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League Standings
1 FC Toulouse422310 805610
2 Sochaux422301 62529
3 Paris FC312300 81669
4 Olympique Nimes422220 61448
5 Chamois Niort FC422211 31217
6 AJ Auxerre321210 51247
7 SM Caen321201 60146
8 Rodez Aveyron422121 251-35
9 Valenciennes FC422121 212-25
10 AC Ajaccio312120 52225
11 AC Havre422121 30215
12 Pau FC422112 210-14
13 EA Guingamp422031 100-23
14 SC Amiens422103 533-33
15 Grenoble Foot422013 040-81
16 AS Nancy422013 232-61
17 Dijon FCO422013 442-41
18 Dunkerque422013 331-31
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
12Aldo Kalulu KyatengwaSochaux2043430
15Gaetan RobailValenciennes FC2043520
18Yassine BenrahouOlympique Nimes2143570
29Samuel RenelChamois Niort FC103503
36Rafael Rogerio da SilvaFC Toulouse202721
41Philipe Sampaio AzevedoEA Guingamp1043600
48Jack LahneSC Amiens1041932
49Lucas BuadesRodez Aveyron1032680
49El-Hadji BaEA Guingamp1031152
54Nassim OuammouRodez Aveyron1042152
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
302 - Round:
2021-10-2317:00AC Ajaccio? - ?AS Nancynotstarted
2021-10-2317:00SC Amiens? - ?Valenciennes FCnotstarted
2021-10-2317:00EA Guingamp? - ?Olympique Nimesnotstarted
2021-10-2317:00Chamois Niort FC? - ?Rodez Aveyronnotstarted
2021-10-2317:00AC Havre? - ?Pau FCnotstarted
2021-10-2317:00Sochaux? - ?Pau FCnotstarted
2021-10-2317:00Dunkerque? - ?SM Caennotstarted
2021-10-2317:00Grenoble Foot? - ?Dijon FCOnotstarted
2021-10-2313:00Paris FC? - ?FC Toulousenotstarted
2021-10-1818:45Olympique Nimes0 - 2AC Ajacciofinished
2021-10-1617:00Pau FC1 - 0Paris FCfinished
2021-10-1617:00Rodez Aveyron0 - 1Sochauxfinished
2021-10-1617:00SM Caen2 - 2AC Havrefinished
2021-10-1617:00Dijon FCO1 - 0SC Amiensfinished
2021-10-1617:00Dijon FCO0 - 3Chamois Niort FCfinished
2021-10-1617:00Valenciennes FC1 - 3Dunkerquefinished
2021-10-1617:00Valenciennes FC0 - 0Grenoble Footfinished
2021-10-1617:00AS Nancy2 - 1EA Guingampfinished
2021-10-1613:00FC Toulouse6 - 0AJ Auxerrefinished
2021-10-0217:00AC Ajaccio0 - 1AJ Auxerrefinished
2021-10-0217:00Dunkerque2 - 0AJ Auxerrefinished
2021-10-0217:00SM Caen1 - 2Valenciennes FCfinished
2021-10-0217:00Grenoble Foot2 - 0Pau FCfinished
2021-10-0217:00EA Guingamp2 - 1Rodez Aveyronfinished
2021-10-0217:00Sochaux1 - 0Chamois Niort FCfinished
2021-10-0217:00Paris FC1 - 1AS Nancyfinished
2021-10-0217:00AC Havre2 - 0Dijon FCOfinished
2021-10-0213:00AJ Auxerre2 - 2Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-10-0213:00SC Amiens0 - 0FC Toulousefinished
2021-09-2718:45FC Toulouse2 - 3SM Caenfinished
2021-09-2513:00FC Toulouse2 - 0AC Ajacciofinished
2021-09-2419:00Olympique Nimes0 - 1AC Havrefinished
2021-09-2419:00Pau FC1 - 2Dunkerquefinished
2021-09-2419:00Sochaux0 - 0AJ Auxerrefinished
2021-09-2419:00Sochaux2 - 2EA Guingampfinished
2021-09-2419:00Dijon FCO0 - 1Valenciennes FCfinished
2021-09-2419:00AS Nancy1 - 1SC Amiensfinished
2021-09-2419:00Chamois Niort FC4 - 1Paris FCfinished
2021-09-2419:00Rodez Aveyron1 - 1Grenoble Footfinished
2021-09-2118:00Dunkerque0 - 2FC Toulousefinished
2021-09-2118:00Valenciennes FC2 - 1FC Toulousefinished
2021-09-2118:00Grenoble Foot4 - 1AS Nancyfinished
2021-09-2118:00AC Ajaccio0 - 0Chamois Niort FCfinished
2021-09-2118:00SC Amiens2 - 2Pau FCfinished
2021-09-2118:00AJ Auxerre1 - 0Rodez Aveyronfinished
2021-09-2118:00SM Caen0 - 1Dijon FCOfinished
2021-09-2118:00AC Havre1 - 0Dijon FCOfinished
2021-09-2118:00Paris FC2 - 0Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-09-2118:00EA Guingamp1 - 2Sochauxfinished
2021-09-1817:00AS Nancy1 - 1AC Havrefinished
2021-09-1817:00Rodez Aveyron0 - 2AC Ajacciofinished
2021-09-1817:00Rodez Aveyron0 - 0AJ Auxerrefinished
2021-09-1817:00Olympique Nimes3 - 3SC Amiensfinished
2021-09-1817:00Chamois Niort FC2 - 0EA Guingampfinished
2021-09-1817:00Dijon FCO2 - 0Dunkerquefinished
2021-09-1817:00Pau FC1 - 1Valenciennes FCfinished
2021-09-1817:00Pau FC1 - 1SM Caenfinished
2021-09-1813:00FC Toulouse4 - 1Grenoble Footfinished
2021-09-1813:00Sochaux2 - 0Paris FCfinished
2021-09-1417:00AC Ajaccio1 - 0Paris FCfinished
2021-09-1318:45AC Havre1 - 1FC Toulousefinished
2021-09-1117:00Dijon FCO2 - 1FC Toulousefinished
2021-09-1117:00Valenciennes FC1 - 2FC Toulousefinished
2021-09-1117:00Dunkerque0 - 0AS Nancyfinished
2021-09-1117:00AC Ajaccio1 - 0Sochauxfinished
2021-09-1117:00SC Amiens0 - 1Rodez Aveyronfinished
2021-09-1117:00SM Caen1 - 2Pau FCfinished
2021-09-1117:00Grenoble Foot2 - 1Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-09-1117:00AJ Auxerre4 - 0Chamois Niort FCfinished
2021-09-1113:00Paris FC0 - 1EA Guingampfinished
2021-08-2817:00Chamois Niort FC0 - 0SC Amiensfinished
2021-08-2817:00AS Nancy1 - 4AJ Auxerrefinished
2021-08-2817:00Sochaux1 - 0Grenoble Footfinished
2021-08-2817:00Rodez Aveyron2 - 2Dunkerquefinished
2021-08-2817:00EA Guingamp1 - 1AC Ajacciofinished
2021-08-2817:00EA Guingamp0 - 0AC Havrefinished
2021-08-2817:00Pau FC2 - 0Dijon FCOfinished
2021-08-2817:00Pau FC0 - 1Paris FCfinished
2021-08-2813:00Olympique Nimes0 - 0SM Caenfinished
2021-08-2813:00FC Toulouse1 - 0Valenciennes FCfinished
2021-08-2517:00AC Ajaccio? - ?SM Caencanceled
2021-08-2318:45AJ Auxerre1 - 2EA Guingampfinished
2021-08-2117:00Valenciennes FC1 - 4Rodez Aveyronfinished
2021-08-2117:00SC Amiens0 - 0Sochauxfinished
2021-08-2117:00AC Havre2 - 1Chamois Niort FCfinished
2021-08-2117:00Grenoble Foot2 - 0Chamois Niort FCfinished
2021-08-2117:00Pau FC2 - 0Chamois Niort FCfinished
2021-08-2117:00Dunkerque0 - 2Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-08-2117:00SM Caen1 - 0AS Nancyfinished
2021-08-2113:00Dijon FCO2 - 4FC Toulousefinished
2021-08-1817:00Dijon FCO1 - 2FC Toulousefinished
2021-05-2218:45Chamois Niort FC2 - 0FC Toulousefinished
2021-05-1917:00Chamois Niort FC3 - 1Chamois Niort FCfinished
2021-05-1518:00Paris FC3 - 0FC Chambly Oisefinished
2021-05-1518:00Pau FC4 - 3Valenciennes FCfinished
2021-05-1518:00Chamois Niort FC0 - 2EA Guingampfinished
2021-05-1518:00AS Nancy2 - 2SC Amiensfinished
2021-05-1518:00AC Havre3 - 2Troyes ACfinished
2021-05-1518:00Grenoble Foot1 - 0Rodez Aveyronfinished
2021-05-1518:00Dunkerque3 - 3FC Toulousefinished
2021-05-1518:00LB Chateauroux0 - 0AC Ajacciofinished
2021-05-1518:00SM Caen2 - 1Clermont Footfinished
2021-05-1518:00Sochaux2 - 3AJ Auxerrefinished
2021-05-1217:00FC Toulouse2 - 2Pau FCfinished
2021-05-0818:00AC Ajaccio1 - 1Paris FCfinished
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