04-2412:30Feyenoord Rotterdam2 - 1FC Utrechtfinished
2022-04-2410:15Willem II Tilburg1 - 0Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2022-04-2319:00SC Cambuur1 - 2PSV Eindhovenfinished
2022-04-2318:00RKC Waalwijk0 - 2PEC Zwollefinished
2022-04-2316:45AZ Alkmaar2 - 1SC Heerenveenfinished
2022-04-2314:30AZ Alkmaar0 - 1Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2022-04-2218:00FC Twente Enschede2 - 0Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2022-04-1616:45Fortuna Sittard3 - 0Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2022-04-1018:00PEC Zwolle2 - 1AZ Alkmaarfinished
2022-04-1014:45Heracles Almelo1 - 4Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2022-04-1012:30PSV Eindhoven2 - 0RKC Waalwijkfinished
2022-04-1012:30Vitesse Arnhem1 - 0SC Cambuurfinished
2022-04-1010:15SC Heerenveen3 - 1FC Groningenfinished
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