Free football betting – Make the most of it!

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Free football betting – Make the most of it!

When it comes to betting on football matches, there are two great things that can happen to you: you win money and you don’t lose money. How would it be if the latter is guaranteed?!

Let’s take you through a quick guide to free football betting, allowing you to make the most of all football predictions and betting offers.

What are free football bets?

Offered by almost every single online bookmaker these days, free football bets are a means to get new customers for these online bookies. The offer normally involves registration with the concerned website and betting anywhere from £ 10 or £ 25 on the portal. Once you do that, the promised advertised amount is automatically added to your balance. The free bet amount becomes available for further betting once you’ve placed a certain number of bets. However, you can normally use that money only on the concerned bookmaking website.


These bets work as excellent means to test different websites without the need of investing load of money. Bookmakers also love them as they get to file your contact details and can offer you various enticing offers from thereon.


How to make the most of these free football bets?

You can make guaranteed money from such free bet offers using a particular method referred to as matched betting. As conventional punters often frown upon such activity, don’t go around telling your elders about it as many still consider it unethical and might take you to task for doing something like this!


Matched betting is essentially about betting with your free bet money and then simultaneously placing a lay bet on another portal. Although it might sound a little complicated, it nevertheless is a guaranteed method of profiting from such free bet offers. This type of betting is normally done through betting exchanges in conjunction with the fixed-odds based online bookmakers like Coral, William Hill, Paddy Power and others.


What if it’s not your piece of cake?!

In the event that you feel that matched betting is not your piece of cake, you can still have plenty of fun using free football bets. Just place some bets (with the free bet amount) and increase the excitement quotient of the concerned match/es. It’s the old-fashioned way of enjoying football betting wherein you punt on the matches and then if a team turns things around during the last few minutes of the game, suddenly making you a richer, you would’ve had an amazing time overall! It’s not without any reason that football betting is a billion-dollar industry world-over.


A word of caution – always ensure that you’ve carefully gone through that boring small print as many times these free bet offers are not quite how they are made to sound. In some cases, you might need to lay more money than what you had thought, in order to avail such free bets. While in others, you might find the betting portal lying straight out, or strategically sugar-coating things to make the offer/s tempting. The onus of finding that out lies on you.