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League Standings
1 LOSC Lille3016141893 509253163
2 Paris Saint-Germain3015152037 6711324663
3 Olympique Lyonnais3015151794 5914282960
4 RC Lens3014161398 462225448
5 Olympique Marseille3015151299 381815245
6 Montpellier HSC30161412810 481918-144
7 FC Stade Rennes30151512810 371420444
8 FC Metz30151511910 361519442
9 SCO Angers30141611712 332318-1040
10 OGC Nice30151511613 391620-239
11 Stade Reims30141691110 362324038
12 FC Girondins Bordeaux30151510614 322319-636
13 Stade Brestois 2930151510515 432814-1035
14 RC Strasbourg Alsace3015159615 372521-733
15 AS Saint-Etienne3015158913 302116-1633
16 Olympique Nimes3015158517 302713-2629
17 FC Lorient3015157815 362714-1829
18 FC Nantes30151551312 312316-1528
19 Dijon FCO3016142919 202915-3115
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
3Boulaye DiaStade Reims1352822981
7Karl Brilliant Toko EkambiOlympique Lyonnais1202620691
9Ludovic AjorqueRC Strasbourg Alsace1132823811
10Philana Tinotenda KadewereOlympique Lyonnais1002817777
11Gaetan LabordeMontpellier HSC1003025980
12Andy DelortMontpellier HSC1002217850
15Ui-Jo HwangFC Girondins Bordeaux902818764
16Jonathan Christian DavidLOSC Lille903019097
17Stephy Alvaro MavididiMontpellier HSC8027144411
18Florian ThauvinOlympique Marseille802921353
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
301 - Round:
2021-04-1715:00Olympique Marseille? - ?FC Lorientnotstarted
2021-04-1710:45SCO Angers? - ?FC Stade Rennesnotstarted
2021-04-1619:00LOSC Lille? - ?Montpellier HSCnotstarted
2021-04-1119:00Olympique Lyonnais3 - 0SCO Angersfinished
2021-04-1115:05Olympique Lyonnais3 - 0Dijon FCOfinished
2021-04-1113:00AS Saint-Etienne4 - 1FC Girondins Bordeauxfinished
2021-04-1113:00OGC Nice0 - 0Stade Reimsfinished
2021-04-1113:00RC Lens4 - 1FC Lorientfinished
2021-04-1113:00Stade Brestois 291 - 1Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-04-1111:00FC Stade Rennes1 - 0FC Nantesfinished
2021-04-1019:00Montpellier HSC3 - 3Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-04-1015:00RC Strasbourg Alsace1 - 4Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2021-04-0919:00FC Metz0 - 2LOSC Lillefinished
2021-04-0418:00RC Lens1 - 1Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2021-04-0418:00Olympique Marseille2 - 0Dijon FCOfinished
2021-04-0418:00Olympique Marseille4 - 0FC Metzfinished
2021-04-0418:00FC Nantes1 - 2OGC Nicefinished
2021-04-0418:00Olympique Nimes0 - 2AS Saint-Etiennefinished
2021-04-0418:00Stade Reims2 - 2FC Stade Rennesfinished
2021-04-0418:00FC Girondins Bordeaux2 - 3RC Strasbourg Alsacefinished
2021-04-0418:00Paris Saint-Germain0 - 1LOSC Lillefinished
2021-04-0418:00FC Lorient1 - 0Stade Brestois 29finished
2021-04-0418:00SCO Angers1 - 1Montpellier HSCfinished
2021-03-2120:00Olympique Lyonnais2 - 4Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2021-03-2116:05AS Saint-Etienne0 - 4Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2021-03-2116:05LOSC Lille1 - 2Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-03-2114:00FC Nantes1 - 1FC Lorientfinished
2021-03-2114:00Montpellier HSC3 - 1FC Girondins Bordeauxfinished
2021-03-2114:00Stade Brestois 290 - 0SCO Angersfinished
2021-03-2114:00Dijon FCO0 - 1Stade Reimsfinished
2021-03-2112:00RC Strasbourg Alsace1 - 2RC Lensfinished
2021-03-2016:00LOSC Lille1 - 2Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-03-2016:00OGC Nice3 - 0Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-03-2012:00FC Metz1 - 3FC Stade Rennesfinished
2021-03-1920:00OGC Nice3 - 0Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-03-1920:00AS Saint-Etienne0 - 4Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-03-1420:00Paris Saint-Germain1 - 2FC Nantesfinished
2021-03-1416:05Paris Saint-Germain0 - 0LOSC Lillefinished
2021-03-1414:00RC Lens2 - 2FC Metzfinished
2021-03-1414:00FC Lorient1 - 1OGC Nicefinished
2021-03-1414:00Dijon FCO1 - 3FC Girondins Bordeauxfinished
2021-03-1414:00FC Stade Rennes1 - 0RC Strasbourg Alsacefinished
2021-03-1412:00Olympique Nimes1 - 1Montpellier HSCfinished
2021-03-1316:00Olympique Marseille3 - 1Stade Brestois 29finished
2021-03-1312:00SCO Angers0 - 1AS Saint-Etiennefinished
2021-03-1220:00Stade Reims1 - 1Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2021-03-1018:00Olympique Marseille1 - 0FC Stade Rennesfinished
2021-03-0320:00RC Strasbourg Alsace1 - 0FC Stade Rennesfinished
2021-03-0320:00Montpellier HSC1 - 1FC Lorientfinished
2021-03-0320:00FC Girondins Bordeaux0 - 1Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2021-03-0320:00LOSC Lille2 - 0Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-03-0320:00FC Nantes1 - 2Stade Reimsfinished
2021-03-0318:00AS Saint-Etienne2 - 3RC Lensfinished
2021-03-0318:00OGC Nice2 - 1Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-03-0318:00FC Metz0 - 1SCO Angersfinished
2021-03-0318:00Stade Brestois 293 - 1Dijon FCOfinished
2021-03-0318:00Olympique Lyonnais1 - 0FC Stade Rennesfinished
2021-02-2820:00Olympique Marseille1 - 1Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2021-02-2816:00LOSC Lille1 - 1RC Strasbourg Alsacefinished
2021-02-2814:00Olympique Nimes1 - 1FC Nantesfinished
2021-02-2814:00Stade Reims0 - 0Montpellier HSCfinished
2021-02-2814:00SCO Angers2 - 2RC Lensfinished
2021-02-2814:00FC Lorient2 - 1AS Saint-Etiennefinished
2021-02-2812:00FC Lorient2 - 0Stade Brestois 29finished
2021-02-2716:00Dijon FCO0 - 4Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2021-02-2712:00FC Girondins Bordeaux1 - 2FC Metzfinished
2021-02-2620:00FC Stade Rennes1 - 2OGC Nicefinished
2021-02-2418:00Olympique Nimes1 - 0FC Lorientfinished
2021-02-2120:00Paris Saint-Germain0 - 2FC Lorientfinished
2021-02-2116:00FC Lorient1 - 4LOSC Lillefinished
2021-02-2114:00RC Strasbourg Alsace0 - 0SCO Angersfinished
2021-02-2114:00Olympique Nimes2 - 0FC Girondins Bordeauxfinished
2021-02-2114:00OGC Nice1 - 2FC Metzfinished
2021-02-2114:00RC Lens2 - 1Dijon FCOfinished
2021-02-2112:00Montpellier HSC2 - 1FC Stade Rennesfinished
2021-02-2016:00FC Nantes1 - 1Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-02-2012:00AS Saint-Etienne1 - 1Stade Reimsfinished
2021-02-1920:00Stade Brestois 292 - 3Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2021-02-1720:00Olympique Marseille3 - 2OGC Nicefinished
2021-02-1420:00FC Girondins Bordeaux0 - 0Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-02-1416:00LOSC Lille0 - 0Stade Brestois 29finished
2021-02-1414:00FC Stade Rennes0 - 2AS Saint-Etiennefinished
2021-02-1414:00FC Metz1 - 2RC Strasbourg Alsacefinished
2021-02-1414:00Dijon FCO0 - 2Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-02-1414:00SCO Angers1 - 3FC Nantesfinished
2021-02-1412:00SCO Angers2 - 2FC Lorientfinished
2021-02-1320:00Olympique Lyonnais1 - 2Montpellier HSCfinished
2021-02-1318:00Stade Reims1 - 1RC Lensfinished
2021-02-1316:00Paris Saint-Germain2 - 1OGC Nicefinished
2021-02-0720:00Olympique Marseille0 - 2Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2021-02-0716:00FC Nantes0 - 2LOSC Lillefinished
2021-02-0714:00Olympique Nimes3 - 4LOSC Lillefinished
2021-02-0714:00AS Saint-Etienne1 - 0FC Metzfinished
2021-02-0714:00OGC Nice3 - 0SCO Angersfinished
2021-02-0714:00Montpellier HSC4 - 2Dijon FCOfinished
2021-02-0712:00Stade Brestois 292 - 1FC Girondins Bordeauxfinished
2021-02-0620:00RC Lens0 - 0FC Stade Rennesfinished
2021-02-0618:00Olympique Lyonnais3 - 0RC Strasbourg Alsacefinished
2021-02-0616:00FC Lorient1 - 0Stade Reimsfinished
2021-02-0320:00AS Saint-Etienne1 - 1FC Nantesfinished
2021-02-0320:00AS Saint-Etienne2 - 1OGC Nicefinished
2021-02-0320:00RC Lens2 - 2Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-02-0320:00Dijon FCO0 - 1Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2021-02-0320:00Paris Saint-Germain3 - 0Olympique Nimesfinished
2021-02-0318:00RC Strasbourg Alsace2 - 2Stade Brestois 29finished
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