Sporting Betting: The World’s Biggest Events

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Sports betting is an activity that millions of people around the world enjoy, with the potential to win money, bragging rights, and even celebrity status. Every year, there are some sporting events that dwarf all others for betting volume and popularity. In this article, we will explore the 5 sporting events with the highest betting volumes around the world. If you want to start sporting betting, but don’t know from where to start, read about OdiBet online registration for free.

The Super Bowl

When it comes to sports betting, there is no bigger event than the NFL Super Bowl. This one-day event draws in enormous amounts of viewers and bettors from all over the world. According to some estimates, total bets on last year’s Super Bowl amounted to more than $6 billion worldwide! With numbers like that, it is easy to understand why this event has earned its place atop the leaderboard of biggest betting events every year.

The English Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL) is considered by many to be one of the most competitive soccer leagues in the world. Every year, hundreds of millions of fans around the world watch their favorite teams compete for glory on a weekly basis. It should come as no surprise then that millions also bet on these games too – in fact, according to some reports up to $1 billion worth of wagers are placed on EPL games each season!


The UEFA Champions League

With teams from all over Europe competing for continental dominance every season, it’s not surprising that Europe’s premier club competition attracts a lot of attention from sports fans and bettors alike. The UEFA Champions League final typically draws in huge numbers of viewers and bettors worldwide. Last year alone saw more than $200 million worth of bets placed on this one event alone!


The World Cup

Soccer’s biggest international tournament takes place only once every four years – which means that when it does occur it attracts more attention than any other single sporting event out there! Last year’s tournament saw an estimated total gambling expenditure amounting to more than $2 billion worldwide! It is no wonder why this tournament has become such a popular target for gamblers everywhere.


The World Cup is one of the most popular and lucrative sporting events in the world, and it also holds the distinction of having the highest betting volume. Every four years, millions of people around the globe place bets on the outcomes of each match, with some countries even legalizing sports gaming for this event. As a result, bookies from all over the world make a killing during this tournament.


The World Cup draws in spectators from all corners of the globe who are passionate about their favorite teams and players; and with that passion comes an intense amount of betting action. From futures bets to point spreads to alternative lines, there is something for everyone when it comes to wagering on the World Cup. The most popular bets are typically placed on team performance in each game and which team will win overall.


Aside from being one of the biggest betting events, The World Cup also serves as an opportunity for international camaraderie among fans as they cheer on their home nations. This global phenomenon has grown exponentially since its inception in 1930 and continues to grow as more countries qualify for inclusion in this prestigious tournament. It’s been estimated that up to 3 billion people watched at least part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia, making it one of the most widely viewed sporting events ever.


The growth in viewership can be attributed to increased coverage by media outlets around the world; however, it would not be able to reach such heights without its enormous popularity among bettors from both recreational and professional backgrounds alike. This fact alone helps explain why The World Cup tops other sporting events when it comes to betting volume every four years – no matter how many games are being played or where they’re taking place across continents.


Horse Racing

Horse racing has been a popular form of entertainment since as early as Roman times – and with good reason! This sport has always attracted a high level of interest amongst punters thanks its long history and accessibility: horse races take place almost every day throughout much of North America and Europe. In fact according to recent estimates the global horse racing industry generates around $125 billion annually in bets – making it easily one of the highest grossing forms of sports gambling out there today!


It is clear that the world of sports betting has a lot to offer for those looking to place wagers on some of the biggest events in global sport. From the Super Bowl and English Premier League, through to horse racing and even international tournaments such as the World Cup – there are plenty of options available for potential bettors! With so many opportunities out there, it’s no surprise why this activity continues to be popular around the world today. If you’re interested in getting started with sports betting, make sure you check out OdiBet online registration for free before placing any bets – good luck!

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