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League Standings
1 Ajax Amsterdam2613132132 837406466
2 PSV Eindhoven2713141674 5921302955
3 AZ Alkmaar2714131674 6320322555
4 Vitesse Arnhem2714131647 4419211752
5 Feyenoord Rotterdam2713141395 5418242648
6 FC Groningen2714131278 342218343
7 FC Utrecht26141210106 401318740
8 FC Twente Enschede2713149108 411924437
9 Heracles Almelo27141310611 312511-936
10 SC Heerenveen2713148109 362616-234
11 Fortuna Sittard27141310413 392019-834
12 Sparta Rotterdam2713148712 371715-531
13 PEC Zwolle27141361110 352618-829
14 RKC Waalwijk2714136813 26208-1426
15 VVV Venlo2713146417 393622-3322
16 Willem II Tilburg2713145715 312712-2522
17 FC Emmen2713142916 24227-3215
18 ADO Den Haag2713142916 21359-3915
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
6Danilo Pereira da SilvaFC Twente Enschede1342721172
7Henk VeermanSC Heerenveen1302622521
9Myron BoaduAZ Alkmaar1202520612
10Lennart ThySparta Rotterdam1032721440
11Armando BrojaVitesse Arnhem902313847
14Michael Jeroen Maarten Michiel De LeeuwFC Emmen922320250
16Ahmed El MessaoudiFC Groningen802116523
17Sebastian PolterFortuna Sittard812521050
19Queensy Miquel Saymon WensleyFC Twente Enschede802520760
20Alexander Gerard van de StreekFC Utrecht812418564
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
449 - Round:
2021-05-2310:15Feyenoord Rotterdam2 - 0FC Utrechtfinished
2021-05-2019:00FC Emmen4 - 4NAC Bredafinished
2021-05-2016:45FC Emmen3 - 0Roda JC Kerkradefinished
2021-05-1919:00Feyenoord Rotterdam2 - 0Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-05-1916:45FC Utrecht1 - 0FC Groningenfinished
2021-05-1612:30PEC Zwolle1 - 0FC Groningenfinished
2021-05-1612:30VVV Venlo0 - 4FC Emmenfinished
2021-05-1612:30FC Utrecht1 - 1PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-05-1612:30FC Twente Enschede3 - 2ADO Den Haagfinished
2021-05-1612:30SC Heerenveen1 - 2Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-05-1612:30Feyenoord Rotterdam3 - 0RKC Waalwijkfinished
2021-05-1612:30AZ Alkmaar5 - 0Heracles Almelofinished
2021-05-1612:30Willem II Tilburg2 - 1Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-05-1612:30Vitesse Arnhem1 - 3Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-05-1312:30PSV Eindhoven4 - 2PEC Zwollefinished
2021-05-1312:30RKC Waalwijk2 - 1FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-05-1312:30Sparta Rotterdam0 - 0FC Utrechtfinished
2021-05-1312:30Fortuna Sittard3 - 3Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2021-05-1312:30Heracles Almelo1 - 1Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-05-1312:30FC Groningen0 - 0AZ Alkmaarfinished
2021-05-1312:30FC Emmen3 - 1SC Heerenveenfinished
2021-05-1312:30ADO Den Haag1 - 4Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-05-1312:30Ajax Amsterdam3 - 1VVV Venlofinished
2021-05-0914:45Willem II Tilburg0 - 2PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-05-0912:30PEC Zwolle0 - 1ADO Den Haagfinished
2021-05-0912:30Feyenoord Rotterdam0 - 3Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-05-0910:15FC Emmen0 - 4FC Groningenfinished
2021-05-0819:00VVV Venlo3 - 3RKC Waalwijkfinished
2021-05-0818:00AZ Alkmaar1 - 0Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-05-0816:45SC Heerenveen0 - 0FC Utrechtfinished
2021-05-0814:30FC Twente Enschede1 - 1Heracles Almelofinished
2021-05-0718:00Sparta Rotterdam3 - 0Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2021-05-0214:45PSV Eindhoven2 - 2SC Heerenveenfinished
2021-05-0212:30Ajax Amsterdam4 - 0FC Emmenfinished
2021-05-0212:30FC Groningen1 - 2Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-05-0210:15ADO Den Haag3 - 2Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-05-0119:00FC Utrecht3 - 2Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-05-0118:00Vitesse Arnhem2 - 1PEC Zwollefinished
2021-05-0118:00RKC Waalwijk1 - 3AZ Alkmaarfinished
2021-05-0116:45Fortuna Sittard3 - 0FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-05-0114:30Heracles Almelo4 - 0VVV Venlofinished
2021-04-2514:45Feyenoord Rotterdam0 - 0Vitesse Arnhemfinished
2021-04-2514:45FC Twente Enschede1 - 2FC Utrechtfinished
2021-04-2512:30ADO Den Haag0 - 3Fortuna Sittardfinished
2021-04-2512:30Ajax Amsterdam2 - 0AZ Alkmaarfinished
2021-04-2510:15FC Emmen3 - 1Heracles Almelofinished
2021-04-2416:45Sparta Rotterdam2 - 0VVV Venlofinished
2021-04-2416:45PSV Eindhoven1 - 0FC Groningenfinished
2021-04-2414:30SC Heerenveen0 - 2PEC Zwollefinished
2021-04-2316:45Willem II Tilburg1 - 0RKC Waalwijkfinished
2021-04-2216:45Ajax Amsterdam1 - 1FC Utrechtfinished
2021-04-1114:45RKC Waalwijk0 - 1Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-04-1112:30FC Groningen0 - 2SC Heerenveenfinished
2021-04-1112:30VVV Venlo0 - 2PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-04-1110:15FC Utrecht1 - 2Feyenoord Rotterdamfinished
2021-04-1019:00PEC Zwolle1 - 0FC Twente Enschedefinished
2021-04-1018:00Fortuna Sittard1 - 3FC Emmenfinished
2021-04-1018:00AZ Alkmaar2 - 0Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-04-1016:45Heracles Almelo4 - 0Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-04-0918:00Vitesse Arnhem0 - 0ADO Den Haagfinished
2021-03-2119:00Ajax Amsterdam5 - 0ADO Den Haagfinished
2021-03-2115:45Heracles Almelo1 - 1Sparta Rotterdamfinished
2021-03-2113:30AZ Alkmaar2 - 0PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-03-2113:30Vitesse Arnhem0 - 0Willem II Tilburgfinished
2021-03-2111:15PEC Zwolle2 - 1VVV Venlofinished
2021-03-2020:00RKC Waalwijk3 - 1FC Groningenfinished
2021-03-2019:00Feyenoord Rotterdam1 - 1FC Emmenfinished
2021-03-2015:30Fortuna Sittard0 - 1FC Utrechtfinished
2021-03-1919:00SC Heerenveen0 - 0FC Twente Enschedefinished
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