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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
45Curtis Eugene DaviesDerby County402623400
61Thomas Paul InceStoke City3093416
90Lys MoussetSheffield United3073203
109Rhian Joel BrewsterSheffield United20116384
110Dara O'SheaWest Bromwich Albion2054500
130Samuel Edward Thomas BaldockDerby County20138081
145Sonny BradleyLuton Town201512601
164Ivan SunjicBirmingham City102420092
171Onel Lazaro Hernandez MayeaBirmingham City10188678
172James Andrew HusbandBlackpool102116763
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
238 - Round:
2022-01-3016:00Cardiff City? - ?Nottingham Forestnotstarted
2022-01-3013:30Derby County? - ?Birmingham Citynotstarted
2022-01-2917:30Peterborough United? - ?Sheffield Unitednotstarted
2022-01-2915:00Barnsley? - ?AFC Bournemouthnotstarted
2022-01-2915:00Hull City? - ?Swansea Citynotstarted
2022-01-2915:00Queens Park Rangers? - ?Swansea Citynotstarted
2022-01-2915:00Middlesbrough FC? - ?Coventry Citynotstarted
2022-01-2915:00Luton Town? - ?Blackburn Roversnotstarted
2022-01-2915:00Preston North End? - ?Bristol Citynotstarted
2022-01-2915:00Preston North End? - ?Blackpoolnotstarted
2022-01-2915:00Millwall FC? - ?West Bromwich Albionnotstarted
2022-01-2819:45Huddersfield Town1 - 1Stoke Cityfinished
2022-01-2620:00West Bromwich Albion0 - 2Preston North Endfinished
2022-01-2519:45Birmingham City? - ?Peterborough Unitednotstarted
2022-01-2519:45Luton Town? - ?Bristol Citynotstarted
2022-01-2519:45Nottingham Forest? - ?Barnsleynotstarted
2022-01-2519:45Queens Park Rangers? - ?Swansea Citynotstarted
2022-01-2519:45Coventry City? - ?Stoke Citynotstarted
2022-01-2419:45Blackburn Rovers? - ?Middlesbrough FCnotstarted
2022-01-2215:00Blackburn Rovers3 - 4Huddersfield Townfinished
2022-01-2215:00Coventry City1 - 2Queens Park Rangersfinished
2022-01-2215:00Blackpool1 - 0Millwall FCfinished
2022-01-2215:00Birmingham City2 - 1Barnsleyfinished
2022-01-2215:00Sheffield United2 - 0Luton Townfinished
2022-01-2215:00West Bromwich Albion3 - 0Peterborough Unitedfinished
2022-01-2215:00Swansea City1 - 0Preston North Endfinished
2022-01-2215:00Stoke City2 - 3Preston North Endfinished
2022-01-2215:00AFC Bournemouth0 - 1Hull Cityfinished
2022-01-2212:30Bristol City3 - 2Cardiff Cityfinished
2022-01-2212:30Nottingham Forest2 - 1Derby Countyfinished
2022-01-1920:00Nottingham Forest0 - 2Luton Townfinished
2022-01-1919:45Hull City2 - 0Blackburn Roversfinished
2022-01-1819:45Hull City6 - 2Birmingham Cityfinished
2022-01-1819:45Preston North End2 - 2Sheffield Unitedfinished
2022-01-1612:00Hull City0 - 2Stoke Cityfinished
2022-01-1120:00Hull City0 - 7Stoke Cityfinished
2022-01-0315:00Stoke City1 - 2Preston North Endfinished
2022-01-0315:00Stoke City2 - 2Derby Countyfinished
2022-01-0214:00Birmingham City1 - 2Queens Park Rangersfinished
2022-01-0214:00Blackburn Rovers0 - 0Huddersfield Townfinished
2022-01-0214:00West Bromwich Albion1 - 1Cardiff Cityfinished
2022-01-0213:00Bristol City3 - 2Millwall FCfinished
2022-01-0115:00Blackpool1 - 0Hull Cityfinished
2021-12-3019:45Nottingham Forest0 - 1Huddersfield Townfinished
2021-12-3019:45AFC Bournemouth3 - 0Cardiff Cityfinished
2021-12-3019:45Bristol City1 - 2Queens Park Rangersfinished
2021-12-3019:45Stoke City1 - 2Derby Countyfinished
2021-12-2919:45Blackpool1 - 2Middlesbrough FCfinished
2021-12-2919:45Coventry City0 - 1Millwall FCfinished
2021-12-2919:45Blackburn Rovers2 - 1Barnsleyfinished
2021-12-2717:30Queens Park Rangers0 - 1AFC Bournemouthfinished
2021-12-2715:00Derby County1 - 0West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-12-2615:00Middlesbrough FC2 - 0Nottingham Forestfinished
2021-12-2615:00Huddersfield Town3 - 2Blackpoolfinished
2021-12-2019:45Huddersfield Town0 - 1Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-12-1815:00Nottingham Forest2 - 1Hull Cityfinished
2021-12-1815:00Bristol City2 - 3Huddersfield Townfinished
2021-12-1815:00Blackpool3 - 1Peterborough Unitedfinished
2021-12-1815:00Blackburn Rovers4 - 0Birmingham Cityfinished
2021-12-1812:30Middlesbrough FC1 - 0AFC Bournemouthfinished
2021-12-1719:45Barnsley0 - 0West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-12-1115:00Luton Town1 - 1West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-12-1115:00Hull City2 - 2Bristol Cityfinished
2021-12-1115:00West Bromwich Albion1 - 0Bristol Cityfinished
2021-12-1115:00Derby County1 - 0Blackpoolfinished
2021-12-1115:00Preston North End2 - 1Barnsleyfinished
2021-12-1115:00Stoke City0 - 0Middlesbrough FCfinished
2021-12-1115:00Peterborough United2 - 1Millwall FCfinished
2021-12-1115:00Swansea City1 - 4Nottingham Forestfinished
2021-12-1115:00AFC Bournemouth0 - 2Blackburn Roversfinished
2021-12-1115:00Birmingham City2 - 2Cardiff Cityfinished
2021-12-1112:30Huddersfield Town1 - 1Coventry Cityfinished
2021-12-0514:30Queens Park Rangers0 - 2Stoke Cityfinished
2021-12-0415:00Nottingham Forest2 - 0Peterborough Unitedfinished
2021-12-0415:00Middlesbrough FC1 - 0Swansea Cityfinished
2021-12-0415:00Bristol City1 - 0Derby Countyfinished
2021-12-0415:00Blackpool0 - 3Luton Townfinished
2021-12-0415:00Blackpool1 - 1Hull Cityfinished
2021-12-0415:00Cardiff City2 - 3Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-12-0415:00Barnsley1 - 1Huddersfield Townfinished
2021-12-0415:00Blackburn Rovers1 - 0Preston North Endfinished
2021-12-0415:00Millwall FC3 - 1Birmingham Cityfinished
2021-12-0412:30Coventry City1 - 2West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-12-0319:45Coventry City1 - 1AFC Bournemouthfinished
2021-11-2919:45Derby County1 - 2Queens Park Rangersfinished
2021-11-2812:30Sheffield United2 - 0Bristol Cityfinished
2021-11-2715:00Swansea City2 - 3Bristol Cityfinished
2021-11-2715:00Stoke City0 - 1Blackburn Roversfinished
2021-11-2715:00Luton Town1 - 2Cardiff Cityfinished
2021-11-2715:00Hull City2 - 1Millwall FCfinished
2021-11-2715:00Huddersfield Town1 - 2Middlesbrough FCfinished
2021-11-2715:00AFC Bournemouth2 - 2Coventry Cityfinished
2021-11-2715:00Birmingham City1 - 0Blackpoolfinished
2021-11-2715:00Peterborough United0 - 0Barnsleyfinished
2021-11-2712:30Preston North End1 - 1Barnsleyfinished
2021-11-2620:00West Bromwich Albion0 - 0Nottingham Forestfinished
2021-11-2419:45West Bromwich Albion0 - 0Derby Countyfinished
2021-11-2419:45Blackburn Rovers4 - 0Peterborough Unitedfinished
2021-11-2419:45Cardiff City0 - 1Hull Cityfinished
2021-11-2419:45Millwall FC1 - 1AFC Bournemouthfinished
2021-11-2419:45Barnsley0 - 2Swansea Cityfinished
2021-11-2419:45Queens Park Rangers1 - 0Huddersfield Townfinished
2021-11-2419:45Bristol City1 - 0Stoke Cityfinished
2021-11-2320:00Bristol City0 - 1Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-11-2319:45Coventry City0 - 0Birmingham Cityfinished
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