Fixed Profit Strategy

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Fixed Profit Strategy

Fixed Profit Strategy

Another actively used strategy in the work of many bettors is the betting strategy called fixed profit.

You have the same questions bothering you, we know. What is the secret of this system and what are the drawbacks?

Before we start with giving the wanted answers let’s start explaining the fixed profit strategy. This one is naturally similar to the flat method, but there is one crucial difference between the two game systems. The flat staking is where the bet amount is fixed, so this strategy fixes the net profit amount. This is very easy to do and you can notice that on a specific example right here:

Ex. Let us say that you want to get $100 of income from each of your winning bets. But if the odds on all the events are different how can you calculate the next bet? Well, you need to calculate the steak amount according to the formula P/(O-1).

P is a fixed desired profit

O is odd of the outcome

Therefore, if you want to make a bet at @1.5 and get a profit of $100 then you have to bet this way: 100/ (1.5-1) = $200

Fixed Profit Strategy

Particularities of the Strategy Use

The authors of this betting strategy recommend taking into account several important points for you to get real profit from it.

First, the use of odds involved in this method of play is in the range from 1.30 to 5.00. It is not recommended to outstrip these limits because if you do that there is a serious risk of losing a noticeable part of the bank in the long run. And second, it’s recommended to put a fixed profit of 3-5% of the total bank. Remember that this range is optimal for work on this betting strategy.

So, the fixed profit strategy allows you indeed to get income from betting while using it. It has already convinced so many bettors, are you now one of them?

As much as it requires a bit of luck, as much needs careful analysis of the selected betting event.

The one significant drawback is that a bettor has to guess more than 50% of the event outcomes to make a profit at a long-distance Because if he doesn’t he won’t get any benefit out of this strategy.