Can You Bet on International Sports Events at The Top South African Betting Sites?

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There are a plethora of online betting sites in South Africa, as this country has one of the most advanced sports betting sectors. South Africans adore betting on sports and other events. We don’t blame them, it can be a lot of fun! Who doesn’t like to risk some?

But why do South Africans need legitimate betting platforms? It is largely because of the widespread interest in games like football, rugby, and cricket that sports betting has become socially acceptable and this, in turn, has increased the need for reputable sites for betting.

Many that participate in gambling do so because they feel connected to the teams they’re wagering on, like the excitement of competition, and want to increase their financial stability. In contrast to other online betting sites, top betting sites in South Africa are completely legal and subject to less regulation than online casinos.

Finding a trustworthy sportsbook among the abundance of options available online might be difficult. Plus, some betting rules may be confusing to many players. For example, can you bet on international sports events on South African sports betting websites, or do you have to keep it local? We’ll answer this and more in this article, so make sure to keep reading to learn more!


Betting on international sports at South African sportsbooks

There is a sizable market for sports betting in South Africa. You may wager on a wide variety of South African and international sports and events at the top bookmakers in the country. You may place wagers on many different sites, including Supabets and Betway Sports. You don’t even have to focus on the sports; you can even make a wager on certain athletes at some of these sites.

The top bookmakers in South Africa will make sure you have lots of betting chances from the comfort of your own home, and some may even offer you the chance to wager on other games like the national lottery.

Although every sport from across the globe is fair game for South African bookmakers, local punters have shown a clear preference for three sports. Punters in South Africa often wager on cricket, football, and rugby.

South African law and sports betting

South Africa’s legal climate has been rocky when it comes to sports betting, especially online sports gambling. All forms of gambling were strictly prohibited in South Africa by the Dutch settlers in 1673. After 1965, residents were only permitted to wager on horse races. By 1994, all types of gambling became legal, and casinos began springing up all across the nation.

Having said that, the legality of sports betting in every given province of South Africa is determined by the relevant gaming authority in that province. Businesses that provide wagers on sporting events and other games may only accept customers from South Africa if they have received complete licensing from the local gaming authorities. Regrettably, not even the most prominent international betting sites are permitted by law to provide their services to residents in South Africa.

How to bet on sports safely in South Africa

Bettors in South Africa should be wary of joining up with an offshore operator, since many reputable online sportsbooks do not allow South African real money players. Despite the National Gaming Board’s stamp of approval, gamblers in South Africa have little legal recourse should a site fail to pay out wins.

There are now fewer risks associated with online sports betting in South Africa thanks to the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. This governing body licenses and regulates a select number of reputable offshore sportsbooks and racebooks.

While placing an online wager with a South African sportsbook, the bettor’s privacy and security are of the utmost importance. Be sure any online sportsbook you sign up with is legitimate and approved by the Western Cape Gaming and Racing Board before you start placing bets on South African and international sporting events.

Choose sportsbooks catering for South Africans

Bettors in South Africa may only use the local currency, the South African rand, at the top online sportsbooks. In order to properly serve South African sports bettors, it is necessary to provide payment options that are compatible with the South African rand.

Online betting in South Africa is more common than betting at a traditional bookmaker’s shop. Convenience is perhaps the most important factor here. It’s considerably more convenient to use a mobile app or online casino than to make a trip to a physical location.

The same is true with online casinos in general; it is easier for the general population to participate. Therefore, we’re not surprised that newbie bettors prefer the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of an internet bookie to a stuffy land-based bookmaker’s shop.

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