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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
302 - Round:
2023-01-2817:00Valenciennes FC? - ?FC Metz
2023-01-2817:00AS Saint-Etienne? - ?Sochaux
2023-01-2817:00AS Saint-Etienne? - ?Paris FC
2023-01-2817:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?EA Guingamp
2023-01-2817:00Grenoble Foot? - ?EA Guingamp
2023-01-2817:00SM Caen? - ?EA Guingamp
2023-01-2817:00Olympique Nimes? - ?Chamois Niort FC
2023-01-2817:00Pau FC? - ?Chamois Niort FC
2023-01-2817:00SC Amiens? - ?AC Havre
2023-01-2817:00Dijon FCO? - ?FC Girondins Bordeaux
2023-01-1317:00AC Havre? - ?Olympique Nimes
2023-01-1317:00Dijon FCO? - ?Valenciennes FC
2023-01-1317:00Dijon FCO? - ?Pau FC
2023-01-1317:00Chamois Niort FC? - ?AS Saint-Etienne
2023-01-1317:00Sochaux? - ?SM Caen
2023-01-1317:00FC Metz? - ?SM Caen
2023-01-1317:00FC Metz? - ?Paris FC
2023-01-1317:00FC Metz? - ?Rodez Aveyron
2023-01-1317:00FC Girondins Bordeaux? - ?SC Amiens
2023-01-1317:00EA Guingamp? - ?Grenoble Foot
2023-01-1020:45SM Caen? - ?FC Girondins Bordeauxnotstarted
2023-01-1020:45SM Caen? - ?FC Girondins Bordeauxnotstarted
2023-01-1020:45SC Amiens? - ?EA Guingampnotstarted
2023-01-1020:45Paris FC? - ?Dijon FCOnotstarted
2023-01-1020:45AS Saint-Etienne? - ?Dijon FCOnotstarted
2023-01-1020:45Valenciennes FC? - ?Dijon FCOnotstarted
2023-01-1020:45Olympique Nimes? - ?FC Metznotstarted
2023-01-1020:45Pau FC? - ?Grenoble Footnotstarted
2023-01-1020:45AC Havre? - ?Sochauxnotstarted
2023-01-1020:45Rodez Aveyron? - ?Chamois Niort FCnotstarted
2022-12-3017:00AS Saint-Etienne? - ?SM Caen
2022-12-3017:00Chamois Niort FC? - ?Pau FC
2022-12-3017:00EA Guingamp? - ?Pau FC
2022-12-3017:00EA Guingamp? - ?Valenciennes FC
2022-12-3017:00Grenoble Foot? - ?FC Metz
2022-12-3017:00Paris FC? - ?AC Havre
2022-12-3017:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?Dijon FCO
2022-12-3017:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?Olympique Nimes
2022-12-3017:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?SC Amiens
2022-12-3017:00FC Girondins Bordeaux? - ?Sochaux
2022-12-2620:00Pau FC? - ?Paris FC
2022-12-2617:00Pau FC? - ?Grenoble Foot
2022-12-2617:00Valenciennes FC? - ?SC Amiens
2022-12-2617:00FC Metz? - ?Chamois Niort FC
2022-12-2617:00AC Havre? - ?FC Girondins Bordeaux
2022-12-2617:00AC Havre? - ?AS Saint-Etienne
2022-12-2617:00Sochaux? - ?Rodez Aveyron
2022-12-2617:00Sochaux? - ?SM Caen
2022-12-2617:00Olympique Nimes? - ?EA Guingamp
2022-12-2617:00Dijon FCO? - ?EA Guingamp
2022-11-1217:00AS Saint-Etienne? - ?Rodez Aveyron
2022-11-1217:00EA Guingamp? - ?AC Havre
2022-11-1217:00Paris FC? - ?FC Metz
2022-11-1217:00Grenoble Foot? - ?Dijon FCO
2022-11-1217:00Sochaux? - ?Dijon FCO
2022-11-1217:00Chamois Niort FC? - ?Olympique Nimes
2022-11-1217:00SM Caen? - ?Olympique Nimes
2022-11-1217:00SM Caen? - ?Valenciennes FC
2022-11-1217:00SC Amiens? - ?Valenciennes FC
2022-11-1217:00FC Girondins Bordeaux? - ?Pau FC
2022-11-0517:00FC Girondins Bordeaux? - ?Chamois Niort FC
2022-11-0517:00Valenciennes FC? - ?SM Caen
2022-11-0517:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?Grenoble Foot
2022-11-0517:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?Sochaux
2022-11-0517:00Dijon FCO? - ?EA Guingamp
2022-11-0517:00Dijon FCO? - ?Paris FC
2022-11-0517:00Pau FC? - ?SC Amiens
2022-11-0517:00Olympique Nimes? - ?FC Girondins Bordeaux
2022-11-0517:00FC Metz? - ?AS Saint-Etienne
2022-11-0517:00FC Metz? - ?AC Havre
2022-10-2217:00EA Guingamp? - ?AC Havre
2022-10-2217:00SM Caen? - ?Rodez Aveyron
2022-10-2217:00Paris FC? - ?Rodez Aveyron
2022-10-2217:00Grenoble Foot? - ?Valenciennes FC
2022-10-2217:00SC Amiens? - ?AS Saint-Etienne
2022-10-2217:00Chamois Niort FC? - ?Dijon FCO
2022-10-2217:00AC Havre? - ?FC Metz
2022-10-2217:00Pau FC? - ?Olympique Nimes
2022-10-2217:00FC Girondins Bordeaux? - ?Olympique Nimes
2022-10-2217:00Sochaux? - ?Olympique Nimes
2022-10-1517:00Sochaux? - ?FC Girondins Bordeaux
2022-10-1517:00Olympique Nimes? - ?SC Amiens
2022-10-1517:00FC Metz? - ?Sochaux
2022-10-1517:00Dijon FCO? - ?Sochaux
2022-10-1517:00AS Saint-Etienne? - ?Paris FC
2022-10-1517:00AS Saint-Etienne? - ?Pau FC
2022-10-1517:00AS Saint-Etienne? - ?SM Caen
2022-10-1517:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?AC Havre
2022-10-1517:00Valenciennes FC? - ?EA Guingamp
2022-10-1517:00Chamois Niort FC? - ?Grenoble Foot
2022-10-0817:00Paris FC? - ?Valenciennes FC
2022-10-0817:00Sochaux? - ?AS Saint-Etienne
2022-10-0817:00Sochaux? - ?Olympique Nimes
2022-10-0817:00Grenoble Foot? - ?Olympique Nimes
2022-10-0817:00SC Amiens? - ?Dijon FCO
2022-10-0817:00EA Guingamp? - ?Dijon FCO
2022-10-0817:00SM Caen? - ?Chamois Niort FC
2022-10-0817:00AC Havre? - ?Chamois Niort FC
2022-10-0817:00Pau FC? - ?Rodez Aveyron
2022-10-0817:00FC Girondins Bordeaux? - ?FC Metz
2022-10-0117:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?SC Amiens
2022-10-0117:00Rodez Aveyron? - ?FC Girondins Bordeaux
2022-10-0117:00Valenciennes FC? - ?Sochaux
2022-10-0117:00Chamois Niort FC? - ?EA Guingamp
2022-10-0117:00Dijon FCO? - ?AC Havre
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