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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
16Fabian Maria Lago Vilela de AbreuIF Gnistan10000
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
295 - Round:
2022-07-0214:00PEPO Lappeenranta? - ?EIF
2022-07-0214:00Pargas Idrottsforening? - ?PK-35 Vantaa II
2022-07-0214:00SJK Akatemia? - ?FF Jaro
2022-07-0115:30FC KTP Kotka? - ?Mikkelin Palloilijat
2022-07-0115:30IF Gnistan? - ?KPV Kokkola
2022-07-0115:30JAPS? - ?TPS Juniorijalkapallo
2022-06-2315:30SJK Akatemia2 - 2PEPO Lappeenrantafinished
2022-06-2215:30FC KTP Kotka4 - 0PK-35 Vantaa IIfinished
2022-06-2215:30KPV Kokkola1 - 1EIFfinished
2022-06-2215:30IF Gnistan0 - 1TPS Juniorijalkapallofinished
2022-06-2215:30JAPS1 - 4Mikkelin Palloilijatfinished
2022-06-2215:30Pargas Idrottsforening0 - 2FF Jarofinished
2022-06-1817:00PK-35 Vantaa II2 - 2JAPSfinished
2022-06-1814:00Mikkelin Palloilijat1 - 1IF Gnistanfinished
2022-06-1814:00PEPO Lappeenranta2 - 1Pargas Idrottsforeningfinished
2022-06-1814:00FF Jaro2 - 2FC KTP Kotkafinished
2022-06-1814:00EIF5 - 0SJK Akatemiafinished
2022-06-1812:00TPS Juniorijalkapallo5 - 0KPV Kokkolafinished
2022-06-1215:30FF Jaro0 - 2IF Gnistanfinished
2022-06-1114:00PK-35 Vantaa II1 - 1KPV Kokkolafinished
2022-06-1114:00SJK Akatemia1 - 1FC KTP Kotkafinished
2022-06-1016:00PEPO Lappeenranta2 - 4JAPSfinished
2022-06-1015:30Pargas Idrottsforening2 - 3EIFfinished
2022-06-1015:30Mikkelin Palloilijat1 - 1TPS Juniorijalkapallofinished
2022-06-0615:30TPS Juniorijalkapallo2 - 0PK-35 Vantaa IIfinished
2022-06-0515:30IF Gnistan? - ?PEPO Lappeenranta
2022-06-0515:30EIF? - ?Mikkelin Palloilijat
2022-06-0315:30FC KTP Kotka3 - 1Pargas Idrottsforeningfinished
2022-06-0315:30KPV Kokkola? - ?FF Jaro
2022-06-0315:30JAPS? - ?SJK Akatemia
2022-05-3015:30PEPO Lappeenranta? - ?KPV Kokkola
2022-05-3015:30FC KTP Kotka1 - 1EIFfinished
2022-05-2915:30SJK Akatemia? - ?IF Gnistan
2022-05-2915:30FF Jaro? - ?TPS Juniorijalkapallo
2022-05-2915:30Pargas Idrottsforening? - ?JAPS
2022-05-2915:30PK-35 Vantaa II2 - 0Mikkelin Palloilijatfinished
2022-05-2116:00IF Gnistan? - ?Pargas Idrottsforening
2022-05-2114:00EIF? - ?PK-35 Vantaa II
2022-05-2114:00TPS Juniorijalkapallo? - ?PEPO Lappeenranta
2022-05-2114:00Mikkelin Palloilijat? - ?FF Jaro
2022-05-2114:00KPV Kokkola? - ?SJK Akatemia
2022-05-2015:30JAPS? - ?FC KTP Kotka
2022-05-1515:30FF Jaro? - ?PK-35 Vantaa II
2022-05-1515:30SJK Akatemia? - ?TPS Juniorijalkapallo
2022-05-1414:00Pargas Idrottsforening? - ?KPV Kokkola
2022-05-1316:00PEPO Lappeenranta? - ?Mikkelin Palloilijat
2022-05-1315:30JAPS? - ?EIF
2022-05-1115:30SJK Akatemia? - ?PK-35 Vantaa II
2022-05-0915:30TPS Juniorijalkapallo? - ?Pargas Idrottsforening
2022-05-0815:30IF Gnistan? - ?JAPS
2022-05-0815:30EIF? - ?FF Jaro
2022-05-0815:30Mikkelin Palloilijat? - ?SJK Akatemia
2022-05-0815:30KPV Kokkola? - ?FC KTP Kotka
2022-05-0712:00PK-35 Vantaa II1 - 2PEPO Lappeenrantafinished
2022-04-3012:00IF Gnistan? - ?EIFnotstarted
2022-04-3012:00Pargas Idrottsforening? - ?Mikkelin Palloilijatnotstarted
2022-04-2915:30PEPO Lappeenranta0 - 3FF Jarofinished
2022-04-2915:30JAPS0 - 0KPV Kokkolafinished
2022-04-2815:30FC KTP Kotka0 - 0TPS Juniorijalkapallofinished
2022-04-2515:30PK-35 Vantaa II2 - 2Pargas Idrottsforeningfinished
2022-04-2314:00KPV Kokkola0 - 2IF Gnistanfinished
2022-04-2314:00EIF2 - 1PEPO Lappeenrantafinished
2022-04-2312:00TPS Juniorijalkapallo3 - 0JAPSfinished
2022-04-1813:00EIF1 - 3TPS Juniorijalkapallofinished
2022-04-1813:00FC KTP Kotka1 - 0PEPO Lappeenrantafinished
2022-04-1813:00Pargas Idrottsforening0 - 2SJK Akatemiafinished
2022-04-1813:00IF Gnistan1 - 1PK-35 Vantaa IIfinished
2022-04-1813:00KPV Kokkola3 - 2Mikkelin Palloilijatfinished
2022-04-1813:00JAPS0 - 0FF Jarofinished
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