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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
219 - Round:
2022-05-1117:00AC Sparta Prague? - ?1 FC Slovackonotstarted
2022-05-1117:00FC Hradec Kralove? - ?FC Viktoria Plzennotstarted
2022-05-1117:00FC Banik Ostrava? - ?SK Slavia Praguenotstarted
2022-05-1017:00FK Jablonec? - ?Bohemians Prague 1905notstarted
2022-05-1017:00MFK Karvina? - ?FK Teplicenotstarted
2022-05-1017:00Pardubice? - ?FC Fastav Zlinnotstarted
2022-05-0817:00SK Slavia Prague? - ?1 FC Slovackonotstarted
2022-05-0814:00FC Viktoria Plzen? - ?AC Sparta Praguenotstarted
2022-05-0717:00FC Banik Ostrava? - ?FC Hradec Kralovenotstarted
2022-05-0714:00Pardubice? - ?MFK Karvinanotstarted
2022-05-0714:00FK Teplice? - ?FK Jablonecnotstarted
2022-05-0714:00FC Fastav Zlin? - ?Bohemians Prague 1905notstarted
2022-05-0117:00SK Slavia Prague? - ?FC Viktoria Plzennotstarted
2022-05-0114:00Bohemians Prague 1905? - ?Pardubicenotstarted
2022-05-0114:00FK Jablonec? - ?MFK Karvinanotstarted
2022-05-0114:00FC Fastav Zlin? - ?FK Teplicenotstarted
2022-04-3017:00AC Sparta Prague? - ?FC Hradec Kralovenotstarted
2022-04-3014:001 FC Slovacko? - ?FC Banik Ostravanotstarted
2022-04-3014:00FC Slovan Liberec? - ?SK Sigma Olomoucnotstarted
2022-04-3014:00FK Mlada Boleslav? - ?SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicenotstarted
2022-04-2417:00FC Hradec Kralove4 - 3SK Slavia Praguefinished
2022-04-2414:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice2 - 3FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2022-04-2414:00SK Sigma Olomouc1 - 0FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2022-04-2414:00FC Viktoria Plzen3 - 11 FC Slovackofinished
2022-04-2318:00AC Sparta Prague3 - 1FC Banik Ostravafinished
2022-04-2315:00MFK Karvina1 - 1FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2022-04-2315:00FK Jablonec0 - 1Pardubicefinished
2022-04-2315:00FK Teplice2 - 2Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2022-04-2016:00SK Slavia Prague3 - 0FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2022-04-2016:00MFK Karvina3 - 2Pardubicefinished
2022-04-2016:00FK Teplice2 - 1SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2022-04-2016:001 FC Slovacko2 - 0FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2022-04-2016:00FC Banik Ostrava1 - 0FK Jablonecfinished
2022-04-2016:00Bohemians Prague 19051 - 1FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2022-04-2016:00FK Mlada Boleslav0 - 2FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2022-04-2016:00SK Sigma Olomouc2 - 0AC Sparta Praguefinished
2022-04-1715:00Pardubice2 - 0FK Teplicefinished
2022-04-1715:00FC Viktoria Plzen2 - 1FC Banik Ostravafinished
2022-04-1715:00AC Sparta Prague3 - 11 FC Slovackofinished
2022-04-1715:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice2 - 1Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2022-04-1715:00FC Slovan Liberec2 - 1MFK Karvinafinished
2022-04-1715:00FK Jablonec1 - 2SK Slavia Praguefinished
2022-04-1715:00FC Hradec Kralove3 - 0SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2022-04-1715:00FC Fastav Zlin1 - 2FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2022-04-1017:00SK Slavia Prague4 - 0Pardubicefinished
2022-04-1014:00FC Banik Ostrava0 - 0FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2022-04-1014:00FK Jablonec1 - 1FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2022-04-1014:00FK Mlada Boleslav2 - 0SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2022-04-0917:00FK Teplice0 - 3AC Sparta Praguefinished
2022-04-0914:00SK Sigma Olomouc1 - 1FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2022-04-0914:00Bohemians Prague 19050 - 0FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2022-04-0914:001 FC Slovacko3 - 1MFK Karvinafinished
2022-04-0317:00FC Viktoria Plzen1 - 1SK Slavia Praguefinished
2022-04-0314:00MFK Karvina1 - 1Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2022-04-0314:00Pardubice1 - 1FK Jablonecfinished
2022-04-0314:00FC Hradec Kralove2 - 2FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2022-04-0217:00AC Sparta Prague2 - 1FC Banik Ostravafinished
2022-04-0214:001 FC Slovacko1 - 0SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2022-04-0214:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice2 - 2FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2022-04-0214:00FC Slovan Liberec0 - 1FK Teplicefinished
2022-03-2017:00SK Slavia Prague1 - 0SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2022-03-2014:00FK Mlada Boleslav0 - 3AC Sparta Praguefinished
2022-03-2014:00SK Sigma Olomouc1 - 0FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2022-03-2014:00FK Teplice1 - 2FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2022-03-1917:00FK Jablonec0 - 0FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2022-03-1914:00FC Banik Ostrava1 - 3MFK Karvinafinished
2022-03-1914:00Bohemians Prague 19051 - 21 FC Slovackofinished
2022-03-1914:00FC Fastav Zlin4 - 1Pardubicefinished
2022-03-1317:00AC Sparta Prague3 - 1Pardubicefinished
2022-03-1314:00FC Slovan Liberec1 - 0SK Slavia Praguefinished
2022-03-1314:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice2 - 0FK Jablonecfinished
2022-03-1314:00MFK Karvina1 - 2SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2022-03-1217:00FC Viktoria Plzen1 - 0FK Teplicefinished
2022-03-1214:00Bohemians Prague 19052 - 2FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2022-03-1214:00FC Hradec Kralove2 - 1FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2022-03-1214:001 FC Slovacko0 - 0FC Banik Ostravafinished
2022-03-0917:30FK Jablonec1 - 1AC Sparta Praguefinished
2022-03-0915:30FC Slovan Liberec4 - 1Pardubicefinished
2022-03-0617:00SK Slavia Prague2 - 0AC Sparta Praguefinished
2022-03-0614:00FK Mlada Boleslav1 - 0MFK Karvinafinished
2022-03-0614:00FK Teplice0 - 11 FC Slovackofinished
2022-03-0614:00FK Jablonec1 - 1FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2022-03-0517:00FC Banik Ostrava1 - 1FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2022-03-0514:00FC Fastav Zlin1 - 2FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2022-03-0514:00Pardubice3 - 3SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2022-03-0514:00SK Sigma Olomouc0 - 0Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2022-02-2717:00AC Sparta Prague2 - 0FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2022-02-2714:00FC Hradec Kralove1 - 5SK Slavia Praguefinished
2022-02-2714:00MFK Karvina2 - 2SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2022-02-2714:00SK Sigma Olomouc0 - 0FK Teplicefinished
2022-02-2617:00FC Viktoria Plzen4 - 0Pardubicefinished
2022-02-2614:00FC Slovan Liberec1 - 1FK Jablonecfinished
2022-02-2614:001 FC Slovacko2 - 1FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2022-02-2614:00Bohemians Prague 19050 - 2FC Banik Ostravafinished
2022-02-2216:00Pardubice0 - 01 FC Slovackofinished
2022-02-2017:00SK Slavia Prague1 - 0Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2022-02-2014:00FK Mlada Boleslav3 - 3FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2022-02-2014:00FK Teplice1 - 0MFK Karvinafinished
2022-02-1917:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice0 - 1FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2022-02-1914:00FC Fastav Zlin1 - 01 FC Slovackofinished
2022-02-1914:00Pardubice0 - 0FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2022-02-1914:00FC Banik Ostrava1 - 0SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2022-02-1515:30FC Fastav Zlin2 - 0FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2022-02-1317:00AC Sparta Prague2 - 2FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2022-02-1314:00SK Sigma Olomouc2 - 1FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
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