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League Standings
1 Olympiacos FC13851120 3135
2 Aris Thessaloniki FC1266921 1329
3 PAOK FC1367841 1328
4 AEK Athens FC1376733 724
5 Panathinaikos Athens1477545 219
6 Asteras Tripolis1468464 -118
7 Volos Nps1367373 -316
8 OFI Crete FC1477437 -715
9 GS Apollon Smyrnis1358436 -215
10 Atromitos Athens1266354 -614
11 PAS Giannina FC1477347 -413
12 Panaitolikos1477257 -911
13 AE Larissa FC1367148 -157
14 Lamia1073028 -192
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1Youssef El ArabiOlympiacos FC130128343
6Karol SwiderskiPAOK FC60127653
10Bruno Alexandre Vilela GamaAris Thessaloniki FC541310510
11Fatjon AntoniGS Apollon Smyrnis42129800
12Federico MachedaPanathinaikos Athens40149952
13Facundo Daniel BertoglioAris Thessaloniki FC40127193
14Adrian Sardinero CorpaOFI Crete FC40129971
16Fabio Miguel Santos SturgeonOFI Crete FC40129292
17Ahmed Hassan Mahgoub AbdelmoneimOlympiacos FC4063133
18Carlos Daniel Lopez HuescaPanathinaikos Athens40149843
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
348 - Round:
2021-03-1417:00Lamia0 - 0Atromitos Athensnotstarted
2021-03-1417:00Panathinaikos Athens0 - 0PAOK FCnotstarted
2021-03-1417:00AE Larissa FC0 - 0Olympiacos FCnotstarted
2021-03-1417:00Aris Thessaloniki FC0 - 0OFI Crete FCnotstarted
2021-03-1417:00Asteras Tripolis0 - 0PAS Giannina FCnotstarted
2021-03-1417:00Volos Nps0 - 0AEK Athens FCnotstarted
2021-03-1417:00GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0Panaitolikosnotstarted
2021-03-0817:30AEK Athens FC0 - 0GS Apollon Smyrnisnotstarted
2021-03-0717:30PAOK FC0 - 0Aris Thessaloniki FCnotstarted
2021-03-0715:15Panaitolikos0 - 0Volos Npsnotstarted
2021-03-0713:00Olympiacos FC0 - 0Lamianotstarted
2021-03-0617:30PAS Giannina FC0 - 0Panathinaikos Athensnotstarted
2021-03-0615:15Atromitos Athens0 - 0Asteras Tripolisnotstarted
2021-03-0613:00OFI Crete FC0 - 0AE Larissa FCnotstarted
2021-03-0117:30Volos Nps0 - 0Olympiacos FCnotstarted
2021-02-2817:30Panathinaikos Athens0 - 0AEK Athens FCnotstarted
2021-02-2815:15Lamia0 - 0PAS Giannina FCnotstarted
2021-02-2815:15AE Larissa FC0 - 0Panaitolikosnotstarted
2021-02-2813:00Aris Thessaloniki FC0 - 0Atromitos Athensnotstarted
2021-02-2717:30Asteras Tripolis0 - 0PAOK FCnotstarted
2021-02-2715:15GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0OFI Crete FCnotstarted
2021-02-2217:30Panaitolikos0 - 0Panathinaikos Athensnotstarted
2021-02-2117:30Olympiacos FC0 - 0Aris Thessaloniki FCnotstarted
2021-02-2115:15Volos Nps0 - 0GS Apollon Smyrnisnotstarted
2021-02-2115:15PAS Giannina FC0 - 0OFI Crete FCnotstarted
2021-02-2113:00PAOK FC0 - 0Lamianotstarted
2021-02-2017:30AEK Athens FC0 - 0Asteras Tripolisnotstarted
2021-02-2015:15Atromitos Athens0 - 0AE Larissa FCnotstarted
2021-02-1517:30PAS Giannina FC0 - 0PAOK FCnotstarted
2021-02-1417:30Panathinaikos Athens0 - 0Olympiacos FCnotstarted
2021-02-1415:15AE Larissa FC0 - 0AEK Athens FCnotstarted
2021-02-1415:15OFI Crete FC0 - 0Volos Npsnotstarted
2021-02-1413:00Aris Thessaloniki FC0 - 0Panaitolikosnotstarted
2021-02-1317:30GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0Atromitos Athensnotstarted
2021-02-1315:15Asteras Tripolis0 - 0Lamianotstarted
2021-02-0817:30Panaitolikos0 - 0PAS Giannina FCnotstarted
2021-02-0717:30AEK Athens FC0 - 0Aris Thessaloniki FCnotstarted
2021-02-0715:15Volos Nps0 - 0Asteras Tripolisnotstarted
2021-02-0715:15Olympiacos FC0 - 0OFI Crete FCnotstarted
2021-02-0713:00PAOK FC0 - 0GS Apollon Smyrnisnotstarted
2021-02-0617:30Atromitos Athens0 - 0Panathinaikos Athensnotstarted
2021-02-0615:15Lamia0 - 0AE Larissa FCnotstarted
2021-01-3117:30GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0Olympiacos FCnotstarted
2021-01-3115:15PAS Giannina FC0 - 0Atromitos Athensnotstarted
2021-01-3115:15PAOK FC0 - 0Panaitolikosnotstarted
2021-01-3113:00OFI Crete FC0 - 0AEK Athens FCnotstarted
2021-01-3017:30Panathinaikos Athens0 - 0Lamianotstarted
2021-01-3015:15Asteras Tripolis0 - 0Aris Thessaloniki FCnotstarted
2021-01-3013:00AE Larissa FC0 - 0Volos Npsnotstarted
2021-01-2815:15Panaitolikos0 - 0Atromitos Athensnotstarted
2021-01-2717:30Olympiacos FC0 - 0PAOK FCnotstarted
2021-01-2715:15Lamia0 - 0GS Apollon Smyrnisnotstarted
2021-01-2715:15AEK Athens FC0 - 0PAS Giannina FCnotstarted
2021-01-2713:00Volos Nps0 - 0Panathinaikos Athensnotstarted
2021-01-2617:30Aris Thessaloniki FC0 - 0AE Larissa FCnotstarted
2021-01-2615:15OFI Crete FC0 - 0Asteras Tripolisnotstarted
2021-01-2417:30PAOK FC0 - 0AEK Athens FCnotstarted
2021-01-2415:15Panaitolikos0 - 0Lamianotstarted
2021-01-2415:15PAS Giannina FC0 - 0Volos Npsnotstarted
2021-01-2413:00Atromitos Athens0 - 0Olympiacos FCnotstarted
2021-01-2317:30Panathinaikos Athens0 - 0OFI Crete FCnotstarted
2021-01-2315:15GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0Aris Thessaloniki FCnotstarted
2021-01-2313:00Asteras Tripolis0 - 0AE Larissa FCnotstarted
2021-01-2015:15GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0Lamianotstarted
2021-01-1817:30AEK Athens FC0 - 0Atromitos Athensnotstarted
2021-01-1717:30Aris Thessaloniki FC0 - 0Panathinaikos Athensnotstarted
2021-01-1715:15Volos Nps0 - 0Lamianotstarted
2021-01-1715:15OFI Crete FC0 - 0PAOK FCnotstarted
2021-01-1713:00Olympiacos FC0 - 0PAS Giannina FCnotstarted
2021-01-1617:30AE Larissa FC0 - 0GS Apollon Smyrnisnotstarted
2021-01-1615:15Asteras Tripolis0 - 0Panaitolikosnotstarted
2021-01-1417:30Aris Thessaloniki FC0 - 0AEK Athens FCnotstarted
2021-01-1317:30PAOK FC0 - 0Olympiacos FCnotstarted
2021-01-1117:30Lamia0 - 0AEK Athens FCnotstarted
2021-01-1115:15PAS Giannina FC0 - 0Aris Thessaloniki FCnotstarted
2021-01-1017:30Panathinaikos Athens0 - 0AE Larissa FCnotstarted
2021-01-1015:15Atromitos Athens0 - 0OFI Crete FCnotstarted
2021-01-1015:15GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0Asteras Tripolisnotstarted
2021-01-1013:00PAOK FC0 - 0Volos Npsnotstarted
2021-01-0917:30Panaitolikos0 - 0Olympiacos FCnotstarted
2021-01-0717:30Atromitos Athens0 - 0PAOK FCnotstarted
2021-01-0715:15OFI Crete FC0 - 0Lamianotstarted
2021-01-0715:15Aris Thessaloniki FC0 - 0Volos Npsnotstarted
2021-01-0617:30Asteras Tripolis0 - 0Olympiacos FCnotstarted
2021-01-0615:15AE Larissa FC0 - 0PAS Giannina FCnotstarted
2021-01-0615:15AEK Athens FC0 - 0Panaitolikosnotstarted
2021-01-0613:00GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0Panathinaikos Athensnotstarted
2021-01-0417:30Lamia2 - 0Aris Thessaloniki FCfinished
2021-01-0415:15Volos Nps1 - 0Atromitos Athensfinished
2021-01-0317:30Olympiacos FC3 - 0AEK Athens FCfinished
2021-01-0315:15PAS Giannina FC1 - 3GS Apollon Smyrnisfinished
2021-01-0315:15AE Larissa FC1 - 1PAOK FCfinished
2021-01-0313:00Panaitolikos2 - 1OFI Crete FCfinished
2021-01-0313:00Panathinaikos Athens0 - 0Asteras Tripolisfinished
2020-10-2617:30Atromitos Athens2 - 0Panaitolikosfinished
2020-10-2518:30PAS Giannina FC0 - 1AEK Athens FCfinished
2020-10-2516:15GS Apollon Smyrnis0 - 0Lamiapostponed
2020-10-2514:00Asteras Tripolis1 - 0OFI Crete FCfinished
2020-10-2417:30Panathinaikos Athens1 - 1Volos Npsfinished
2020-10-2415:15AE Larissa FC0 - 0Aris Thessaloniki FCpostponed
2020-10-2415:15PAOK FC0 - 0Olympiacos FCpostponed
2020-10-2114:15GS Apollon Smyrnis1 - 2PAS Giannina FCfinished
2020-10-1916:30Lamia0 - 0Panaitolikosfinished
2020-10-1817:30AEK Athens FC1 - 1PAOK FCfinished
2020-10-1815:15AE Larissa FC1 - 3Asteras Tripolisfinished
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