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League Standings
1 Manchester City3016142253 648284371
2 Manchester United2914151694 5613272457
3 Leicester City2914151757 5313282156
4 Chelsea FC2914151496 4414191951
5 West Ham United2915141478 4517191049
6 Tottenham Hotspur2914151469 4916241948
7 Everton FC28141414410 401521346
8 Liverpool FC2915141379 4818261246
9 Arsenal FC29141512611 401722842
10 Aston Villa28131512511 391219941
11 Leeds United29141512314 453026-239
12 Crystal Palace29151410712 312616-1637
13 Wolverhampton Wanderers2914159812 282313-1035
14 Southampton FC2914159614 363318-1533
15 Burnley FC2915148912 222110-1533
16 Brighton & Hove Albion29151471111 321716-432
17 Newcastle United2914157715 282511-2028
18 Fulham FC30161451114 231514-1526
19 West Bromwich Albion2915143917 202411-3718
20 Sheffield United2915144223 16286-3414
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
5Patrick BamfordLeeds United1412924430
10Callum WilsonNewcastle United1042118160
11Oliver George Arthur WatkinsAston Villa1012825200
14Tomas SoucekWest Ham United902926100
15Riyad Karim MahrezManchester City902316314
17Dazet Wilfried Armel ZahaCrystal Palace922118041
20Neal MaupayBrighton & Hove Albion832720583
23Michail Gregory AntonioWest Ham United702015162
29David James McGoldrickSheffield United602616247
30Edinson Roberto Cavani GomezManchester United60189219
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
237 - Round:
2021-05-2315:00Aston Villa2 - 1Chelsea FCfinished
2021-05-2315:00Aston Villa0 - 2Newcastle Unitedfinished
2021-05-2315:00Leeds United3 - 1West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-05-2315:00Leicester City2 - 4West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-05-2315:00Sheffield United1 - 0Burnley FCfinished
2021-05-2315:00West Ham United3 - 0Burnley FCfinished
2021-05-2315:00Wolverhampton Wanderers1 - 2Manchester Unitedfinished
2021-05-2315:00Arsenal FC2 - 0Brighton & Hove Albionfinished
2021-05-2315:00Liverpool FC2 - 0Crystal Palacefinished
2021-05-2315:00Manchester City5 - 0Everton FCfinished
2021-05-1919:15Burnley FC0 - 3Liverpool FCfinished
2021-05-1919:15West Bromwich Albion1 - 3West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-05-1918:00Crystal Palace1 - 3Arsenal FCfinished
2021-05-1917:00Crystal Palace1 - 2Aston Villafinished
2021-05-1917:00Newcastle United1 - 0Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-05-1917:00Everton FC1 - 0Wolverhampton Wanderersfinished
2021-05-1819:15Chelsea FC2 - 1Leicester Cityfinished
2021-05-1818:00Brighton & Hove Albion3 - 2Manchester Cityfinished
2021-05-1817:00Manchester United1 - 1Manchester Cityfinished
2021-05-1817:00Manchester United0 - 2Leeds Unitedfinished
2021-05-1618:00Everton FC0 - 1Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-05-1615:30West Bromwich Albion1 - 2Liverpool FCfinished
2021-05-1613:05West Bromwich Albion2 - 0Wolverhampton Wanderersfinished
2021-05-1611:00Crystal Palace3 - 2Aston Villafinished
2021-05-1519:00Brighton & Hove Albion1 - 1West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-05-1514:00Brighton & Hove Albion3 - 1West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-05-1511:30Burnley FC0 - 4Leeds Unitedfinished
2021-05-1419:00Newcastle United3 - 4Manchester Cityfinished
2021-05-1319:15Manchester United2 - 4Liverpool FCfinished
2021-05-1317:00Aston Villa0 - 0Everton FCfinished
2021-05-1219:15Chelsea FC0 - 1Arsenal FCfinished
2021-05-1119:15Chelsea FC3 - 1Crystal Palacefinished
2021-05-1117:00Manchester United1 - 2Leicester Cityfinished
2021-05-1019:00Manchester United0 - 2Burnley FCfinished
2021-05-0918:00Arsenal FC3 - 1West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-05-0915:30West Ham United0 - 1Everton FCfinished
2021-05-0913:05Aston Villa1 - 3Manchester Unitedfinished
2021-05-0911:00Wolverhampton Wanderers2 - 1Brighton & Hove Albionfinished
2021-05-0819:15Liverpool FC2 - 0Brighton & Hove Albionfinished
2021-05-0816:30Manchester City1 - 2Chelsea FCfinished
2021-05-0814:00Sheffield United0 - 2Crystal Palacefinished
2021-05-0811:30Leeds United3 - 1Crystal Palacefinished
2021-05-0719:00Leicester City2 - 4Newcastle Unitedfinished
2021-05-0319:15Burnley FC1 - 2West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-05-0317:00West Bromwich Albion1 - 1Wolverhampton Wanderersfinished
2021-05-0218:15West Bromwich Albion4 - 0Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-05-0215:30Manchester United? - ?Liverpool FCcanceled
2021-05-0213:00Newcastle United0 - 2Arsenal FCfinished
2021-05-0119:00Everton FC1 - 2Aston Villafinished
2021-05-0116:30Chelsea FC2 - 0Aston Villafinished
2021-05-0114:00Brighton & Hove Albion2 - 0Leeds Unitedfinished
2021-05-0111:30Crystal Palace0 - 2Manchester Cityfinished
2021-04-3019:00Crystal Palace1 - 1Leicester Cityfinished
2021-04-2619:00Leicester City2 - 1Crystal Palacefinished
2021-04-2518:00Aston Villa2 - 2West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-04-2513:00Leeds United0 - 0Manchester Unitedfinished
2021-04-2511:00Wolverhampton Wanderers0 - 4Burnley FCfinished
2021-04-2419:00Sheffield United1 - 0Brighton & Hove Albionfinished
2021-04-2416:30West Ham United0 - 1Chelsea FCfinished
2021-04-2411:30Liverpool FC1 - 1Newcastle Unitedfinished
2021-04-2319:00Arsenal FC0 - 1Everton FCfinished
2021-04-2219:00Leicester City3 - 0West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-04-2119:15Aston Villa1 - 2Manchester Cityfinished
2021-04-2117:00Aston Villa2 - 1Manchester Cityfinished
2021-04-2019:00Chelsea FC0 - 0Brighton & Hove Albionfinished
2021-04-1919:00Leeds United1 - 1Liverpool FCfinished
2021-04-1815:00Manchester United3 - 1Burnley FCfinished
2021-04-1812:30Arsenal FC1 - 1Burnley FCfinished
2021-04-1719:15Wolverhampton Wanderers1 - 0Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-04-1711:30Newcastle United3 - 2West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-04-1619:00Everton FC2 - 2West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-04-1219:15Brighton & Hove Albion0 - 0Everton FCfinished
2021-04-1217:00West Bromwich Albion3 - 0Everton FCfinished
2021-04-1118:00Sheffield United0 - 3Arsenal FCfinished
2021-04-1115:30Sheffield United1 - 3Manchester Unitedfinished
2021-04-1113:05West Ham United3 - 2Leicester Cityfinished
2021-04-1111:00Burnley FC1 - 2Newcastle Unitedfinished
2021-04-1016:30Crystal Palace1 - 4Chelsea FCfinished
2021-04-1014:00Liverpool FC2 - 1Aston Villafinished
2021-04-1011:30Manchester City1 - 2Leeds Unitedfinished
2021-04-0919:00Manchester City0 - 1Wolverhampton Wanderersfinished
2021-04-0315:00Manchester United2 - 1Brighton & Hove Albionfinished
2021-04-0315:00Wolverhampton Wanderers? - ?West Ham Unitednotstarted
2021-04-0315:00Wolverhampton Wanderers3 - 2Burnley FCfinished
2021-04-0315:00Newcastle United2 - 2Burnley FCfinished
2021-04-0315:00Leeds United2 - 1Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-04-0315:00Leicester City0 - 2Manchester Cityfinished
2021-04-0315:00Everton FC? - ?Crystal Palacenotstarted
2021-04-0315:00Chelsea FC2 - 5West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-04-0315:00Aston Villa3 - 1West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-04-0315:00Arsenal FC0 - 3Liverpool FCfinished
2021-03-2119:30Aston Villa0 - 2Liverpool FCfinished
2021-03-2115:00West Ham United3 - 3Arsenal FCfinished
2021-03-2020:00Brighton & Hove Albion3 - 0Newcastle Unitedfinished
2021-03-2016:00Brighton & Hove Albion? - ?Newcastle Unitedpostponed
2021-03-1920:00Brighton & Hove Albion1 - 2Leeds Unitedfinished
2021-03-1520:00Wolverhampton Wanderers0 - 1Liverpool FCfinished
2021-03-1419:15Manchester United1 - 0West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-03-1416:30Arsenal FC2 - 1West Ham Unitedfinished
2021-03-1414:00Leicester City5 - 0Sheffield Unitedfinished
2021-03-1412:00Leicester City1 - 2Brighton & Hove Albionfinished
2021-03-1320:00Leicester City0 - 3Manchester Cityfinished
2021-03-1317:30Everton FC1 - 2Burnley FCfinished
2021-03-1315:00Crystal Palace1 - 0West Bromwich Albionfinished
2021-03-1312:30Leeds United0 - 0Chelsea FCfinished
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