How to Deal With Online Casino Bonuses if You Actually Win

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How to Deal With Online Casino Bonuses if You Actually Win

When online casino players first step into the world of online gambling, they often can’t wait to get their hands on online casino bonuses. What usually happens next is that players aren’t really sure what to do with them or how bonuses actually work. We’re going to look at both casino bonus expectations and the reality of the same, as well as why bonuses sometimes seem a little too good to be true and how to keep your expectations more realistic. Here are the most important things you should know about bonuses.

  1. Bonuses Come with Wagering Requirements

Number one thing you should know and always keep in mind when it comes to bonuses are wagering requirements. For online gambling veterans this may be a given, but newbies often won’t know why they should even look for that info. Here’s why: playthrough requirements essentially tell you the true cost and value of the bonus in question so you should always check it.

  1. Wagering requirements tell you the true cost and value of bonuses

Say a bonus comes with the wagering requirements of 25x; what that means is you need to wager it 25 times at an online casino before you can withdraw your winnings. Other times bonus description will be even more detailed, so you might come across requirements being something like 35x d + b. That means both the deposit and bonus money needs to be rolled over 35 times before withdrawal. Long story short, the rule is: always check the wagering requirements and you’ll invariably know what you’re getting from the deal. Check out simple steps for betting as the same rule applies for bonuses. If you still have any doubts, make sure to do an extensive research about online casinos before playing – it might clarify any remaining confusion and help you understand the entire process better.

  1. Bonuses Have Expiration Dates

Nothing lasts forever – not even bonuses or Free Spins. Who knew, right? When you first start out, your focus is, quite understandably, on acquiring bonuses and not the fact that deals might expire before you have a chance to use them or, even worse, cash them out. Check out platinumplay casino to search for bonuses and see regulations and rules of using them.

  1. Bonuses Cost Different than You Think

Simply, bonuses don’t cost as much as you think they do. There’s a lot to take into account. For starters, there are the aforementioned wagering requirements. Then, there is the contributing percentage of each bonus. And finally, there is the RTP value. To understand how much you can get from a bonus, you need to think about its wagering requirements, contributing percentage and the RTP value.

Since we’ve already gone over the wagering requirements, let’s skip over to the percentage. Usually when it comes to online slots, 100% is the normal contributing percentage (though it can vary). Say, a match deposit bonus is 100% up to €50 – that means that if you deposit €50, you’ll get another €50 to play with. Of course, that amount needs to be wagered a certain amount of times. However, it’s important to understand that the number shouldn’t be taken literally, but if you’d like to understand your bonus value better, you should take it into account, as well.