Betting Strategy with 60% Profit

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Betting Strategy with 60% Profit

Betting Strategy with 60% Profit


Out of this article, we will teach you about another financial betting strategy. This one is called the 60% profit and is in demand among most of the bettors.

It is very simple; this strategy has been used so the player’s bank can be increased by 60% Oh yeah! You heard it well, 60%. But let us note that such an indicator can be achieved only at a long distance.

If you want this strategy to be effective, it is necessary to take odds in the range of 1.70 – 1.80. You need to know that the very first bet is made on 1% of the bank and that with each loss its size increases so that the player can regain and get a small profit in case he wins. Each stage of the strategy consists of five bets and at least one of them should win to gain a certain profit. After all that the player moves forward to the next stage and starts the whole process all over again.

We mentioned above that the percentage of the next bet increases with each loss and it rises as follows:

Bet #1 – 1% of the bank

Bet #2 – 3.5% of the bank

Bet #3 – 9.5% of the bank

Bet #4 – 24.5% of the bank

Bet #5 – 61.5% of the bank

In case of losing all bets, the player loses the bank as you can see. But the probability of such a loss at the odds of 1.70 – 1.80 is not so high.

Now, we’ll present to you an example of the strategy use.

Let’s put ourselves in a position where we want to get 60% of the profit to the bank of $1000. To do that we will begin passing the stage of the first five bets like this:

Bet #1 – $10 at @1.75. Loss. $990 left in the bank.

Bet #2 – $35 at @1.75. Loss. $955 left in the bank.

Bet #3 – $95 at @1.75. Loss. $860 left in the bank.

Bet #4 – $245 at @1.75. Loss. $615 left in the bank.

Bet #5 – $615 at @1.75. Win. The final bank is $1076.25


In this given example the win is noticed only on the last bet, but it can happen much earlier. In the case of a win, at the same time, the bettor should start a new stage of five bettings with 1% of the bank.


Pros and Cons of the Strategy


The main advantage – the 60% profit strategy able to bring profit to the player over the long term. But, there are some drawbacks that we have to mention too.

First, it may sometimes happen that all five bets are lost at the next game stage so nothing is permanent. In this case, the player will consequently lose his bank. Then second, many bettors will find it psychologically difficult to stake 61.5% of the bank after having four consecutive losses. So, therefore some of them may depart from the strategy rules.

Summing up, it means that this strategy is suitable for players that won’t break down to the excitement and other negative factors and will follow the rules of the game system.


The bottom line, this 60% strategy is often used by newbies because professional bettors use more effective strategies.