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League Standings
1 FC Salzburg1266813 2425
2 LASK1266732 1424
3 SK Rapid Wien1266732 924
4 SK Sturm Graz1165731 1724
5 WSG Tirol1266525 117
6 Wolfsberger AC1156515 -216
7 Spusu SKN St. Polten1266435 015
8 TSV Hartberg1266354 -914
9 SV Ried1266417 -1113
10 FK Austria Wien1266255 -611
11 SCR Altach1266228 -168
12 FC Admira Wacker Modling1266219 -217
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
2Patson DakaFC Salzburg8085272
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
179 - Round:
2021-03-2016:00LASK? - ?FC Salzburg
2021-03-2016:00TSV Hartberg? - ?Spusu SKN St. Polten
2021-03-2016:00FK Austria Wien? - ?Wolfsberger AC
2021-03-2016:00SCR Altach? - ?SV Ried
2021-03-2016:00FC Admira Wacker Modling? - ?SK Sturm Graz
2021-03-2016:00WSG Tirol? - ?SK Rapid Wien
2021-03-1316:00FC Salzburg? - ?FC Admira Wacker Modling
2021-03-1316:00SK Rapid Wien? - ?TSV Hartberg
2021-03-1316:00Wolfsberger AC? - ?WSG Tirol
2021-03-1316:00SK Sturm Graz? - ?FK Austria Wien
2021-03-1316:00Spusu SKN St. Polten? - ?SCR Altach
2021-03-1316:00SV Ried? - ?LASK
2021-03-0616:00WSG Tirol? - ?SK Sturm Graz
2021-03-0616:00SV Ried? - ?Wolfsberger AC
2021-03-0616:00TSV Hartberg? - ?FC Admira Wacker Modling
2021-03-0616:00SCR Altach? - ?LASK
2021-03-0616:00FK Austria Wien? - ?SK Rapid Wien
2021-03-0616:00FC Salzburg? - ?Spusu SKN St. Polten
2021-02-2716:00SK Rapid Wien? - ?SV Ried
2021-02-2716:00Wolfsberger AC? - ?SCR Altach
2021-02-2716:00LASK? - ?TSV Hartberg
2021-02-2716:00SK Sturm Graz? - ?FC Salzburg
2021-02-2716:00Spusu SKN St. Polten? - ?FK Austria Wien
2021-02-2716:00FC Admira Wacker Modling? - ?WSG Tirol
2021-02-2016:00FC Salzburg? - ?SK Rapid Wien
2021-02-2016:00TSV Hartberg? - ?SV Ried
2021-02-2016:00SK Sturm Graz? - ?Wolfsberger AC
2021-02-2016:00FK Austria Wien? - ?SCR Altach
2021-02-2016:00FC Admira Wacker Modling? - ?LASK
2021-02-2016:00WSG Tirol? - ?Spusu SKN St. Polten
2021-02-1316:00SCR Altach? - ?SK Rapid Wien
2021-02-1316:00SV Ried? - ?Spusu SKN St. Polten
2021-02-1316:00WSG Tirol? - ?FC Salzburg
2021-02-1316:00FK Austria Wien? - ?TSV Hartberg
2021-02-1316:00LASK? - ?SK Sturm Graz
2021-02-1316:00Wolfsberger AC? - ?FC Admira Wacker Modling
2021-02-0916:00FC Salzburg? - ?FK Austria Wien
2021-02-0916:00SK Rapid Wien? - ?Wolfsberger AC
2021-02-0916:00TSV Hartberg? - ?WSG Tirol
2021-02-0916:00SK Sturm Graz? - ?SV Ried
2021-02-0916:00Spusu SKN St. Polten? - ?LASK
2021-02-0916:00FC Admira Wacker Modling? - ?SCR Altach
2021-01-3116:00LASK? - ?SK Rapid Wien
2021-01-3113:30Spusu SKN St. Polten? - ?Wolfsberger AC
2021-01-3113:30FK Austria Wien? - ?WSG Tirol
2021-01-3016:00SCR Altach? - ?SK Sturm Graz
2021-01-3016:00SV Ried? - ?FC Admira Wacker Modling
2021-01-3016:00TSV Hartberg? - ?FC Salzburg
2021-01-2719:30Wolfsberger AC? - ?LASK
2021-01-2717:30WSG Tirol? - ?SCR Altach
2021-01-2717:30FC Salzburg? - ?SV Ried
2021-01-2619:30SK Rapid Wien? - ?Spusu SKN St. Polten
2021-01-2617:30SK Sturm Graz? - ?TSV Hartberg
2021-01-2617:30FC Admira Wacker Modling? - ?FK Austria Wien
2021-01-2416:00LASK? - ?WSG Tirolnotstarted
2021-01-2413:30SCR Altach? - ?FC Salzburg
2021-01-2316:00Wolfsberger AC? - ?TSV Hartbergnotstarted
2021-01-2316:00Spusu SKN St. Polten? - ?FC Admira Wacker Modlingnotstarted
2021-01-2316:00SV Ried? - ?FK Austria Wiennotstarted
2021-01-2218:00SK Rapid Wien? - ?SK Sturm Graznotstarted
2021-01-1716:00Wolfsberger AC? - ?SK Sturm Graznotstarted
2020-12-2016:00FK Austria Wien1 - 1LASKfinished
2020-12-2013:30WSG Tirol1 - 3SV Riedfinished
2020-12-2013:30FC Salzburg2 - 3Wolfsberger ACfinished
2020-12-1916:00FC Admira Wacker Modling0 - 1SK Rapid Wienfinished
2020-12-1916:00SK Sturm Graz3 - 0Spusu SKN St. Poltenfinished
2020-12-1916:00TSV Hartberg1 - 0SCR Altachfinished
2020-12-1316:00FC Salzburg3 - 1LASKfinished
2020-12-1313:30SK Rapid Wien0 - 3WSG Tirolfinished
2020-12-1313:30Wolfsberger AC3 - 2FK Austria Wienfinished
2020-12-1216:00SK Sturm Graz3 - 0FC Admira Wacker Modlingfinished
2020-12-1216:00Spusu SKN St. Polten2 - 2TSV Hartbergfinished
2020-12-1216:00SV Ried1 - 4SCR Altachfinished
2020-12-0616:00LASK3 - 0SV Riedfinished
2020-12-0613:30WSG Tirol4 - 1Wolfsberger ACfinished
2020-12-0613:30TSV Hartberg1 - 3SK Rapid Wienfinished
2020-12-0516:00SCR Altach0 - 4Spusu SKN St. Poltenfinished
2020-12-0516:00FC Admira Wacker Modling1 - 0FC Salzburgfinished
2020-12-0516:00FK Austria Wien0 - 4SK Sturm Grazfinished
2020-11-2916:00SK Rapid Wien1 - 1FK Austria Wienfinished
2020-11-2913:30LASK3 - 0SCR Altachfinished
2020-11-2913:30Wolfsberger AC1 - 1SV Riedfinished
2020-11-2816:00Spusu SKN St. Polten2 - 8FC Salzburgfinished
2020-11-2816:00FC Admira Wacker Modling2 - 3TSV Hartbergfinished
2020-11-2816:00SK Sturm Graz1 - 0WSG Tirolfinished
2020-11-2216:00SV Ried4 - 3SK Rapid Wienfinished
2020-11-2213:30FK Austria Wien1 - 1Spusu SKN St. Poltenfinished
2020-11-2213:30WSG Tirol3 - 0FC Admira Wacker Modlingfinished
2020-11-2116:00FC Salzburg1 - 3SK Sturm Grazfinished
2020-11-2116:00TSV Hartberg1 - 1LASKfinished
2020-11-2116:00SCR Altach0 - 2Wolfsberger ACfinished
2020-11-0816:00SK Rapid Wien1 - 1FC Salzburgfinished
2020-11-0813:30LASK4 - 0FC Admira Wacker Modlingfinished
2020-11-0813:30Wolfsberger AC? - ?SK Sturm Grazpostponed
2020-11-0716:00SCR Altach0 - 0FK Austria Wienfinished
2020-11-0716:00Spusu SKN St. Polten0 - 1WSG Tirolfinished
2020-11-0716:00SV Ried2 - 0TSV Hartbergfinished
2020-11-0116:00SK Sturm Graz0 - 2LASKfinished
2020-11-0113:30FC Admira Wacker Modling1 - 3Wolfsberger ACfinished
2020-11-0113:30SK Rapid Wien3 - 1SCR Altachfinished
2020-10-3116:00Spusu SKN St. Polten4 - 0SV Riedfinished
2020-10-3116:00TSV Hartberg2 - 1FK Austria Wienfinished
2020-10-3116:00FC Salzburg5 - 0WSG Tirolfinished
2020-10-2516:00Wolfsberger AC3 - 4SK Rapid Wienfinished
2020-10-2513:30LASK4 - 0Spusu SKN St. Poltenfinished
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