Betting tips for the South African Premier Division – 2021

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Betting tips for the South African Premier Division – 2021

Betting tips for the South African Premier Division

With the South African Premier Division being the top league for soccer in this part of the world, there is no shortage of interest. This is true from both the fans’ and sports punters’ perspective – with thousands of followers regularly making a soccer bet online. Betting aside, this league is always full of excitement, and there is usually plenty of action at both ends of the table. Whether you are rooting for a team to win the league or rooting for your team to stay in the division, there is rarely a dull moment.

On that note, we think it’s time that we introduced some of our latest South African Premier Division betting tips. These have been researched, the odds have been viewed, and we truly believe that these are some of the most valuable bets you can make right now. Let’s go through the betting tips below.

Outright winner – Mamelodi Sundowns

Not only have the Mamelodi Sundowns won the league for the last three seasons, but they are looking very likely to repeat this feat once more in 2021. Currently, we are around the half-way point of the season, and the Sundowns are firmly at the top of the table. To add to that, they have yet to lose a game in the opening 15 games that they have played. With 33 points from 15 games, this is clearly a great start. To make the wager all the more competitive, there are a couple of teams that are nipping at their heels. This tightness in terms of the points for some of the surrounding teams means that the odds have been pushed up for the Sundowns to win outright.

As you might imagine, should you back this wager and the Sundowns go on to be crowned once more, you’ll get a greater return for your stake. This is always a positive thing in the world of sports betting, which is why this is a top bet to make for the league right now.

Outright top scorer – Themba Zwane

While this may come as no surprise, the current top scorer for the Premier Division is a guy from the Sundowns – Themba Zwane. Although he isn’t significantly ahead in the stats, with just 4 goals compared to the 3 of Eva Nga (second place), we believe that his form and his talent will allow him to top the goal-scoring table this season. You can make this wager at just about any bookmaker, and there are some awesome odds since this is not a clear victory for Zwane. Note that this is not a guaranteed wager by any means, but it’s one that could pull in a nice return should Zwane continue his current form and continue to score goals.

Since there are still plenty of games to be played this season, he clearly has many opportunities to add to his goal tally. The next few games will be critical, however, and we will be following the Sundowns matches closely to see whether Zwane continues down his current path.

To be relegated – Black Leopards

As competitive as the top of the table is right now, the fight to stay up is equally as competitive. Right now, there are several teams that are on just 9 points, which doesn’t exactly bode well to stay in the Premier Division. Right now, these teams include the Black Leopards, TTM, and Maritzburg United. On the surface, this might look like an even playing field for which team could get relegated, but there are a few reasons we are going for the Black Leopards. First of all, they have conceded the most goals out of any other team, with 24 goals against in just 14 games. Secondly, when you watch them play, they are clearly lacking in confidence, and they just don’t seem like a team that can compete with the rest.

Once again, we cannot say for sure whether the Black Leopards will go down, but the current odds definitely justify the wager.

Final Thoughts

It’s always exciting and fun to bet on the South African Premier Division, and we have a feeling that these tips will help you to improve your betting success. Of course, in the world of soccer, nothing is guaranteed, but with research, analysis, and general ‘gut feelings’, we believe that we’ve found the top wagers to currently make in 2021. Should you wish to follow through and make these bets, just find the right bookmaker and get started!