Fun88 guides how to bet on 1.5 goals

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Fun88 guides how to bet on 1.5 goals


With the explosion of the internet and the current forms of betting, there are many terms emerging that make players both curious to try, but fearful of not knowing how to play and losing all their money. Understand that, in the framework of this article Fn88pro will explain carefully to you understand what “Over 1.5 Goals” at Fun88. Come on, take paper and pen to take notes.

What is this “Over 1.5 goals”?

If you’re someone who likes cumulative betting, you must bet “over 1.5 goals” at least once in your betting journey. While the odds of this type are quite low compared to other types of betting at Fun 88, it still attracts a large number of players because of its fun and challenge.

To win “Over 1.5 goals”, teams need to score a total of two or more goals. Unlike other bets this bet does not accept a draw. Your bet will be either “win” or “lose”, depending on total goals.

How to choose a good bet at Fun88?

Choosing matches and the team that will help you win your bet usually goes into analyzing the respective team’s average number of goals per match. This way, you can feel which team will have a higher probability of scoring and which team is weaker, or a tie in strength and skill. It is also advisable to consider the teams’ ‘No to Score’ percentages to eliminate matches where teams are most likely not to score. Since the average number of goals per game is usually more than two goals, you should be more concerned with trying to eliminate selections most likely under 1.5 goals for which you are trying to pick matches with more than 1.5 goals.

Tips to predict:

Some tips on how to predict the match “over 1.5 goals” that you should not ignore. With the average odds of matches in a tournament having two or more goals averaging between 70% and 80%, you may need to consider what factors make a match less than 1 possible. , 5 goals. For example the weather, away or home field, squad, … For a match with less than 1.5 goals, there are only three scores that the match can end at 0-0, 1-0 or 0-1. All other scores are above 1.5 goals.

The possibility that both teams can score in one game. A match has more than 1.5 goals if both teams score relatively easier, because otherwise, you are relying on one team to score more goals, if you bet on more than 1.5 goals.

How important the game is for either team. If the game can decide promotion, or a playoff, or perhaps it’s a battle between the bottom two teams in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A… you may want to consider whether these teams can score as many goals. In some cases when a match is really important for both teams these matches may have low scores.

Team lineups. Sometimes a weaker team may set up a formation that tries to neutralize the opponent. For example only one striker and 5 midfielders. This can sometimes mean what seems like a high-scoring game clearly becomes a stalemate and ultimately leads to low scores.

Competition history. You may want to look back at each team’s past performance at home and away. Did teams score many goals? How many times have each team scored 2, 3 or more goals at home or away this season? Even teams that are in good form sometimes score very few goals. This will help you make a smarter decision.


Hopefully the above article has helped you better understand this type of betting at Fun88 to be able to confidently participate in betting. Don’t worry if you don’t win your first bet, take it as a lesson. Wish you happy betting.