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League Standings
1 Hsk Zrinjski Mostar191091531 422143448
2 FK Tuzla City191091063 339131336
3 FK Borac Banja Luka19109793 271110430
4 FK Sarajevo19109847 18710228
5 NK Siroki Brijeg19910694 181310127
6 FK Zeljeznicar19109685 16135-326
7 FK Sloboda Tuzla19910595 18108224
8 FK Velez Mostar19910667 231116-121
9 NK Posusje19109379 15205-1516
10 FK Rudar Prijedor19910379 19157-616
11 FK Leotar Trebinje199104411 14175-1716
12 FK Radnik Bijeljina199102611 15189-1412
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
203 - Round:
2021-03-1314:00FK Borac Banja Luka? - ?FK Radnik Bijeljina
2021-03-1314:00FK Sloboda Tuzla? - ?FK Velez Mostar
2021-03-1314:00FK Zeljeznicar? - ?FK Olimpic Sarajevo
2021-03-1314:00Hsk Zrinjski Mostar? - ?FK Tuzla City
2021-03-1314:00NK Siroki Brijeg? - ?FK Sarajevo
2021-03-1314:00FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj? - ?FK Krupa
2021-03-0614:00FK Krupa? - ?NK Siroki Brijeg
2021-03-0614:00FK Sarajevo? - ?Hsk Zrinjski Mostar
2021-03-0614:00FK Tuzla City? - ?FK Zeljeznicar
2021-03-0614:00FK Olimpic Sarajevo? - ?FK Sloboda Tuzla
2021-03-0614:00FK Velez Mostar? - ?FK Borac Banja Luka
2021-03-0614:00FK Radnik Bijeljina? - ?FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj
2021-02-2713:30FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj? - ?NK Siroki Brijeg
2021-02-2713:30FK Zeljeznicar? - ?FK Sarajevo
2021-02-2713:30FK Sloboda Tuzla? - ?FK Tuzla City
2021-02-2713:30Hsk Zrinjski Mostar? - ?FK Krupa
2021-02-2713:30FK Radnik Bijeljina? - ?FK Velez Mostar
2021-02-2713:30FK Borac Banja Luka? - ?FK Olimpic Sarajevo
2020-12-1316:00NK Siroki Brijeg2 - 1Hsk Zrinjski Mostarfinished
2020-12-1314:00FK Velez Mostar4 - 0FK Mladost Doboj Kakanjfinished
2020-12-1312:00FK Tuzla City2 - 0FK Borac Banja Lukafinished
2020-12-1216:00FK Sarajevo2 - 1FK Sloboda Tuzlafinished
2020-12-1212:00FK Krupa2 - 1FK Zeljeznicarfinished
2020-12-1212:00FK Olimpic Sarajevo1 - 0FK Radnik Bijeljinafinished
2020-12-0616:00FK Borac Banja Luka2 - 2FK Sarajevofinished
2020-12-0614:00FK Zeljeznicar2 - 3NK Siroki Brijegfinished
2020-12-0612:00FK Sloboda Tuzla2 - 0FK Krupafinished
2020-12-0612:00FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj0 - 1Hsk Zrinjski Mostarfinished
2020-12-0516:00FK Velez Mostar2 - 0FK Olimpic Sarajevofinished
2020-12-0514:00FK Radnik Bijeljina2 - 1FK Tuzla Cityfinished
2020-12-0216:00FK Sarajevo2 - 1FK Radnik Bijeljinafinished
2020-12-0214:00Hsk Zrinjski Mostar1 - 2FK Zeljeznicarfinished
2020-12-0212:00FK Olimpic Sarajevo0 - 2FK Mladost Doboj Kakanjfinished
2020-12-0212:00FK Krupa1 - 3FK Borac Banja Lukafinished
2020-12-0116:00NK Siroki Brijeg3 - 0FK Sloboda Tuzlafinished
2020-12-0112:00FK Tuzla City1 - 3FK Velez Mostarfinished
2020-11-2914:00FK Radnik Bijeljina1 - 1FK Krupafinished
2020-11-2816:00FK Borac Banja Luka1 - 1NK Siroki Brijegfinished
2020-11-2814:00FK Velez Mostar0 - 0FK Sarajevofinished
2020-11-2812:00FK Olimpic Sarajevo3 - 2FK Tuzla Cityfinished
2020-11-2812:00FK Sloboda Tuzla0 - 0Hsk Zrinjski Mostarfinished
2020-11-2712:00FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj0 - 4FK Zeljeznicarfinished
2020-11-2216:00NK Siroki Brijeg5 - 0FK Radnik Bijeljinafinished
2020-11-2214:00FK Sarajevo2 - 0FK Olimpic Sarajevofinished
2020-11-2212:00FK Krupa1 - 1FK Velez Mostarfinished
2020-11-2116:00Hsk Zrinjski Mostar2 - 1FK Borac Banja Lukafinished
2020-11-2114:00FK Zeljeznicar2 - 2FK Sloboda Tuzlafinished
2020-11-2112:00FK Tuzla City1 - 0FK Mladost Doboj Kakanjfinished
2020-11-0917:00FK Borac Banja Luka4 - 3FK Zeljeznicarfinished
2020-11-0816:00FK Radnik Bijeljina0 - 2Hsk Zrinjski Mostarfinished
2020-11-0814:00FK Velez Mostar2 - 1NK Siroki Brijegfinished
2020-11-0812:00FK Tuzla City0 - 0FK Sarajevofinished
2020-11-0712:00FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj2 - 0FK Sloboda Tuzlafinished
2020-11-0712:00FK Olimpic Sarajevo1 - 1FK Krupafinished
2020-11-0417:30FK Sarajevo1 - 1FK Zeljeznicarfinished
2020-11-0415:00Hsk Zrinjski Mostar2 - 1NK Siroki Brijegfinished
2020-11-0113:00FK Sloboda Tuzla1 - 0FK Borac Banja Lukafinished
2020-10-3118:00FK Zeljeznicar3 - 1FK Radnik Bijeljinafinished
2020-10-3116:00Hsk Zrinjski Mostar3 - 1FK Velez Mostarfinished
2020-10-3116:00NK Siroki Brijeg1 - 0FK Olimpic Sarajevofinished
2020-10-3113:00FK Krupa0 - 1FK Tuzla Cityfinished
2020-10-3016:00FK Sarajevo5 - 1FK Mladost Doboj Kakanjfinished
2020-10-2815:30FK Zeljeznicar1 - 0Hsk Zrinjski Mostarfinished
2020-10-2518:05FK Radnik Bijeljina1 - 1FK Sloboda Tuzlafinished
2020-10-2516:00FK Sarajevo3 - 0FK Krupafinished
2020-10-2513:00FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj0 - 2FK Borac Banja Lukafinished
2020-10-2415:00FK Velez Mostar1 - 1FK Zeljeznicarfinished
2020-10-2412:30FK Olimpic Sarajevo3 - 0Hsk Zrinjski Mostarfinished
2020-10-2412:30FK Tuzla City1 - 1NK Siroki Brijegfinished
2020-10-1717:05FK Sarajevo2 - 0NK Siroki Brijegfinished
2020-10-1713:00FK Olimpic Sarajevo0 - 3FK Zeljeznicarfinished
2020-10-1713:00FK Krupa0 - 1FK Mladost Doboj Kakanjfinished
2020-10-1618:00FK Velez Mostar3 - 0FK Sloboda Tuzlafinished
2020-10-1616:00FK Radnik Bijeljina1 - 0FK Borac Banja Lukafinished
2020-10-1613:00FK Tuzla City0 - 4Hsk Zrinjski Mostarfinished
2020-10-0518:00FK Zeljeznicar1 - 0FK Tuzla Cityfinished
2020-10-0516:00Hsk Zrinjski Mostar2 - 3FK Sarajevofinished
2020-10-0416:00FK Borac Banja Luka2 - 0FK Velez Mostarfinished
2020-10-0416:00NK Siroki Brijeg1 - 0FK Krupafinished
2020-10-0413:00FK Sloboda Tuzla2 - 0FK Olimpic Sarajevofinished
2020-10-0313:00FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj3 - 2FK Radnik Bijeljinafinished
2020-09-2814:00FK Krupa0 - 3Hsk Zrinjski Mostarfinished
2020-09-2718:00NK Siroki Brijeg2 - 1FK Mladost Doboj Kakanjfinished
2020-09-2716:00FK Tuzla City2 - 1FK Sloboda Tuzlafinished
2020-09-2616:00FK Velez Mostar2 - 1FK Radnik Bijeljinafinished
2020-09-2614:00FK Olimpic Sarajevo1 - 4FK Borac Banja Lukafinished
2020-09-2116:00FK Borac Banja Luka2 - 0FK Tuzla Cityfinished
2020-09-2016:00FK Sloboda Tuzla2 - 3FK Sarajevofinished
2020-09-1918:00FK Zeljeznicar0 - 1FK Krupafinished
2020-09-1916:00FK Radnik Bijeljina4 - 0FK Olimpic Sarajevofinished
2020-09-1914:30FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj1 - 2FK Velez Mostarfinished
2020-09-1614:30FK Olimpic Sarajevo1 - 3FK Sarajevofinished
2020-09-1318:00FK Tuzla City1 - 0FK Radnik Bijeljinafinished
2020-09-1316:00NK Siroki Brijeg0 - 1FK Zeljeznicarfinished
2020-09-1314:30FK Krupa2 - 3FK Sloboda Tuzlafinished
2020-09-1218:00Hsk Zrinjski Mostar2 - 0FK Mladost Doboj Kakanjfinished
2020-09-1214:30FK Olimpic Sarajevo2 - 1FK Velez Mostarfinished
2020-09-1118:00FK Sarajevo4 - 2FK Borac Banja Lukafinished
2020-08-3118:10FK Borac Banja Luka3 - 1FK Krupafinished
2020-08-3116:00FK Radnik Bijeljina0 - 2FK Sarajevofinished
2020-08-2918:00FK Sloboda Tuzla3 - 0NK Siroki Brijegfinished
2020-08-2917:00FK Velez Mostar1 - 1FK Tuzla Cityfinished
2020-08-2914:30FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj1 - 0FK Olimpic Sarajevofinished
2020-08-2317:00FK Sarajevo1 - 1FK Velez Mostarfinished
2020-08-2315:00FK Tuzla City3 - 2FK Olimpic Sarajevofinished
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