4 Sports Betting Secrets To Beat The Bookies

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4 Sports Betting Secrets To Beat The Bookies

In online sports betting, all you need is to have an account on a site or app, and you are good to go. These services facilitate your bets and pay you out whenever you win. Although the online betting industry eliminated the human element in sports betting, it is still the sportsbooks–or simply called the bookies–that run every bet placed. The bookies have been surrounded by numerous myths and misconceptions but as a bettor, you would naturally only want one thing–to “beat” them and make the most profit out of your wagers as possible.

Beat The Bookies

So how do you go about that? You can start by reading on the top tips and inputs provided on sites like Lines.com, for one. Apart from that, here are some of the top secrets that you should know if you wish to “beat” the bookies whenever you bet on sports.

Know your sport inside out

It pays a lot in the long run if you know your sports inside out, and if you focus on betting on it. Sure, you can always wager on multiple sports–and that is, in fact, one of the things that makes online sports betting a great technological innovation–but focusing on perfecting your knowledge about one specific sport would make you a better and more efficient bettor for the long term.


Knowing your sport is not only about knowing the rules and mechanics of how it is played–other important things you should be well-versed at are the league history, the players, the teams, the history of each team, and each player as an individual, and many more. If you are knowledgeable at these things, the chances of you getting swayed by the odds and line as the bookies want you to believe will be significantly lower.

You can only go as far as your bankroll

Don’t let bookies tempt you into making a bet with the promise of the chance to win loads of money. Most of the time, these sponsored or advertised bets are bad bets and are hyped up to increase the profits of the sportsbooks.


You can only win as much as your bankroll can last. So, if you want to make it big and be among the high rollers in sports betting, you might want to consider working on your bankroll first.

You really can’t win it all…and it doesn’t matter

A lot of newbie bettors make this mistake when it comes to tracking their progress. They count which bets they won and the more bets they win, the more they believe they are winning overall. The truth is that you would lose most of your bets. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing.


Rather than measuring your progress through how many times you’ve won, it would be a better idea to measure your progress by how much profit you have made-0-regardless of how many bets you’ve won so far.

Don’t be emotional

Bookies tend to hype up a side of the game if they see that they are the people’s favorite. Sometimes, they would use this to tug on people to bet on the underdog, and sometimes, they use this to call in more bets to the favorites. This would all depend on the current balance of the bets–what the bookies need is to make sure that it is balanced in a way that would give them the most profit possible.

So, if you get a “tip” to bet on your personal favorite, don’t get carried away. After all, being carried by your emotions is what works best for bookies, since this is when you are to make the most unstrategic bets you would make.