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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1Marcus RashfordManchester United6164161
2Neymar da Silva Santos JuniorParis Saint-Germain6153860
3Alvaro Borja Morata MartinJuventus Turin6064511
4Erling Braut HaalandBorussia Dortmund6043460
5Ciro ImmobileSS Lazio Roma5343260
6Olivier GiroudChelsea FC5141423
7Alassane PleaBorussia Monchengladbach5064521
8Mergim BerishaFC Salzburg5064731
9Ferran Torres GarciaManchester City4053501
10Karim BenzemaReal Madrid4053921
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
281 - Round:
2021-03-1720:00FC Bayern Munich0 - 0SS Lazio Roma
2021-03-1720:00Chelsea FC0 - 0Atletico Madrid
2021-03-1620:00Real Madrid0 - 0Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio
2021-03-1620:00Manchester City0 - 0Borussia Monchengladbach
2021-03-1020:00Liverpool FC0 - 0RB Leipzig
2021-03-1020:00Paris Saint-Germain0 - 0FC Barcelona
2021-03-0920:00Juventus Turin0 - 0FC Porto
2021-03-0920:00Borussia Dortmund0 - 0FC Sevilla
2021-02-2420:00Borussia Monchengladbach0 - 0Manchester City
2021-02-2420:00Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio0 - 0Real Madrid
2021-02-2320:00Atletico Madrid0 - 0Chelsea FC
2021-02-2320:00SS Lazio Roma0 - 0FC Bayern Munich
2021-02-1720:00FC Sevilla0 - 0Borussia Dortmund
2021-02-1720:00FC Porto0 - 0Juventus Turin
2021-02-1620:00FC Barcelona0 - 0Paris Saint-Germain
2021-02-1620:00RB Leipzig0 - 0Liverpool FC
2020-12-0920:00Manchester City3 - 0Olympique Marseillefinished
2020-12-0920:00Olympiacos FC0 - 2FC Portofinished
2020-12-0920:00Inter Milano0 - 0FC Shakhtar Donetskfinished
2020-12-0920:00FC Salzburg0 - 2Atletico Madridfinished
2020-12-0920:00Real Madrid2 - 0Borussia Monchengladbachfinished
2020-12-0920:00FC Bayern Munich2 - 0FC Lokomotiv Moscowfinished
2020-12-0917:55Paris Saint-Germain5 - 1Basaksehir FKfinished
2020-12-0917:55FC Midtjylland1 - 1Liverpool FCfinished
2020-12-0917:55Ajax Amsterdam0 - 1Atalanta Bergamasca Calciofinished
2020-12-0820:00RB Leipzig3 - 2Manchester Unitedfinished
2020-12-0820:00FC Barcelona0 - 3Juventus Turinfinished
2020-12-0820:00Chelsea FC1 - 1FC Krasnodarfinished
2020-12-0820:00FC Dynamo Kiev1 - 0Ferencvarosi TCfinished
2020-12-0820:00FC Stade Rennes1 - 3FC Sevillafinished
2020-12-0817:55FC Zenit St Petersburg1 - 2Borussia Dortmundfinished
2020-12-0817:55SS Lazio Roma2 - 2Club Bruggefinished
2020-12-0220:00FC Sevilla0 - 4Chelsea FCfinished
2020-12-0220:00Borussia Dortmund1 - 1SS Lazio Romafinished
2020-12-0220:00Juventus Turin3 - 0FC Dynamo Kievfinished
2020-12-0220:00Club Brugge3 - 0FC Zenit St Petersburgfinished
2020-12-0220:00Manchester United1 - 3Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2020-12-0220:00Ferencvarosi TC0 - 3FC Barcelonafinished
2020-12-0217:55FC Krasnodar1 - 0FC Stade Rennesfinished
2020-12-0217:55Basaksehir FK3 - 4RB Leipzigfinished
2020-12-0120:00Atletico Madrid1 - 1FC Bayern Munichfinished
2020-12-0120:00Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio1 - 1FC Midtjyllandfinished
2020-12-0120:00Borussia Monchengladbach2 - 3Inter Milanofinished
2020-12-0120:00Olympique Marseille2 - 1Olympiacos FCfinished
2020-12-0120:00FC Porto0 - 0Manchester Cityfinished
2020-12-0120:00Liverpool FC1 - 0Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2020-12-0117:55FC Lokomotiv Moscow1 - 3FC Salzburgfinished
2020-12-0117:55FC Shakhtar Donetsk2 - 0Real Madridfinished
2020-11-2520:00Olympique Marseille0 - 2FC Portofinished
2020-11-2520:00FC Bayern Munich3 - 1FC Salzburgfinished
2020-11-2520:00Atletico Madrid0 - 0FC Lokomotiv Moscowfinished
2020-11-2520:00Inter Milano0 - 2Real Madridfinished
2020-11-2520:00Ajax Amsterdam3 - 1FC Midtjyllandfinished
2020-11-2520:00Liverpool FC0 - 2Atalanta Bergamasca Calciofinished
2020-11-2517:55Olympiacos FC0 - 1Manchester Cityfinished
2020-11-2517:55Borussia Monchengladbach4 - 0FC Shakhtar Donetskfinished
2020-11-2420:00Juventus Turin2 - 1Ferencvarosi TCfinished
2020-11-2420:00Manchester United4 - 1Basaksehir FKfinished
2020-11-2420:00Paris Saint-Germain1 - 0RB Leipzigfinished
2020-11-2420:00FC Dynamo Kiev0 - 4FC Barcelonafinished
2020-11-2420:00SS Lazio Roma3 - 1FC Zenit St Petersburgfinished
2020-11-2420:00Borussia Dortmund3 - 0Club Bruggefinished
2020-11-2417:55FC Krasnodar1 - 2FC Sevillafinished
2020-11-2417:55FC Stade Rennes1 - 2Chelsea FCfinished
2020-11-0420:00Club Brugge0 - 3Borussia Dortmundfinished
2020-11-0420:00RB Leipzig2 - 1Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2020-11-0420:00Ferencvarosi TC1 - 4Juventus Turinfinished
2020-11-0420:00Chelsea FC3 - 0FC Stade Rennesfinished
2020-11-0420:00FC Barcelona2 - 1FC Dynamo Kievfinished
2020-11-0420:00FC Sevilla3 - 2FC Krasnodarfinished
2020-11-0417:55Basaksehir FK2 - 1Manchester Unitedfinished
2020-11-0417:55FC Zenit St Petersburg1 - 1SS Lazio Romafinished
2020-11-0320:00Manchester City3 - 0Olympiacos FCfinished
2020-11-0320:00FC Midtjylland1 - 2Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2020-11-0320:00Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio0 - 5Liverpool FCfinished
2020-11-0320:00FC Salzburg2 - 6FC Bayern Munichfinished
2020-11-0320:00Real Madrid3 - 2Inter Milanofinished
2020-11-0320:00FC Porto3 - 0Olympique Marseillefinished
2020-11-0320:00FC Porto0 - 0Olympiacos FC
2020-11-0317:55FC Lokomotiv Moscow1 - 1Atletico Madridfinished
2020-11-0317:55FC Shakhtar Donetsk0 - 6Borussia Monchengladbachfinished
2020-10-2820:00FC Sevilla1 - 0FC Stade Rennesfinished
2020-10-2820:00Borussia Dortmund2 - 0FC Zenit St Petersburgfinished
2020-10-2820:00Club Brugge1 - 1SS Lazio Romafinished
2020-10-2820:00Ferencvarosi TC2 - 2FC Dynamo Kievfinished
2020-10-2820:00Juventus Turin0 - 2FC Barcelonafinished
2020-10-2820:00Manchester United5 - 0RB Leipzigfinished
2020-10-2817:55FC Krasnodar0 - 4Chelsea FCfinished
2020-10-2817:55Basaksehir FK0 - 2Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2020-10-2720:00Atletico Madrid3 - 2FC Salzburgfinished
2020-10-2720:00Borussia Monchengladbach2 - 2Real Madridfinished
2020-10-2720:00FC Porto2 - 0Olympiacos FCfinished
2020-10-2720:00Olympique Marseille0 - 3Manchester Cityfinished
2020-10-2720:00Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio2 - 2Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2020-10-2720:00Liverpool FC2 - 0FC Midtjyllandfinished
2020-10-2717:55FC Lokomotiv Moscow1 - 2FC Bayern Munichfinished
2020-10-2717:55FC Shakhtar Donetsk0 - 0Inter Milanofinished
2020-10-2119:00FC Bayern Munich4 - 0Atletico Madridfinished
2020-10-2119:00Inter Milano2 - 2Borussia Monchengladbachfinished
2020-10-2119:00Manchester City3 - 1FC Portofinished
2020-10-2119:00Olympiacos FC1 - 0Olympique Marseillefinished
2020-10-2119:00Ajax Amsterdam0 - 1Liverpool FCfinished
2020-10-2119:00FC Midtjylland0 - 4Atalanta Bergamasca Calciofinished
2020-10-2116:55FC Salzburg2 - 2FC Lokomotiv Moscowfinished
2020-10-2116:55Real Madrid2 - 3FC Shakhtar Donetskfinished
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