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League Standings
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
3Fortune Akpan BasseyFC Viktoria Plzen901913493
5Ladislav AlmasiFC Banik Ostrava811812155
11Jakub RadaFC Hradec Kralove621812634
16Adam VlkanovaFC Hradec Kralove501916750
17Pavel DvorakFC Hradec Kralove501713171
29Tomas MalinskyFK Jablonec4032173012
36Lubomir TuptaFC Slovan Liberec40135617
46Jiri FleismanFC Banik Ostrava301815670
49Jiri SkalakFK Mlada Boleslav32148004
54Ondrej MihalikSK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice301811384
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
219 - Round:
2021-12-1917:00FC Banik Ostrava3 - 3SK Slavia Praguefinished
2021-12-1914:00FK Teplice0 - 1FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2021-12-1914:00SK Sigma Olomouc1 - 1FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2021-12-1914:00FC Slovan Liberec0 - 0SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2021-12-1817:00FC Hradec Kralove0 - 1AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-12-1814:00Bohemians Prague 19051 - 2Pardubicefinished
2021-12-1814:001 FC Slovacko2 - 1FK Jablonecfinished
2021-12-1814:00MFK Karvina0 - 1FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2021-12-1217:00AC Sparta Prague5 - 1Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2021-12-1214:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice2 - 1SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2021-12-1214:00SK Slavia Prague2 - 0FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2021-12-1214:00FK Jablonec0 - 2FK Teplicefinished
2021-12-1117:00FC Viktoria Plzen2 - 0FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2021-12-1114:00Pardubice0 - 3FC Banik Ostravafinished
2021-12-1114:00FC Fastav Zlin2 - 1MFK Karvinafinished
2021-12-1114:00FC Hradec Kralove2 - 21 FC Slovackofinished
2021-12-0517:001 FC Slovacko1 - 2FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2021-12-0514:00Bohemians Prague 19051 - 2FK Jablonecfinished
2021-12-0514:00FC Banik Ostrava4 - 1SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2021-12-0514:00FK Mlada Boleslav2 - 3Pardubicefinished
2021-12-0417:00SK Sigma Olomouc0 - 1SK Slavia Praguefinished
2021-12-0414:00MFK Karvina1 - 2AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-12-0414:00FC Slovan Liberec1 - 0FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2021-12-0414:00FK Teplice4 - 1FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2021-12-0117:00Bohemians Prague 19053 - 0MFK Karvinafinished
2021-11-2817:00AC Sparta Prague2 - 1FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2021-11-2814:00SK Slavia Prague3 - 0FK Teplicefinished
2021-11-2814:00FK Jablonec0 - 1FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2021-11-2814:00FC Hradec Kralove1 - 0MFK Karvinafinished
2021-11-2717:00FC Viktoria Plzen6 - 0Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2021-11-2714:00Pardubice1 - 5SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2021-11-2714:00FC Fastav Zlin2 - 2FC Banik Ostravafinished
2021-11-2714:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice3 - 21 FC Slovackofinished
2021-11-2416:00MFK Karvina1 - 2FC Banik Ostravafinished
2021-11-2117:00SK Slavia Prague5 - 0FK Jablonecfinished
2021-11-2114:00MFK Karvina1 - 2FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2021-11-2114:001 FC Slovacko4 - 0AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-11-2114:00FK Teplice1 - 2Pardubicefinished
2021-11-2017:00FC Banik Ostrava2 - 2FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2021-11-2014:00FK Mlada Boleslav1 - 0FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2021-11-2014:00SK Sigma Olomouc2 - 2FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2021-11-2014:00Bohemians Prague 19053 - 1SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2021-11-0717:00AC Sparta Prague4 - 2FK Teplicefinished
2021-11-0714:00Pardubice0 - 5SK Slavia Praguefinished
2021-11-0714:00FC Fastav Zlin0 - 0FK Jablonecfinished
2021-11-0714:00MFK Karvina2 - 21 FC Slovackofinished
2021-11-0617:00FC Viktoria Plzen0 - 0SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2021-11-0614:00FC Hradec Kralove1 - 1FC Banik Ostravafinished
2021-11-0614:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice2 - 1FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2021-11-0614:00FC Slovan Liberec2 - 1Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2021-10-3117:00SK Slavia Prague2 - 0FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2021-10-3114:00FK Jablonec1 - 1Pardubicefinished
2021-10-3114:00FK Mlada Boleslav3 - 2FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2021-10-3114:00FC Banik Ostrava2 - 2AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-10-3016:00SK Sigma Olomouc0 - 31 FC Slovackofinished
2021-10-3013:00FC Fastav Zlin2 - 0SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2021-10-3013:00FK Teplice1 - 2FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2021-10-2717:00SK Slavia Prague1 - 0SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2021-10-2417:00AC Sparta Prague1 - 0FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2021-10-2414:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice2 - 2SK Slavia Praguefinished
2021-10-2414:00FC Viktoria Plzen5 - 0FK Jablonecfinished
2021-10-2414:00FC Hradec Kralove3 - 0FK Teplicefinished
2021-10-2314:00FC Slovan Liberec2 - 0SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2021-10-2314:001 FC Slovacko1 - 0Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2021-10-2314:00Pardubice0 - 0FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2021-10-1717:00Pardubice2 - 4AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-10-1714:00SK Sigma Olomouc2 - 0MFK Karvinafinished
2021-10-1714:00FK Teplice0 - 1FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2021-10-1714:00FC Fastav Zlin2 - 3FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2021-10-1617:00SK Slavia Prague3 - 1FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2021-10-1614:00FK Jablonec2 - 2SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2021-10-1614:00FK Mlada Boleslav4 - 1Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2021-10-1614:00FC Banik Ostrava1 - 21 FC Slovackofinished
2021-10-0317:00AC Sparta Prague1 - 0SK Slavia Praguefinished
2021-10-0314:00MFK Karvina0 - 1FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2021-10-0314:00FC Slovan Liberec0 - 2FC Banik Ostravafinished
2021-10-0314:00FC Hradec Kralove2 - 2FK Jablonecfinished
2021-10-0217:00FC Viktoria Plzen2 - 1FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2021-10-0214:00Bohemians Prague 19052 - 0SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2021-10-0214:001 FC Slovacko3 - 2FK Teplicefinished
2021-10-0214:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice3 - 1Pardubicefinished
2021-09-2617:00SK Slavia Prague4 - 1FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2021-09-2614:00FK Jablonec0 - 1FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2021-09-2614:00FK Teplice0 - 0SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2021-09-2614:00FK Mlada Boleslav3 - 51 FC Slovackofinished
2021-09-2517:00FC Fastav Zlin2 - 5AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-09-2514:00Pardubice0 - 1FC Viktoria Plzenfinished
2021-09-2514:00FC Banik Ostrava4 - 1Bohemians Prague 1905finished
2021-09-2514:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice3 - 1MFK Karvinafinished
2021-09-1917:00Bohemians Prague 19051 - 5SK Slavia Praguefinished
2021-09-1914:00AC Sparta Prague1 - 1FK Jablonecfinished
2021-09-1914:00MFK Karvina1 - 1FK Teplicefinished
2021-09-1817:00FC Viktoria Plzen2 - 1SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovicefinished
2021-09-1814:00FC Slovan Liberec2 - 1FK Mlada Boleslavfinished
2021-09-1814:001 FC Slovacko3 - 0FC Fastav Zlinfinished
2021-09-1717:00SK Sigma Olomouc1 - 1FC Banik Ostravafinished
2021-09-1717:00FC Hradec Kralove2 - 0Pardubicefinished
2021-09-1217:00SK Slavia Prague2 - 11 FC Slovackofinished
2021-09-1214:00FK Jablonec1 - 0MFK Karvinafinished
2021-09-1214:00FK Mlada Boleslav3 - 3SK Sigma Olomoucfinished
2021-09-1212:00SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice0 - 1FC Hradec Kralovefinished
2021-09-1117:00FC Viktoria Plzen3 - 2AC Sparta Praguefinished
2021-09-1114:00Pardubice2 - 2FC Slovan Liberecfinished
2021-09-1114:00FK Teplice1 - 2FC Banik Ostravafinished
2021-09-1114:00FC Fastav Zlin1 - 3Bohemians Prague 1905finished
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