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League Standings
1 Kawasaki Frontale3417172653 5783
2 Gamba Osaka3417172059 465
3 Nagoya Grampus3417171969 1763
4 Cerezo Osaka34171718610 960
5 Kashima Antlers34171718511 1159
6 FC Tokyo34171717611 557
7 Kashiwa Reysol34171715712 1452
8 Sanfrecce Hiroshima34171713912 948
9 Yokohama F Marinos34171714515 1047
10 Urawa Red Diamonds34171713714 -1346
11 Oita Trinita341717111013 -943
12 Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo34171710915 -1139
13 Sagan Tosu34171771512 -636
14 Vissel Kobe3417179916 -936
15 Yokohama FC3417179619 -2233
16 Shimizu S-Pulse3417177720 -2228
17 Vegalta Sendai34171761018 -2528
18 Shonan Bellmare3417176919 -1927
P - Total Played
H - Played Home
A - Played Away
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Loses
S - Shots
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
Dif. - Diference
YC - Yellow Cards
RC - Red Cards
Top Scorers
No Name Team Goals Pen. Matches played Minutes played Substituted in
1Michael OlungaKashiwa Reysol2813227301
2Everaldo StumKashima Antlers1813326491
3Leandro Marcos PereiraKashima Antlers1502618347
4Yu KobayashiKawasaki Frontale14327131614
6Kaoru MitomaKawasaki Frontale13030159519
7Erik Nascimento de LimaKawasaki Frontale1302918039
8Leandro Damiao Da Silva dos SantosKawasaki Frontale13134178612
9Kyogo FuruhashiVissel Kobe1203022075
10Leonardo Nascimento Lopes de SouzaUrawa Red Diamonds11228180310
11Marcos Junior Lima dos SantosYokohama F Marinos1112818614
Match Fixtures
Date Time Country Score Away Status
112 - Round:
2020-12-1905:00Vegalta Sendai0 - 0Shonan Bellmarefinished
2020-12-1905:00Kashima Antlers1 - 1Cerezo Osakafinished
2020-12-1905:00Urawa Red Diamonds0 - 2Hokkaido Consadole Sapporofinished
2020-12-1905:00Kashiwa Reysol2 - 3Kawasaki Frontalefinished
2020-12-1905:00FC Tokyo1 - 0Vissel Kobefinished
2020-12-1905:00Yokohama FC3 - 1Yokohama F Marinosfinished
2020-12-1905:00Nagoya Grampus1 - 0Sanfrecce Hiroshimafinished
2020-12-1905:00Gamba Osaka0 - 2Shimizu S-Pulsefinished
2020-12-1905:00Sagan Tosu2 - 2Oita Trinitafinished
2020-12-1610:00Sanfrecce Hiroshima0 - 1Kashiwa Reysolfinished
2020-12-1610:00Shonan Bellmare1 - 2Oita Trinitafinished
2020-12-1610:00Cerezo Osaka1 - 2Sagan Tosufinished
2020-12-1610:00Shimizu S-Pulse2 - 3Vegalta Sendaifinished
2020-12-1610:00Yokohama FC0 - 2Gamba Osakafinished
2020-12-1610:00Kawasaki Frontale3 - 1Urawa Red Diamondsfinished
2020-12-1208:00Urawa Red Diamonds0 - 0Shonan Bellmarefinished
2020-12-1207:00Kashima Antlers2 - 0Shimizu S-Pulsefinished
2020-12-1206:00Oita Trinita1 - 1Hokkaido Consadole Sapporofinished
2020-12-1205:00FC Tokyo1 - 0Sanfrecce Hiroshimafinished
2020-12-1205:00Nagoya Grampus0 - 0Yokohama FCfinished
2020-12-1205:00Sagan Tosu1 - 1Kawasaki Frontalefinished
2020-12-1205:00Cerezo Osaka0 - 0Kashiwa Reysolfinished
2020-12-0910:00Kashiwa Reysol1 - 1Oita Trinitafinished
2020-12-0606:00Shonan Bellmare1 - 2Gamba Osakafinished
2020-12-0605:00Oita Trinita0 - 2Vegalta Sendaifinished
2020-12-0509:00Yokohama F Marinos0 - 0Kashima Antlers
2020-12-0507:00Yokohama FC1 - 1Sagan Tosufinished
2020-12-0505:00Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo0 - 0Vegalta Sendaicanceled
2020-12-0505:00Kashima Antlers0 - 0Sanfrecce Hiroshimacanceled
2020-12-0505:00Urawa Red Diamonds0 - 0Vissel Kobecanceled
2020-12-0505:00FC Tokyo0 - 0Kashiwa Reysolcanceled
2020-12-0505:00Yokohama FC0 - 0Shimizu S-Pulsecanceled
2020-12-0505:00Nagoya Grampus0 - 0Cerezo Osakacanceled
2020-12-0505:00Gamba Osaka0 - 0Yokohama F Marinoscanceled
2020-12-0505:00Sagan Tosu0 - 0Kawasaki Frontalecanceled
2020-12-0505:00Oita Trinita0 - 0Shonan Bellmarecanceled
2020-12-0505:00Kashiwa Reysol0 - 1Nagoya Grampusfinished
2020-12-0505:00Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo1 - 3Cerezo Osakafinished
2020-12-0505:00Shimizu S-Pulse2 - 2Kawasaki Frontalefinished
2020-12-0110:00Vegalta Sendai0 - 2Kashiwa Reysolfinished
2020-11-2908:00Gamba Osaka1 - 1Sagan Tosufinished
2020-11-2906:00Kashima Antlers4 - 0Urawa Red Diamondsfinished
2020-11-2906:00Cerezo Osaka1 - 0Yokohama FCfinished
2020-11-2905:00Shimizu S-Pulse1 - 1Shonan Bellmarefinished
2020-11-2805:00Shimizu S-Pulse0 - 0Hokkaido Consadole Sapporocanceled
2020-11-2805:00Sanfrecce Hiroshima0 - 0Gamba Osakacanceled
2020-11-2805:00Cerezo Osaka0 - 0Yokohama FCcanceled
2020-11-2805:00Vissel Kobe0 - 0Kashima Antlerscanceled
2020-11-2805:00Shonan Bellmare0 - 0Nagoya Grampuscanceled
2020-11-2805:00Kawasaki Frontale0 - 0Oita Trinitacanceled
2020-11-2805:00Kashiwa Reysol0 - 0Sagan Tosucanceled
2020-11-2805:00Vegalta Sendai0 - 0Urawa Red Diamondscanceled
2020-11-2805:00Yokohama F Marinos0 - 0FC Tokyocanceled
2020-11-2805:00Nagoya Grampus0 - 0Oita Trinitafinished
2020-11-2805:00Sanfrecce Hiroshima2 - 2Hokkaido Consadole Sapporofinished
2020-11-2510:30Shonan Bellmare1 - 1Sanfrecce Hiroshimafinished
2020-11-2510:30Sagan Tosu0 - 1Vegalta Sendaifinished
2020-11-2510:00Yokohama FC1 - 3Shimizu S-Pulsefinished
2020-11-2510:00Kashima Antlers1 - 4Kashiwa Reysolfinished
2020-11-2510:00Oita Trinita0 - 1Cerezo Osakafinished
2020-11-2509:30Kawasaki Frontale5 - 0Gamba Osakafinished
2020-11-2207:00Urawa Red Diamonds1 - 2Gamba Osakafinished
2020-11-2108:00Nagoya Grampus3 - 1Shonan Bellmarefinished
2020-11-2107:00Cerezo Osaka0 - 1Sanfrecce Hiroshimafinished
2020-11-2106:00Vegalta Sendai1 - 3Kashima Antlersfinished
2020-11-2106:00Kashiwa Reysol1 - 2Sagan Tosufinished
2020-11-2105:00Gamba Osaka0 - 0Shonan Bellmarecanceled
2020-11-2105:00Oita Trinita0 - 0Vegalta Sendaicanceled
2020-11-2105:00Cerezo Osaka0 - 0Kashiwa Reysolcanceled
2020-11-2105:00Sagan Tosu0 - 0Nagoya Grampuscanceled
2020-11-2105:00Yokohama F Marinos0 - 0Vissel Kobecanceled
2020-11-2105:00FC Tokyo0 - 0Kashima Antlerscanceled
2020-11-2105:00Urawa Red Diamonds0 - 0Shimizu S-Pulsecanceled
2020-11-2105:00Kawasaki Frontale0 - 0Sanfrecce Hiroshimacanceled
2020-11-2105:00Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo0 - 0Yokohama FCcanceled
2020-11-2105:00Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo5 - 1Shimizu S-Pulsefinished
2020-11-2105:00Oita Trinita1 - 0Kawasaki Frontalefinished
2020-11-1810:00Kawasaki Frontale3 - 1Yokohama F Marinosfinished
2020-11-1810:00Vegalta Sendai2 - 2FC Tokyofinished
2020-11-1809:00Vissel Kobe0 - 1Urawa Red Diamondsfinished
2020-11-1510:00Nagoya Grampus1 - 0FC Tokyofinished
2020-11-1505:00Vissel Kobe0 - 2Shonan Bellmarefinished
2020-11-1410:00Kashiwa Reysol0 - 0Oita Trinitapostponed
2020-11-1408:00Kashima Antlers1 - 1Kawasaki Frontalefinished
2020-11-1407:00Yokohama F Marinos6 - 2Urawa Red Diamondsfinished
2020-11-1406:00Gamba Osaka0 - 4Vegalta Sendaifinished
2020-11-1405:00Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo1 - 1Sagan Tosufinished
2020-11-1405:00Sanfrecce Hiroshima1 - 1Yokohama FCfinished
2020-11-1405:00Shimizu S-Pulse3 - 1Cerezo Osakafinished
2020-11-1110:30Shonan Bellmare1 - 0Yokohama F Marinosfinished
2020-11-1110:00Sanfrecce Hiroshima2 - 0Nagoya Grampusfinished
2020-11-1110:00Gamba Osaka1 - 0Vissel Kobefinished
2020-11-1110:00FC Tokyo1 - 0Hokkaido Consadole Sapporofinished
2020-11-1109:00Kawasaki Frontale0 - 0FC Tokyo
2020-11-0805:00Yokohama FC2 - 1Vissel Kobefinished
2020-11-0804:00Vegalta Sendai0 - 3Sagan Tosufinished
2020-11-0705:00Shimizu S-Pulse0 - 0Sagan Tosucanceled
2020-11-0705:00Sanfrecce Hiroshima0 - 0Vissel Kobecanceled
2020-11-0705:00Nagoya Grampus0 - 0Yokohama F Marinoscanceled
2020-11-0705:00Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo0 - 0Oita Trinitacanceled
2020-11-0705:00Yokohama FC0 - 0Kawasaki Frontalecanceled
2020-11-0705:00Kashiwa Reysol0 - 0Vegalta Sendaicanceled
2020-11-0705:00Urawa Red Diamonds0 - 0Shonan Bellmarecanceled
2020-11-0705:00FC Tokyo0 - 0Cerezo Osakacanceled
2020-11-0705:00Kashima Antlers0 - 0Gamba Osakacanceled
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