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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
281 - Round:
2022-08-2421:00Trabzonspor? - ?FC Copenhagennotstarted
2022-08-1621:00FC Copenhagen? - ?Trabzonspornotstarted
2022-05-0419:00Real Madrid? - ?Manchester Citynotstarted
2022-05-0319:00CF Villarreal? - ?Liverpool FCnotstarted
2022-04-2719:00Liverpool FC2 - 0CF Villarrealfinished
2022-04-2619:00Manchester City4 - 3Real Madridfinished
2022-04-1319:00Atletico Madrid0 - 0Manchester Cityfinished
2022-04-1319:00Liverpool FC3 - 3Sl Benficafinished
2022-04-1219:00Real Madrid? - ?Chelsea FCfinished aet
2022-04-1219:00FC Bayern Munich1 - 1CF Villarrealfinished
2022-04-0619:00Chelsea FC1 - 3Real Madridfinished
2022-04-0619:00CF Villarreal1 - 0FC Bayern Munichfinished
2022-04-0519:00Manchester City1 - 0Atletico Madridfinished
2022-04-0519:00Sl Benfica1 - 3Liverpool FCfinished
2022-03-1620:00LOSC Lille1 - 2Chelsea FCfinished
2022-03-1620:00Juventus Turin0 - 3CF Villarrealfinished
2022-03-1520:00Manchester United0 - 1Atletico Madridfinished
2022-03-1520:00Ajax Amsterdam0 - 1Sl Benficafinished
2022-03-0920:00Manchester City0 - 0Sporting CPfinished
2022-03-0920:00Real Madrid3 - 1Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2022-03-0820:00FC Bayern Munich7 - 1FC Salzburgfinished
2022-03-0820:00Liverpool FC0 - 1Inter Milanofinished
2022-02-2320:00Sl Benfica2 - 2Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2022-02-2320:00Atletico Madrid1 - 1Manchester Unitedfinished
2022-02-2220:00Chelsea FC2 - 0LOSC Lillefinished
2022-02-2220:00CF Villarreal1 - 1Juventus Turinfinished
2022-02-1620:00Inter Milano0 - 2Liverpool FCfinished
2022-02-1620:00FC Salzburg1 - 1FC Bayern Munichfinished
2022-02-1520:00Paris Saint-Germain1 - 0Real Madridfinished
2022-02-1520:00Sporting CP0 - 5Manchester Cityfinished
2021-12-0918:00Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio2 - 3CF Villarrealfinished
2021-12-0820:00FC Salzburg1 - 0FC Sevillafinished
2021-12-0820:00VfL Wolfsburg1 - 3LOSC Lillefinished
2021-12-0820:00Manchester United1 - 1BSC Young Boysfinished
2021-12-0820:00FC Bayern Munich3 - 0FC Barcelonafinished
2021-12-0820:00Sl Benfica2 - 0FC Dynamo Kievfinished
2021-12-0817:45Juventus Turin1 - 0Malmo FFfinished
2021-12-0817:45Juventus Turin3 - 3Chelsea FCfinished
2021-12-0720:00Borussia Dortmund5 - 0Besiktasfinished
2021-12-0720:00FC Shakhtar Donetsk1 - 1FC Sheriff Tiraspolfinished
2021-12-0720:00Ajax Amsterdam4 - 2Sporting CPfinished
2021-12-0720:00AC Milan1 - 2Liverpool FCfinished
2021-12-0720:00Real Madrid2 - 0Inter Milanofinished
2021-12-0720:00FC Porto1 - 3Atletico Madridfinished
2021-12-0717:45Paris Saint-Germain4 - 1Club Bruggefinished
2021-12-0717:45RB Leipzig2 - 1Manchester Cityfinished
2021-11-2420:00Sporting CP3 - 1Borussia Dortmundfinished
2021-11-2420:00Club Brugge0 - 5RB Leipzigfinished
2021-11-2420:00FC Sheriff Tiraspol0 - 3Real Madridfinished
2021-11-2420:00Liverpool FC2 - 0FC Portofinished
2021-11-2420:00Atletico Madrid0 - 1AC Milanfinished
2021-11-2420:00Manchester City2 - 1Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2021-11-2417:45Besiktas1 - 2Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-11-2417:45Inter Milano2 - 0FC Shakhtar Donetskfinished
2021-11-2320:00FC Sevilla2 - 0VfL Wolfsburgfinished
2021-11-2320:00Chelsea FC4 - 0Juventus Turinfinished
2021-11-2320:00BSC Young Boys3 - 3Atalanta Bergamasca Calciofinished
2021-11-2320:00LOSC Lille1 - 0FC Salzburgfinished
2021-11-2320:00FC Barcelona0 - 0Sl Benficafinished
2021-11-2320:00Malmo FF1 - 1Sl Benficafinished
2021-11-2317:45FC Dynamo Kiev1 - 2FC Bayern Munichfinished
2021-11-2317:45CF Villarreal0 - 2Manchester Unitedfinished
2021-11-0320:00RB Leipzig2 - 2Paris Saint-Germainfinished
2021-11-0320:00FC Sheriff Tiraspol1 - 3Inter Milanofinished
2021-11-0320:00Borussia Dortmund1 - 3Ajax Amsterdamfinished
2021-11-0320:00Liverpool FC2 - 0Atletico Madridfinished
2021-11-0320:00Manchester City4 - 1Club Bruggefinished
2021-11-0320:00Sporting CP4 - 0Besiktasfinished
2021-11-0317:45Real Madrid2 - 1FC Shakhtar Donetskfinished
2021-11-0317:45AC Milan1 - 1FC Portofinished
2021-11-0220:00FC Dynamo Kiev0 - 1FC Barcelonafinished
2021-11-0220:00FC Bayern Munich5 - 2Sl Benficafinished
2021-11-0220:00Juventus Turin4 - 2Sl Benficafinished
2021-11-0220:00FC Sevilla1 - 2LOSC Lillefinished
2021-11-0220:00Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio2 - 2Manchester Unitedfinished
2021-11-0220:00CF Villarreal2 - 0BSC Young Boysfinished
2021-11-0217:45VfL Wolfsburg2 - 1FC Salzburgfinished
2021-11-0217:45Malmo FF0 - 1Chelsea FCfinished
2021-10-2019:00Manchester United3 - 2Atalanta Bergamasca Calciofinished
2021-10-2019:00LOSC Lille0 - 0FC Sevillafinished
2021-10-2019:00BSC Young Boys1 - 4CF Villarrealfinished
2021-10-2019:00Chelsea FC4 - 0Malmo FFfinished
2021-10-2019:00Chelsea FC0 - 1Juventus Turinfinished
2021-10-2019:00Sl Benfica0 - 4FC Bayern Munichfinished
2021-10-2016:45FC Salzburg3 - 1VfL Wolfsburgfinished
2021-10-2016:45FC Barcelona1 - 0FC Dynamo Kievfinished
2021-10-1919:00FC Shakhtar Donetsk0 - 5Real Madridfinished
2021-10-1919:00FC Porto1 - 0AC Milanfinished
2021-10-1919:00Paris Saint-Germain3 - 2RB Leipzigfinished
2021-10-1919:00Inter Milano3 - 1FC Sheriff Tiraspolfinished
2021-10-1919:00Atletico Madrid2 - 3Liverpool FCfinished
2021-10-1919:00Ajax Amsterdam4 - 0Borussia Dortmundfinished
2021-10-1916:45Besiktas1 - 4Sporting CPfinished
2021-10-1916:45Club Brugge1 - 5Manchester Cityfinished
2021-09-2919:00FC Bayern Munich5 - 0FC Dynamo Kievfinished
2021-09-2919:00Juventus Turin1 - 0Chelsea FCfinished
2021-09-2919:00FC Salzburg2 - 1LOSC Lillefinished
2021-09-2919:00VfL Wolfsburg1 - 1FC Sevillafinished
2021-09-2919:00Manchester United2 - 1CF Villarrealfinished
2021-09-2919:00Sl Benfica3 - 0FC Barcelonafinished
2021-09-2916:45Sl Benfica4 - 0Malmo FFfinished
2021-09-2916:45Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio1 - 0BSC Young Boysfinished
2021-09-2819:00Real Madrid1 - 2FC Sheriff Tiraspolfinished
2021-09-2819:00Paris Saint-Germain2 - 0Manchester Cityfinished
2021-09-2819:00RB Leipzig1 - 2Club Bruggefinished
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