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League Standings
1 Burton Albion211200 30126
2 Wycombe Wanderers211200 51336
3 Portsmouth FC211200 30136
4 Sunderland AFC211200 41226
5 Sheffield Wednesday211110 20024
6 Oxford United211110 31114
7 Morecambe FC211110 42224
8 Lincoln City211110 31114
9 AFC Wimbledon211110 51214
10 Wigan Athletic211101 22103
11 Plymouth Argyle211101 120-13
12 Rotherham United211101 21013
13 Accrington Stanley211101 32103
14 Bolton Wanderers211020 63302
15 Cheltenham Town211011 211-21
16 Gillingham FC211011 110-11
17 Crewe Alexandra211011 120-21
18 Ipswich Town211011 321-11
19 Charlton Athletic211011 121-11
20 Milton Keynes Dons211011 433-11
21 Cambridge United211011 221-11
22 Fleetwood Town211002 121-20
23 Shrewsbury Town211002 020-30
24 Doncaster Rovers211002 120-30
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
20Matthew PenneyIpswich Town1032700
36Alexander Aaron John BaptisteBolton Wanderers1021800
38Florian KamberiSheffield Wednesday1042112
61Nathan Elliot HollandOxford United2081546
73Thomas James O ConnorBurton Albion1053700
81Mark SykesOxford United1053920
91Anthony HartiganAFC Wimbledon1065200
96Ethan RobsonMilton Keynes Dons1076200
114George Benjamin WilliamsCambridge United101210800
120Daryl HorganWycombe Wanderers1085642
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
239 - Round:
2021-10-2314:00Shrewsbury Town? - ?Cambridge Unitednotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Sheffield Wednesday? - ?Lincoln Citynotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Sunderland AFC? - ?Charlton Athleticnotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Wycombe Wanderers? - ?Crewe Alexandranotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Milton Keynes Dons? - ?Rotherham Unitednotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Bolton Wanderers? - ?Gillingham FCnotstarted
2021-10-2314:00AFC Wimbledon? - ?Wigan Athleticnotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Doncaster Rovers? - ?Cheltenham Townnotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Morecambe FC? - ?Plymouth Argylenotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Ipswich Town? - ?Fleetwood Townnotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Burton Albion? - ?Oxford Unitednotstarted
2021-10-2314:00Accrington Stanley? - ?Portsmouth FCnotstarted
2021-10-1918:45Fleetwood Town0 - 1Burton Albionfinished
2021-10-1918:45Lincoln City0 - 1AFC Wimbledonfinished
2021-10-1918:45Gillingham FC1 - 0Doncaster Roversfinished
2021-10-1918:45Oxford United2 - 0Shrewsbury Townfinished
2021-10-1918:45Plymouth Argyle3 - 0Bolton Wanderersfinished
2021-10-1918:45Portsmouth FC0 - 4Ipswich Townfinished
2021-10-1918:45Rotherham United0 - 0Wycombe Wanderersfinished
2021-10-1918:45Wigan Athletic1 - 2Milton Keynes Donsfinished
2021-10-1918:45Crewe Alexandra0 - 4Sunderland AFCfinished
2021-10-1918:45Cheltenham Town3 - 1Morecambe FCfinished
2021-10-1918:45Cambridge United1 - 1Sheffield Wednesdayfinished
2021-10-1918:45Charlton Athletic2 - 3Accrington Stanleyfinished
2021-10-1614:00Cambridge United2 - 2Ipswich Townfinished
2021-10-1614:00Cheltenham Town1 - 0Accrington Stanleyfinished
2021-10-1614:00Doncaster Rovers0 - 2Wycombe Wanderersfinished
2021-10-1614:00AFC Wimbledon2 - 2Sheffield Wednesdayfinished
2021-10-1614:00Rotherham United4 - 1Portsmouth FCfinished
2021-10-1614:00Shrewsbury Town1 - 0Milton Keynes Donsfinished
2021-10-1614:00Bolton Wanderers0 - 4Wigan Athleticfinished
2021-10-1614:00Lincoln City2 - 1Charlton Athleticfinished
2021-10-1614:00Gillingham FC1 - 2Sunderland AFCfinished
2021-10-1614:00Fleetwood Town3 - 0Crewe Alexandrafinished
2021-10-1614:00Oxford United1 - 3Plymouth Argylefinished
2021-10-1518:45Burton Albion3 - 2Morecambe FCfinished
2021-10-0914:00Sunderland AFC? - ?Oxford Unitedpostponed
2021-10-0914:00Wycombe Wanderers2 - 0Gillingham FCfinished
2021-10-0914:00Wigan Athletic? - ?Lincoln Citypostponed
2021-10-0914:00Crewe Alexandra? - ?Doncaster Roverspostponed
2021-10-0914:00Sheffield Wednesday1 - 0Bolton Wanderersfinished
2021-10-0914:00Morecambe FC? - ?Cambridge Unitedpostponed
2021-10-0914:00Ipswich Town2 - 1Shrewsbury Townfinished
2021-10-0914:00Accrington Stanley? - ?Fleetwood Townpostponed
2021-10-0914:00Plymouth Argyle2 - 1Burton Albionfinished
2021-10-0914:00Portsmouth FC? - ?Cheltenham Townpostponed
2021-10-0914:00Milton Keynes Dons? - ?AFC Wimbledonpostponed
2021-10-0214:00Wycombe Wanderers4 - 3Morecambe FCfinished
2021-10-0214:00Sheffield Wednesday1 - 2Oxford Unitedfinished
2021-10-0214:00Portsmouth FC4 - 0Sunderland AFCfinished
2021-10-0214:00Lincoln City2 - 2Plymouth Argylefinished
2021-10-0214:00Accrington Stanley2 - 1Ipswich Townfinished
2021-10-0214:00AFC Wimbledon1 - 1Burton Albionfinished
2021-10-0214:00Bolton Wanderers2 - 1Shrewsbury Townfinished
2021-10-0214:00Gillingham FC0 - 2Wigan Athleticfinished
2021-10-0214:00Doncaster Rovers2 - 1Milton Keynes Donsfinished
2021-10-0214:00Fleetwood Town1 - 2Charlton Athleticfinished
2021-10-0214:00Crewe Alexandra2 - 2Cambridge Unitedfinished
2021-10-0214:00Cheltenham Town0 - 2Rotherham Unitedfinished
2021-09-2818:45Wigan Athletic1 - 2Sheffield Wednesdayfinished
2021-09-2818:45Oxford United5 - 1Accrington Stanleyfinished
2021-09-2818:45Morecambe FC2 - 0Lincoln Cityfinished
2021-09-2818:45Sunderland AFC5 - 0Cheltenham Townfinished
2021-09-2818:45Cambridge United0 - 2Gillingham FCfinished
2021-09-2818:45Rotherham United3 - 0AFC Wimbledonfinished
2021-09-2818:45Shrewsbury Town1 - 2Wycombe Wanderersfinished
2021-09-2818:45Burton Albion2 - 1Portsmouth FCfinished
2021-09-2818:45Charlton Athletic1 - 4Bolton Wanderersfinished
2021-09-2818:45Ipswich Town6 - 0Doncaster Roversfinished
2021-09-2818:45Plymouth Argyle1 - 1Crewe Alexandrafinished
2021-09-2818:45Milton Keynes Dons3 - 3Fleetwood Townfinished
2021-09-2514:00Milton Keynes Dons1 - 0Wycombe Wanderersfinished
2021-09-2514:00Wigan Athletic2 - 0Cheltenham Townfinished
2021-09-2514:00Sunderland AFC1 - 0Bolton Wanderersfinished
2021-09-2514:00Shrewsbury Town2 - 1AFC Wimbledonfinished
2021-09-2514:00Rotherham United1 - 1Crewe Alexandrafinished
2021-09-2514:00Plymouth Argyle2 - 1Doncaster Roversfinished
2021-09-2514:00Morecambe FC3 - 3Accrington Stanleyfinished
2021-09-2514:00Oxford United1 - 1Gillingham FCfinished
2021-09-2514:00Ipswich Town1 - 1Sheffield Wednesdayfinished
2021-09-2514:00Charlton Athletic2 - 2Portsmouth FCfinished
2021-09-2514:00Cambridge United2 - 2Fleetwood Townfinished
2021-09-2514:00Burton Albion1 - 2Lincoln Cityfinished
2021-09-2118:45Gillingham FC1 - 1Charlton Athleticfinished
2021-09-2118:45Portsmouth FC2 - 2Plymouth Argylefinished
2021-09-2118:45Crewe Alexandra1 - 3Morecambe FCfinished
2021-09-1814:00Doncaster Rovers1 - 0Morecambe FCfinished
2021-09-1814:00Gillingham FC1 - 4Milton Keynes Donsfinished
2021-09-1814:00Lincoln City0 - 1Ipswich Townfinished
2021-09-1814:00Portsmouth FC1 - 2Cambridge Unitedfinished
2021-09-1814:00Sheffield Wednesday1 - 1Shrewsbury Townfinished
2021-09-1814:00Wycombe Wanderers2 - 1Charlton Athleticfinished
2021-09-1814:00Fleetwood Town2 - 2Sunderland AFCfinished
2021-09-1814:00AFC Wimbledon0 - 1Plymouth Argylefinished
2021-09-1814:00Crewe Alexandra2 - 0Burton Albionfinished
2021-09-1814:00Cheltenham Town1 - 0Oxford Unitedfinished
2021-09-1814:00Bolton Wanderers0 - 2Rotherham Unitedfinished
2021-09-1814:00Accrington Stanley1 - 4Wigan Athleticfinished
2021-09-1418:45Lincoln City1 - 1Rotherham Unitedfinished
2021-09-1114:00Shrewsbury Town1 - 1Crewe Alexandrafinished
2021-09-1114:00Rotherham United2 - 4Fleetwood Townfinished
2021-09-1114:00Morecambe FC3 - 4AFC Wimbledonfinished
2021-09-1114:00Burton Albion1 - 1Gillingham FCfinished
2021-09-1114:00Ipswich Town2 - 5Bolton Wanderersfinished
2021-09-1114:00Sunderland AFC2 - 1Accrington Stanleyfinished
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