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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
284 - Round:
2022-05-0519:00Eintracht Frankfurt? - ?Olympique Lyonnais
2022-05-0519:00Eintracht Frankfurt? - ?West Ham Unitednotstarted
2022-05-0519:00Rangers FC? - ?RB Leipzignotstarted
2022-04-2819:00Olympique Lyonnais? - ?Eintracht Frankfurt
2022-04-2819:00West Ham United1 - 2Eintracht Frankfurtfinished
2022-04-2819:00RB Leipzig1 - 0Rangers FCfinished
2022-04-1419:00Rangers FC? - ?Sporting Bragafinished aet
2022-04-1419:00FC Barcelona2 - 3Eintracht Frankfurtfinished
2022-04-1419:00Olympique Lyonnais0 - 3West Ham Unitedfinished
2022-04-1416:45Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio0 - 2RB Leipzigfinished
2022-04-0719:00Sporting Braga1 - 0Rangers FCfinished
2022-04-0719:00West Ham United1 - 1Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2022-04-0719:00Eintracht Frankfurt1 - 1FC Barcelonafinished
2022-04-0716:45RB Leipzig1 - 1Atalanta Bergamasca Calciofinished
2022-03-1720:00RB Leipzig? - ?RB Leipzigcanceled
2022-03-1720:00West Ham United1 - 0FC Sevillafinished
2022-03-1720:00Eintracht Frankfurt0 - 1Real Betis Balompiefinished
2022-03-1720:00Olympique Lyonnais1 - 1FC Portofinished
2022-03-1717:45FK Red Star Belgrade2 - 1Rangers FCfinished
2022-03-1717:45Bayer 04 Leverkusen0 - 1Atalanta Bergamasca Calciofinished
2022-03-1717:45Galatasaray1 - 2FC Barcelonafinished
2022-03-1717:45Galatasaray1 - 1Sporting Bragafinished
2022-03-1020:00Sporting Braga2 - 0Sporting Bragafinished
2022-03-1020:00FC Barcelona0 - 0Galatasarayfinished
2022-03-1020:00Rangers FC3 - 0FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2022-03-1020:00Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio3 - 2Bayer 04 Leverkusenfinished
2022-03-1017:45RB Leipzig? - ?Bayer 04 Leverkusencanceled
2022-03-1017:45FC Sevilla1 - 0West Ham Unitedfinished
2022-03-0917:45Real Betis Balompie1 - 2Eintracht Frankfurtfinished
2022-03-0917:45FC Porto0 - 1Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2022-02-2420:00Real Betis Balompie0 - 0Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2022-02-2420:00SSC Napoli2 - 4FC Barcelonafinished
2022-02-2420:00Rangers FC2 - 2Borussia Dortmundfinished
2022-02-2420:00Sporting Braga2 - 0FC Sheriff Tiraspolfinished
2022-02-2417:45Olympiacos FC0 - 3Atalanta Bergamasca Calciofinished
2022-02-2417:45SS Lazio Roma2 - 2FC Portofinished
2022-02-2417:45Real Sociedad1 - 3RB Leipzigfinished
2022-02-2417:45GNK Dinamo Zagreb1 - 0FC Sevillafinished
2022-02-1720:00Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio2 - 1Olympiacos FCfinished
2022-02-1720:00FC Sevilla3 - 1GNK Dinamo Zagrebfinished
2022-02-1720:00FC Porto2 - 1SS Lazio Romafinished
2022-02-1720:00RB Leipzig2 - 2Real Sociedadfinished
2022-02-1717:45RB Leipzig2 - 3Real Betis Balompiefinished
2022-02-1717:45Borussia Dortmund2 - 4Rangers FCfinished
2022-02-1717:45FC Barcelona1 - 1SSC Napolifinished
2022-02-1717:45FC Sheriff Tiraspol2 - 0Sporting Bragafinished
2021-12-0920:00SS Lazio Roma0 - 0Galatasarayfinished
2021-12-0920:00West Ham United0 - 1GNK Dinamo Zagrebfinished
2021-12-0920:00Ferencvarosi TC1 - 0Bayer 04 Leverkusenfinished
2021-12-0920:00KRC Genk0 - 1SK Rapid Wienfinished
2021-12-0920:00Olympique Marseille1 - 0SK Rapid Wienfinished
2021-12-0920:00Olympique Marseille3 - 2Real Betis Balompiefinished
2021-12-0920:00Sporting Braga1 - 1FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2021-12-0920:00Ludogorets 1945 Razgrad0 - 0FC Midtjyllandfinished
2021-12-0917:45Legia Warsaw0 - 1FC Midtjyllandfinished
2021-12-0917:45Fenerbahce1 - 1Eintracht Frankfurtfinished
2021-12-0917:45SK Sturm Graz1 - 1Eintracht Frankfurtfinished
2021-12-0917:45AC Sparta Prague2 - 0Broendby IFfinished
2021-12-0917:45SSC Napoli3 - 2Leicester Cityfinished
2021-12-0917:45Real Sociedad3 - 0PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-12-0917:45Olympique Lyonnais1 - 1Rangers FCfinished
2021-12-0917:45Royal Antwerp FC1 - 0Olympiacos FCfinished
2021-11-2520:00Olympiacos FC1 - 0Fenerbahcefinished
2021-11-2520:00Rangers FC2 - 0AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-11-2520:00Eintracht Frankfurt2 - 2Royal Antwerp FCfinished
2021-11-2520:00Leicester City3 - 1Legia Warsawfinished
2021-11-2520:00PSV Eindhoven2 - 0SK Sturm Grazfinished
2021-11-2520:00PSV Eindhoven2 - 1Real Sociedadfinished
2021-11-2520:00Broendby IF1 - 3Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2021-11-2517:45Real Betis Balompie2 - 0Ferencvarosi TCfinished
2021-11-2517:45Real Betis Balompie0 - 3SS Lazio Romafinished
2021-11-2517:45FC Midtjylland3 - 2Sporting Bragafinished
2021-11-2517:45Galatasaray4 - 2Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-11-2517:45Bayer 04 Leverkusen3 - 2Olympique Marseillefinished
2021-11-2517:45GNK Dinamo Zagreb1 - 1KRC Genkfinished
2021-11-2517:45SK Rapid Wien0 - 2West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-11-2517:45FK Red Star Belgrade1 - 0Ludogorets 1945 Razgradfinished
2021-11-2415:30FK Red Star Belgrade2 - 1SSC Napolifinished
2021-11-0420:00Bayer 04 Leverkusen4 - 0Real Betis Balompiefinished
2021-11-0420:00Royal Antwerp FC0 - 3Fenerbahcefinished
2021-11-0420:00Ferencvarosi TC2 - 3Fenerbahcefinished
2021-11-0420:00FK Red Star Belgrade0 - 1FC Midtjyllandfinished
2021-11-0420:00Olympique Marseille2 - 2SS Lazio Romafinished
2021-11-0420:00Leicester City1 - 1SS Lazio Romafinished
2021-11-0420:00Sporting Braga4 - 2Ludogorets 1945 Razgradfinished
2021-11-0420:00GNK Dinamo Zagreb3 - 1SK Rapid Wienfinished
2021-11-0417:45KRC Genk2 - 2West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-11-0417:45Olympique Lyonnais3 - 0AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-11-0417:45Real Sociedad1 - 1SK Sturm Grazfinished
2021-11-0417:45Broendby IF1 - 1Rangers FCfinished
2021-11-0417:45Broendby IF0 - 0PSV Eindhovenfinished
2021-11-0417:45Legia Warsaw1 - 4SSC Napolifinished
2021-11-0417:45Galatasaray1 - 1SSC Napolifinished
2021-11-0417:45Olympiacos FC1 - 2Eintracht Frankfurtfinished
2021-10-2119:00West Ham United3 - 0KRC Genkfinished
2021-10-2119:00Eintracht Frankfurt3 - 1Olympiacos FCfinished
2021-10-2119:00PSV Eindhoven1 - 2Olympiacos FCfinished
2021-10-2119:00SK Sturm Graz0 - 1Real Sociedadfinished
2021-10-2119:00SK Sturm Graz0 - 1Galatasarayfinished
2021-10-2119:00SSC Napoli3 - 0Legia Warsawfinished
2021-10-2119:00AC Sparta Prague3 - 4Olympique Lyonnaisfinished
2021-10-2119:00Rangers FC2 - 0Broendby IFfinished
2021-10-2116:45FC Midtjylland1 - 1FK Red Star Belgradefinished
2021-10-2116:45Ludogorets 1945 Razgrad0 - 1Sporting Bragafinished
2021-10-2116:45Real Betis Balompie1 - 1Bayer 04 Leverkusenfinished
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